Why was Nikola Tesla such a Threat?

” The day science begins to study non- physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all it’s existence.”

– Tesla

Every time we plug our phones in, turn on the light or charge any electronics we can thank Nikola Tesla. Even his birth was electric, he was born in the middle of a big storm full of lightening and thunder. The midwife who was delivering Tesla told his mother this man will be of great darkness, his mother then replied ” HE WILL BE A CHILD OF LIGHT” His mother was oh so right and her words would prove to be prophetic.

As a child he had visions with flashing lights confusing him from what was real and fantasy. These visions never went away. Yet with these visions he could see inventions with such great detail that he didn’t need to draw them out. He described how the inventions were perfected in his mind in an article in 1919 in the magazine Science and Invention. Tesla credited his mother for his inventive mind. His mother was also an inventor. She invented small house hold appliances in her spare time. I think that’s adorable.

In his adult years Tesla was said to be obsessed with the Egyptian Pyramids, he believed them to serve a higher purpose and was investigating them throughout his life. Even though the pyramids are still a big mystery we do not when they were built, why they were built and who exactly built them. Tesla thought they were giant transmitters of energy. A thought that coincided with his investigation of wireless energy. Tesla believed it wasn’t just the shape of the pyramids but their location as well that created their power.

Because of this belief he built a power facility known as Tesla Experimental Station in Colorado Springs and Wardenclyffe Tower or Tesla Tower on the East Coast that sought to take advantage of the Earths energy field. These locations were chosen according to where the Pyramids of Giza were built in relation between the elliptical orbit of the planet and the equator. His intention for this design was the transmission of free wireless energy.

In 1905 Tesla filed a patent #787412 in America and it was titled ” The art of transmitting electrical energy through the natural medium” He outlined his designs for a series of generators around the world which would tap the ionosphere for energy collections. Tesla saw Earth with its two poles as a giant electrical generator of limitless energy. His design shaped as a triangle became known as Tesla’s electromagnetic Pyramid.

Tesla discovered that it wasn’t necessarily the shape of the pyramids even though the shape exhibits energy more efficiently then other designs, it was actually the location of the pyramids. It had everything to do with the elliptical orbit of the earth. This discovery made him believe he could tap into limitless energy. Even though he was never able to conclude his theories many believe that our planet would be a very different world if he did not have such unfortunate events happen to him. Thus leading him to never being able to finish the construction of the building.

It is said that he had strange habits and one of them was, Tesla thought the numbers 3, 6, 9 were the keys to the universe. He was so obsessed with these numbers that he would drive around a building 3 times before going into it. He cleaned his plates with 18 napkins and lived in hotels with room numbers only divisible by 3. He made calculations about things and their immediate environment’s just to be sure that the result was conceivable by the number 3 and he would base his choices he made n the results of these calculations. Everything he did was in sets of 3. What was it that he was trying to make us understand if anything?

In essence Tesla understood that we did not invent mathematics we discovered it. It is the universal language and law, no matter where we go in the whole entire universe 1+2=3. Everything in the universe obeys this law. These forms that represent this law are everywhere in nature and the ancients emulated these forms in construction. In particular the pyramids. Very intriguing right?

The numbers that were concluded in the research of the great pyramids are 72 – 43,200 – 600, 30 – 25,920, and 2,160. You can do the math for yourselves and you will find that all of these numbers either equal 3, 6 or 9. Could it be possible that there are precise locations spread across the globe that are communicating a code? Is it possible that this is what Tesla discovered and was trying to tell us? Some believe it was and that this is the language of the future.

Why was the FBI involved in investigating Tesla’s murder and confiscate Tesla’s documents? Tesla was a inventor not a bank robber or murderer. In theory there was no reason for them to be involved. Was it perhaps that Tesla was designing a powerful Death Ray? The worlds very first weapon of mass destruction during a pivotal war time period? We think NOT, what was found upon further research was that the Death Ray was not just a weapon, it would be the very key to unlocking LARGE SCALE WIRELESS DISTRIBUTION.

There are of course many conspiracy theories and a few of them actually are believable. All of them include the involvement of the U.S government or governments globally and some of them raise the question as to why they were so keen on keeping free wireless energy out of the hands of the worlds population? His wireless energy had no pollutants, it was free and it was limitless..Can it be our greedy governments did not want us to have such luxuries simply because it did not benefit their pockets?

Yet the question still remains after his death what happened to his documents, works and inventions? The U.S government sat on Tesla’s estate for many years from 1943 to 1952, Many ask did they keep some of his works for themselves? No one has proof that they did or did not, but would it surprise any one really if they did? No… Probably not.

Tesla was always feeding the pigeons outside and lived on a diet of warm milk, bread and fruit juice. He had close friends like the poet Mark Twain and he stood 6 feet 2 and was very slender at 142 pounds. Tesla tried to make the world into a better place and this same man died alone in hotel room #3362 at 86 years old. He was one of the greatest inventors of all time, how was it possible that he died penny less and alone?

It appears the answer to this question is Tesla died penny less because he was not a capitalist. ( GASP ) He was a loyal friend, He gave up his royalties of the AC motor because of a friendship and he believed in the pursuit of science for the betterment of humanity.

As children we read all about Edison but as adults , we know who the real hero is …Tesla. A man who actually believed in a better world and he spent his whole life trying to achieve just that. Don’t you guys find it just a little bit strange that our society resents and ostracizes the humans that are trying to make a real change yet lifts up and almost worships those who contribute nothing of real value?

” I spent all my life trying to help people, and all I got in return was humiliation.”.

– Tesla

Rest in peace Nikolas Telsa

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed this post on Nikolas Tesla. Until next time stay INSPIRED and BLESSED. Please feel free to like, comment and subscribe.

7 thoughts on “Why was Nikola Tesla such a Threat?

  1. AKA I would like to be inside your mind for a day to see what thoughts you have. I have been so into your posts recently and they are all on a wide variety of different topics. Tesla has intrigued me for years. Absolutely fantastic read.

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  2. I’m very impressed. It was well written, warm, sympathetic and humourous. In the last week you have had some very entertaining variety of topics and they have all been great reads. Keep up the inspiring work. Wishing you to stay inspired and blessed as well.


  3. Wowsers you have been killing it lately and I don’t mind at all. Lmao ☠️💀✌🏻 interesting stuff I’m a fan of Tesla and I know his life story and I have to tell you, well played! You came out with a good topic and put your funny comments and it was enjoyable and well informed.

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