How it began…moving to Italy…the introduction

It appears that every good story has a beginning and this is how our story begins.

Once upon a time in a far away land called Brooklyn New York there was two people who were deeply in love with each other, their families and their passions. He a chef and her an artist.

For all intensive purposes they had a fairly good life in Brooklyn, They had some friends and family there and even a little squirrel Mr. Grey that came to visit almost daily.

Never did they suspect that a catastrophic event like the Carona Virus would hit their beloved kingdom and send their world crashing down. After much consideration a decision was made, they were moving to a land even farther then far far… far away. A land called Italy, specifically a region called Emilia Romagna. The region in which her husband was born and raised.

It all sounds great but, hard times where ahead for these two love birds. She didn’t know the language and she left everything as well as everyone she had ever known. They both had to start over with almost every aspect of their lives. What grounded them in this time was two angels that came straight from heaven above in the form of his parents.

During this time all of his family surrounded them like a herd of wise elephants guiding and supporting them every step of the way. Oh… and how can we forget Elvis the 16 year old cat 87 in cat years who guarded his kingdom and family with the wisdom that one can only get from having lived such a long and fruit full life.

With help from family they began to rebuild their lives. He was working as a chef, just not in the calliber he was used to. She found herself doing restaurant signage. Needless to say times were hard and a dark shadow still lingered above them. But these two love birds persevered through the struggle and began to move forward and heal.

Each week I will post a little story about their travels through small quaint towns as well as some touristy locations.

Until then stay inspired and blessed my friends

6 thoughts on “How it began…moving to Italy…the introduction

  1. Once upon a time.. lmfao 😆😂 Great intro AKA ☠️🧤 I enjoyed every part of this post. The squirrel Mr Grey, Elvis the old cat, the herd of elephants to portray the family around you guys very well written.


  2. Oh dear AKA 💞 this is so well written warm and inviting ☺️☺️ continue in this way you are finding your voice as a writer. It’s a pleasure to witness 😉


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