At Dawn We Ride!!

At Dawn We Ride is something that I have been wanting to scream from the mountaintops in a very dramatic scene where we are all preparing to go to battle in our yoga pants carrying shovels so we can go around and plant trees , gardens, & flowers to feed the bees. Shopping for our food and clothing sustainably, walking or riding our bikes whenever we possibly can , respecting our lands , respecting each other, respecting the animals, turning off our electricity for a few hours in the night to save electricity & so we can finally see our stars in all their glory.

At Dawn We Ride is a battle cry for us all not to fight each other for different views, but to stop and take a look at ourselves first. Ask ourselves what can I personally do to contribute to a better Universe, World, and humanity as a hole.

Let us be done with beating ourselves up daily living in a pit of despair all the while the world is literally burning around us. It quiet literally is not our job as human beings, to run around worrying ourselves over things that we have little to no control over. Lets hand it over to the powers that be and the universe.

What is our job i think is to try to be a blessing to someone each day, to leave any place we are better than when we arrived , to forgive ourselves and each other, to find beauty in the every day things, to actually ENJOY the LIFE we were given as much as we can, to do what we can to keep our health good because our bodies carry our souls everywhere we go, to discover what it means to be human, to create, to respect life in general and support each other as human beings. Because lets face it we are all going through something. Work on balancing our egos. Remember that our words are NOT harmless they can bring things into being that is why they call it spelling , so be kind when you speak about yourself and others.

In living in this mindset maybe we will find it easier to discover our purposes our reasons for living here and now in this moment in this time on this planet. Perhaps if each one of us tried every day to be the best versions of ourselves in time we could possibly see some real changes for ourselves, humanity, and quiet possibly even for our environment.

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