Hope for Humanity?

Life continues to be anything but normal , we are hearing bad news from everyone of our social media platforms, friends, family, as well as on our t.v´s. When I say bad news im talking about catistrophic stuff like major earthquakes, killer tornadoes , mass flooding , huge wild fires covering multiple states and in many countries.

Our planet is suffering from human caused climate change , Jeffrey Epstine and his Island of perversion, school shootings , the Metaverse has now arrived , political figures who may or may not be doing conspiracy theory stuff are still doing their questionable actions , and last but not least the Carona virus.

Needless to say it is getting harder and harder to maintain a positive attitude some days. We find our selves asking the questions such as WTF is happening. But in these dark times there are good Human beings rising to the occasion to give us all some much needed Hope and Inspiration.

As long as there is LIFE, there is HOPE

– Tamora Pierce

Retirement Home for Bees?

Yes y´all UKś first retirement home for bees has opened. It is real and it is happening. This bee retirement home was created by Flying Flowers .It was created to raise awareness about our declining bee population.

The bees who visit the Honeysuckle retirement home can get some much needed rest. Did you know that in one single day a bee flies the equivalent of going from the earth to the moon pollinating our flowers around the world. With this in mind they have actual facilities like a recreational areas that have pollen filled flowers, a sugar water fountain and mini arm chairs. Books on pollen stories and a palace inspired royal quarter to let our tiny pollinators relax.

Elk trapped in the ice saved by a few angels on earth.

On Christmas Eve when most of us sat with our families and friends , two dozen people gave up their time to save twelve Elk who had become trapped in the ice. The people dragged a few of the Elk by hand to the shore and where working as fast as they could .

However six of the twelve Elk where not able to get rescued in time and died. The remaining six where able to get rescued after a long battle. A baby calf was among the six rescued , the women who helped to rescue it laid with the calf until it was able to walk again.

When asked if they would spend their Christmas Eve the same way again if needed , One women said that spending Christmas Eve on the frigid river rescue with her family was unforgettable. ( She said she would do it again in a heart beat.)

Hotel in Worcester, England stays open during the Lock downs to house local homeless. They are repaying the favor with odd jobs.

This 60 room hotel who normally charges up to 155. euros a night decided to stay open and give the local homeless rooms during the lock down. The hotel staff are the unsung heroes for these homeless people after refusing to close their doors. More than 45 homeless have been staying at the hotel since the restrictions were put into place.

In a heart felt show of gratitude the guests have been doing odd jobs around the hotel. Including gardening, cleaning the rooms, building new brick walls and patios. Peter Swinbourne said ¨ the staffs kindness saved him¨ Assistant manager Julie Merrick said that ¨ Their new guests have been lovely and grateful for the support that they have been given and that the hotel stayed open simply so that they can help¨

Scientists reveal that Cheese is not really bad for you!

In February 2021 scientists gave us all something to be joy full about with the declaration that cheese does not cause weight gain it is in fact neutral at worst. Perhaps cheese is even good for us. Y´all I litterily want to cry. ( setting aside the issue of Lactose Intolerance of course. ) This stigma – shattering analysis has helped cheese to regain its reputation globally. Cheese is not this evil entity that we were once led to believe that it was. Yayyy!!!

A Extinct Orchid flower was found on a London Rooftop.

Serapias Parviflora a rare species of Orchid believed to have been extinct in the UK has been discovered on the rooftop of an office building in the city of London. Serapias Parviflora AKA Small – flowered tongue Orchid was found growing in colonies on the 11th- floor rooftop garden of the Japanese Investment Bank Normura. There are 15 of the small delicate Orchids , there are 17 different bee species ,and there are now 159 species of plant living up there on floor 11. The 15 small delicate Orchid plants on this rooftop represent the entire known wild UK colony of the species. How it came to be on the 11th floor roof top of the Japenese Investment bank no one knows exactly but perhaps its seed took a ride on the wind, As one does when you are a seed. And wouldnt it be nice to imagine that the Orchid seed chose to land on floor #11 for its urban heat from the concrete and its dry & arid an island effect. However the little seeds arrived they are currently giving their species the best chance possible for their future.

Britney Spears is finally Free.

On November 12th the conservatorship that had controlled her for the past 13 years was finally terminated. Britney is finally free. No more abusive conservatorship, no more being forced into having an IUD to prevent pregnancy , no more Lithium and being forced to perform like a circus monkey. Britney is now free to do and say whatever she wants .She can marry Sam Asghari , they can get in one of her many cars and drive into the sunset totally free from those who once opposed them. I really pray that she uses this time to make the best choices for herself . I hope she goes out there living her best life and proves them all wrong.

Ground breaking Malaria vaccine has been approved.

The only Malaria vaccine approved by the WHO is the RTS,S it is the first known parasite vaccine to have gained approval. known by the brand name Mosquirix. It requires four injections but we have gained a new weapon in the war on Malaria. It is among the oldest known most deadly infectious diseases, By one estimate they say it will save tens of thousands of children each year. Malaria kills about half a million people each year. Nearly all of them in sub-Saharan Africa.

There is an actual International Good Deeds Day!

Launched 15 years ago in Israel Good Deeds Day has now crossed boarders to become an internationally day of doing good. National Good Deeds day is simply shining a light on doing good and growing the circles of doing good in the world ,They say because it is always possible to do good under any circumstances.

In Taiwan thousands attended a mega event of good deeds.

In the United States 50 states took part with partnering with Habitat For Humanity, Points of Light and other organizations.

In Afghanistan they donated supplies to dozens of schools, engaging students in volunteering.

In Costa Rica it is their 8th year doing a hole month if good deeds. Everything from donating personal kits to hospitalized people, concerts , blood drives , and a NGO fesrival geared to highlighting the good deeds we can do year round.

In Armenia hundreds of people took part in teaching others artisanal skills in immigrant communities.

In Israel the country where International Good Deeds day first started, one million people took part in this annual celebration that crosses all cultures , religions, and ages.

In Panama they built community gardens , donating school supplies , and giving haircuts at homeless shelters.

In the UK hundreds of people took part in hands on projects all across London all month long. Allowing people to choose their way to do good.

Oxygen on Mars

NASA has a six wheeled rover named the Perseverance rover that has successfully converted some of Mars Carbon – dioxide – rich atmosphere into Oxygen. As a giant leap towards getting humans on Mars. NASA said the move ¨ Could pave the way for science fiction to become a science Fact ¨ On April 20th the 60th Martian day since the mission landed on Mars Feb 18th.Oxygen is not just the stuff we breath. Rocket propellant depends on oxygen and future explorers will depend on producing propellant on Mars to make the trip home.

Yes , very bad stuff is happening in the world around us. We can not deny or sugar coat this fact. And not for nothing it is like a horrific never ending horror movie, However…. if enough of us apply the saying ¨ Know better, do better¨ to our lives we can continue to take steps to make the changes needed to help humanity and our planet. No, things are not too far gone! Yes , we can still strive everyday to first make ourselves stronger in our moral compasses, and I believe that the rest will follow. Because if we have a good moral compass then we would not be hurting ourselves, others, or our world in which we live.

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