The Telenovela…( Prologue )

Rey was working at his restaurant with his team and Reina was also working with her usual guys ( the crew) doing a mosaic floor installation, but they found themselves being distracted. Rey was texting her the usual kind of texts that one sends when you are trying to get to know someone but it wasn’t about the questions for either of them. They were both staring at their phones in anticipation of the others response, smiling like fools. Prompting their coworkers to ask who they were talking to that made them smile so much. Both of their hearts felt luminous.

This “luminous feeling” made her internal alarm go off screaming RUN. ” This can’t happen now, Every time she found herself thinking Rey was smart or kind , or how he is beautiful and talented. She quickly reminded herself that she couldn’t let herself get too close to him. Reina had a plan, she was on a mission and this time she wouldn’t fail. She wanted Safety and consistency in her life not another situation full of unknown possibilities. She had already survived so much in her life. Work hard at her trade and save enough money to get out from under her families hold. This was Reina’s goal, there was no time for partying or fun. She was on a mission, a mission to be free,

She was trapped in a life she was both born into and that had she had generational ties to. She felt she couldn’t be honest with anyone about, let alone some one who she just started talking to. Her life sounded like it was a telenovela. Where would she even begin? How could she explain her family, her life? She went back and forth between trusting her intuition and telling him or pushing him away out of fear of all the unknown. But there was this feeling, like she could open up to him, possibly trust him. As quickly as those thoughts rushed in, she dismissed them. She had never had anyone in her life that she could trust fully in why would it change now?

Rey didn’t understand why he felt empty, he was living the good life, making good money, and doing what he wanted to do. However there was all these underlying issues he was dealing with, this new tension with his business partner and good friend , he was also beginning to see the true colors of more then a few of the friends he thought he could rely on. He was also away from his family, and he was working so many hours it didn’t give him time for very much else. Things in his life were changing he could feel it but he could not see just how much it was effecting him. With all this he was always tired, full of anxiety and ready to blow a fuse at any inconvenience He loved being a chef, but he found himself no longer looking forward to going to work. Blowing up at the staff at work, sometimes actually biting their heads like a hungry lion.

All this pressure and stress did not seem to slow him down in fact he buried himself into his work, The harder he worked the more he could feel he had accomplished. He lived in New York City after all, the city that’s always hustling and never sleeps. He came to New York full of dreams and aspirations and he was fully invested in making it happen. Things were not going exactly as planned but he felt as if he could still make it happen. On his days off he was found at club Yes, he liked to be in the center of the dance floor drinking and admiring the beautiful people in the club. It was a outlet for his stress and he would leave the club after the sun had come up, covered in sweat. Sometimes alone and sometimes accompanied by someone he had picked up from the club. He was a bachelor after all.

As fate would have it they could both sense that the attraction they were feeling, was not in anyway average or some thing that they could run away from. Rey was looking for a strong woman to spend time with, not necessarily to be in a relationship with. He had tried relationships before and there was always the issues of his work hours and his larger than life personality.

This attraction that they were both feeling now was not just physical, it was a strong pull. It was almost as if they knew each other before. To be honest it kind of scared them both. As much as they both wanted to deny it they were being guided towards one another. For one split second the universe had aligned and gave them both exactly what they had been asking for, but they were going to have to clean off the dirt to see the diamonds inside of each other. ( I do mean, really get down and put some work in )

As they were texting Rey asked Reina ” So what kind of man are you looking for? ” She replied without hesitation ” I need a Champion, not just a man.” Rey responded eagerly ” Well, I’am that Champion ! They both laughed, her thinking – we will see- and him naively not knowing what he just signed up for. They continued texting until they fell asleep full of hopes and fears for the future.

Yet this reply from Reina would prove to be a truer statement then either of them could have ever imagined. If they were to have a relationship, a champion was needed for both of them. Someone who would stand beside them, support them and have their backs. Without even knowing what was in the cards for their future together, they already knew that each of them came with a full set of Louis Vuitton luggage sized baggage.

Will Rey and Reina be able to face the truth about themselves as well as each other? Will Reina be able to find her freedom and start a new life that she felt safe in? Will she be able to leave and cut ties from her family? Can Rey balance his work and his personal life while he struggles with facing the truth about his partner at work? Will Rey be able to set aside his playboy ways if he wants to be with Reina? Can they both survive the avalanche of events that were to follow their decision to be together? Are they the champions they need in each of their lives?

Join me next week for Episode #1 of …..( drum roll ) The Telenovela

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5 thoughts on “The Telenovela…( Prologue )

  1. I was not expecting anything like this AKA. Yes girl yes bring us the heat. I grew up on soap operas and telenovelas I love it. Rey and Reina are the best names 😍😍😍😍😍😍 I’m going to read this to my mom. She will love it.

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  2. Reina needs a champion not just a Man πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—βœŒπŸ»βœŒπŸ»βœŒπŸ»πŸ˜ΉπŸ˜ΉπŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ˜πŸ€©πŸ˜ I’m sorry but I had to comment again. Just for this line. You did a great job giving us enough information to peek our interest but not enough to give the Story away.

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  3. She brought it and served it up nice and hot. I had to Google their names to find out their ethnicity and can I be the first to say to you well done AKA. I won’t spill any tea before you do but we’ll done ☺️

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  4. Mrs AKA I thoroughly enjoyed this telenovela. I can already see that it’s going to be full of the drama and juiciness that we have all grown to love about them. I too grew up watching them with my grandma and my mom. After school we would eat our snacks and watch the drama unfold. Lmfao. This brings me back to these memories. I’ll be tuning in next week to read episode 1. You did a hell of a great job.

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  5. What a dramatic and beautifully written prologue AKA. πŸ’πŸ’ you win me over and yes I will be here next week waiting for part one. Excellent work 😁

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