Assassin’s of Flavor proudly presents: Patty e Pepe Food Truck

If you ever find yourself hungry on a late night in Santa Caterina Italy let me recommend Patty e Peppe’s food truck. My husband and I were on the hunt for food at around midnight after he finished work and we passed many little food trucks along the way but to our dismay none of them looked even remotely promising and then we saw Patty e Peppe’s food truck.

We were initially attracted by their cute vintage vibe that reminded us of being back in Brooklyn and hopped off our scooter to get a closer look. My husband was hungry, I was getting HANGRY and we really didn’t have high expectations. They are located on the street with a beautiful view of the sea behind them. There were other food trucks in the same location but for us Patty e Peppe stood out like a beacon of hope.

We were looking at their menu trying to decide what to order and can I just tell you guys they were so helpful and are the nicest people around. They were so freakin cool and had such good vibes we felt right at home. We ordered two hamburger’s and french fries with two beers. Not sure what to expect we took our first bite and it was more then just good it was great! It was so good in fact that we found ourselves going too Patty e Peppe’s food truck 3 nights out of the 7 that we were in Nardo.

As we all know that hamburgers need to have certain components that make them good. Patty e Peppe’s hamburger had all of the components. The beef patty was juicy and you could taste the flavor of the meat even with all the ingredients, their bun was soft but sturdy enough to hold everything together, it had crunch from the lettuce, sweet from the tomato, creamy taste from the cheese and salty from the fries they put inside the burger. The bun to meat ratio was close to perfect from the first bite to the last.

As for their french fries, we got the medium sized fries and they were the perfect blend of salty, a little crunchy yet soft in the middle and hot enough to let us know they were fresh. The beers were ice cold and the view was just amazing. I would give them a solid 4.5 stars out of 5. I highly recommend to check them out and give their food a try.

They have a Facebook Page Patty e Peppe food truck if you want to take a look. Their prices are very reasonable, you definitely won’t leave hungry or HANGRY and I promise you wont regret it.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment, like and subscribe. Until next time stay Inspired and Blessed.

7 thoughts on “Assassin’s of Flavor proudly presents: Patty e Pepe Food Truck

  1. Damnit to hell I really wish I was there now.😉 I am past the point of hungry and you dear AKA have just made me want a Juicy burger. The way you described their burgers made my mouth water. Now you are a food critic as well! Good read you made me hungry and now I know what we are having for dinner. Hamburgers

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  2. I’m planning a trip to Italy in the end of September and I will absolutely take your advice and take my family to Patty e Pepe’s food truck. We like to try street food from each location we travel to. Fantastic description of the hamburger and fries AKA.

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  3. Giiirrrlll, your description of the food was so damn good that I am now starving and want nothing but a hamburger and fries. I could taste the burger and french fries. Not to mention I could really use a cold brew right about now. ✌🏻🦸🏻‍♀️

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  4. I can’t tell you enough of how much your writing has come together. You are really coming into your own style and the way you describe everything even food brings it to life. That’s how you made everyone hungry that reads this article. You are a natural keep it up AKA

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  5. Seriously I feel as though you have a bright future ahead of you AKA and I am pleased that I discovered you before you become famous.


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