Concentration Camps in 2022?

Have you ever read a history book and thought to yourself, if I was born in that time I most definitely would have spoken out about the slavery that was taking place in America and what the Germans did to the Jews in the 1930´s? Well ya´ll history is repeating itself as we speak because in our time there are similar horrors happening that demands some response and action. China has set up extensive systems of consentration camps. Some say they could be the most extensive consentration camps in history. Authorities cite evidence for the existence of 1,200 camps above ground, holding approximately 3 million prisoners. There are claims that one in ten Muslims in China have disappeared without being charged or given a trial, never to be seen or heard from again.

For instance in China it is known that they are putting Muslims, Christians, Uyghurs, Kazakhas ,Kyrgyz, Turkish and some foreign citizens in secret internment camps. According to Wikipedia these camps were established in 2017. Local authorities in China are reported to hold thousands of human beings in these camps for the purpose of countering extremism, terrorism and promoting integration. It is the largest scale arbitrary detention of ethnic and religous minorities since World War two. They state that as of 2020 the estimated amount of people detained in these camps is up to 1.8 million humans. Yet in May of 2018 Randall Schriver, US Security Affairs stated that at least a million but likely closer to 3 million citizens were imprisioned in these detention centers which he described as ¨ Consentration camps ¨ Jweher Llham has not heard from her own father since 2017. He was an economics professor and prominent Uighur intellectual in Xinjiang China. he also ran a website, Uighur online, that focused on issues pertaining to the Muslim ethnic group. Chinese authorities repeatedly shut down this website and her family recieved death threats. At first she says that her family could visit him every few months but then the Chinese government cut off access entirely. Jewher and her family are just one of the millions of tragic stories that should raise concern for the future of humanity.

In recent years the Chinese Communist Party has arbitrarily detained millions in their so called reeducation centers and forced them to undergo psychological indoctrination programs, such as studying communist propaganda and giving thanks to Chinese President Xi Jinping. Chinese officials have also reportedly used systematic torture techniques such as water boarding,brainwashing, some have had their organs harvested for international sale, slave labor in factories making goods for Western corporations, and sexual abuse. Within site of these Western Factories children, women, men, boys, and elderly are penned up in cages like animals. One woman who managed to make it out alive stated that they repeatedly raped her with an electronic stick,. She goes on to say that she heard and saw many other women being raped to the point of some committing suicide. The women where forcefully sterilized in these ¨ Reeducation centers¨ There are many claims that they are subjecting these people to forcibly injecting them with medications, drugs, and unknown substances. These substances that the prisoners where given regularly where said to be poisons, and injections of Hepatitis, and Tuberculosis. Sauytbay tells of a 84 year old grandmother who had her fingernails torn out for reasons never explained. Women who where hang raped in front of more than a 100 people. When some of the people cried out in protest of the rapes they where taken to the black room where screams from the tortures could be heard by all.

Sauytbay was a experienced physician and teacher and she was given access to classified files. In these files she learned that all this heinous action was all part of Chinas three step plan. Step #1 assimilate the willing and eliminate the unwilling, Step #2 is to annex Chinas neighboring countries and Step #3 is to occupy Europe. Sense Sauytbay has escaped to Sweden she has received regular death threats and warnings to remember her children. She has warned people who live in the west that their are dangers to remaining silent. This is how you will live, she warns, if you do not defend your freedoms.

Researchers from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, using satallite imagery and other evidence, having documented more than 380 Re education camp detention centers and having prisons in Xinjiang. With at least 61 having been expanded or updated within the past year. Some have argued that this attempt to control the population meets the United Nations definition of genocide.

Of course the Chinese government claims that the camps are merely vocational and simply training centers and that they are teaching people job skills. There have been incidents of violent unrest throughout the years including a few deadly terrorist attacks, with at least one Ulghur extremist group in the region. But experts say that Beijing´s repression and subjugation of millions is disproportionate to the comparatively minor terror threat in the region. The daily routine includes teaching of the glories of the Chinese Communist Parties, prolonged hours of forced confessions,Prisoners being forced to sit for prolonged periods of time in uncomfortable positions on little tiny stools. If they moved their heads they were dragged off for torture. Only those that renounced their beliefs in God and confessed their sins of doubting the superiority of China where freed from the torture.

As more and more reports come in about the horrid atrocities happening in Xinjiang are revealed, the international communities are struggling to figure out how to punish China for its abuses. The United States has recently imposed sanctions on Chinese officials involved in these persecutions.

What you might be asking yourself right now is what can I do to help the Uyghurs, Christians and others in this time of genocide?

  1. Contact Congress
  2. Stop supporting Companies such as Nike, Gap, H&M, Apple, BMW, Huawei, Samsong,Sony and Volkswagen
  3. Treat every human being with the respect and dignity that they deserve.

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