The Great Battle of Life

It really does not matter if you are 20, 30, 40 , 50 and on up there in the years. Our time here is not going to last forever. Kind of a grim way to start but it´s true. We have a limited amount of time here to spend with family and friends, go on adventures, Love, create, and learn life´s lessons some of which are hard knocks. I don´t know about you guys but I definitely do not want to waist another second. Yes, I know the our world is in full chaos mode and our governments are doing some questionable things, Omicron virus has been knocking us around, and some human beings are choosing to act in a ways that are evil, violent and disrespectful to other human beings.

But this is precisely the reason why my Dear Whatson we need to count our blessings ( even if our blessings feel limited ), give each day 110%, everyday take a real look at how blessed we are to have the families, friends, and loved ones we have in our lives now. Yes, for sure they get on our nerves and we can get on theirs too, but at the end of the day we could not see ourselves without them. In the same breathe there is a saying ¨ Birds of the same feather flock together¨. Are you an Eagle trying to chill with a bunch of Chickens?

In essence be careful who you are spending your precious time with. We are influenced ( like it or not ) by the people we choose to spend our time with. Family or friends be selective. For those who feel alone in this world, I feel you. You are still blessed, you can start by feeling grateful for being the bad ass that you are!

Just when you think about your life sucking, remember that somewhere probably not very far from you. Someone is praying for the life and opportunities, health, and love that you have in your life right now. We have a new beginning each day we wake up. Literally opening up our eyes is a blessing. Having the ability to work on changing whatever situation we are in, it may take time but don´t loose hope, all good things in life take time.

With this time we have instead of fighting nature to stay young , why don´t we take these bodies and live a little life with them. …Shall we? Yes, of course take care of ourselves , hydrate , balanced diet, exercise and all that fun stuff. I am talking about, what if we looked at life like the battle that it really is. None of us come out unscathed, each of us has battle scars from life. So what if we chose to fight this battle instead of hiding in fear from it´s fury?

What if we chose to face it head on? Perhaps do the right thing, what if we actually started to do something we are passionate about, what if we decided to face all those fears and demons in our closets once and for all so they no longer have power over us? What if we went to battle with our addictions to coffee, cigarettes, social media, whatever our addiction is, if we went to battle with it, it may be a treacherous battle but we can still come out victorious! What if we started hiking locally and just experience some nature. If it is good weather perhaps take off your shoes, put your feet in the earth and Ground yourself for a moment. What if we stood up to the injustices by not turning our heads when we see it. I´m not promoting violence. I´m just saying 6 billion human beings in this world and we have lost our humanity.

It is a lot of what if´s right? Only we can choose which tactics we will use in battle. I think for myself I want to ¨Go down in a blaze of glory! ¨ With the time I have on this planet I would like to contribute in some way. I want to fight all my battles like Rocky Balboa in Rocky IV. If that means before I die my body is a little beaten up but my soul is right. Then for me that is all that matters. I do not want to look 20 when I am 60 that is just scary, but I would like to be a Champion. A Champion of my own life! When I am in my later years I want to look back and smile about all the people I could help in some way, All the ass I kicked in battle, The life lessons I learned, and all the Joy I was able to feel.

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