Champion Challenge Day # 3 ” I ‘m not really feeling it. “

We woke up later than usual today. Per usual I had my coffee and he had his tea. I love expresso’s as much as the next person, but it has to be said say there really is nothing in the world like sipping on your cup of hot coffee and sitting outside in some nature. Even if it’s raining it’s beautiful in it’s own way. Of course we watered Elvis said our traditional Buongiourno greeting. He did his usual saying good morning to everyone, eating his breakfast, begging everyone for part of their breakfast ( Lol ) drinking some water and passing out under a plant somewhere close to the house.

Then we drove to the store picked up a few things for my husband for his travels. Today he leaves for work for a few days. It’s always a mixture of a little sad because I will miss him, a little bit of anxiety because there is alot to be done on both our parts. He always has a big load to carry on his shoulders. Thanks God he has broad shoulders. lol But in the end we always have so much to talk about when we see each other again, so that’s always what I look forward to. We ran around doing what we needed to do and then we got him ready to go. We kissed each other and he was gone.

Now here we are … Guys I’m not going to even try to lie to myself or you, I absolutely do not feel like working out or doing anything today. I have things piling up around me that I need to do and I honestly just want to curl up in my bed with the air conditioning and the fan on. I want to binge watch some drama series and just let my body rest and my mind rest. I DON”T WANT TO DO IT! Lol Let’s take a look of whats on my intentions list for today. Let’s see what I can get done today.

  • Ok first thing is I need to work on finishing the Tenenovela post. ( I know it’s a day late, I apologize. Life was happening. ) ( Done )
  • I also need to do my work out for today. ( done )
  • 100 crunches ( done )
  • 75 lunges ( done )
  • 75 squats ( done )
  • 75 leg raises (done)
  • 1 minute plank ( done )
  • 1 hour on bike ( 45 minutes )
  • 10 minute stretch ( done )
  • 10 minute meditation ( done )
  • Deep clean ( done )
  • water plants ( done )
  • help with dishes and stuff around ( done )
  • be of service to those around me ( done )
  • 2 hours of Italian class ( done )
  • read for 30 minutes ( Not completed )
  • I really need to do a hair mask of some sort but I also really need to finish this painting so I can start on the next one. Problem solved I can let the hair mask sit on my hair while I paint. ( not completed )

“Whew !” ok this seems a little bit like a lot. Lol I think Ill start with my work out. I will not be walking outside today for an hour it is too late in the afternoon and it is too hot. I will be doing everything I listed above and I will do my best to remember a photo of what we will eat tonight. Ok and 5…4…3…2….1… Starting now!

Workout,bike, meditation, and stretching Done!! Thank you Jesus!! Lol I also did some deep cleaning. I still have quiet a few tasks to accomplish on my list but I am feeling more confident about being able to accomplish them. I now have 2 hours of Italian class and writing for this post, The Telenovela, and a interview via video chat to see if she is a good fit for our Featured artist of the week page. Work and then get ready for tomorrow. I’ll be back on track with my schedule tomorrow.

Stuffed tomato and cauliflower

It is now almost 10:30 pm my time and I have completed all but two of my tasks today. Painting and reading for 30 minutes. Even though I cried like a baby during my work out ( lol ) I do feel good having accomplished almost everything today. Hope you had a good day and let me know what you accomplished. I’m interested in knowing how you stay motivated during the day.

Thanks for joining me on this challenge. Please feel free to comment, like and subscribe and until next time stay inspired and blessed.

5 thoughts on “Champion Challenge Day # 3 ” I ‘m not really feeling it. “

  1. It was getting late, I didn’t know if you were going to be able to get the telenovela and this done today. Good push dear one. I apologize publicly for saying anything about your badunkadunk. It was disrespectful and your right I should do better every day. The focus is on what we are doing and how we are feeling. I got it. Yes ma’am!🥴


    1. I for one had no doubts that you could publish both posts. I apologize too for anything that I said that you felt uncomfortable with. I will focus on my own badunkadunk and get it in shape. I appreciate you.


  2. I accomplished everything on my task list and girl I relate to you when you said that you weren’t really feeling it.😅😅 Giving thanks in the morning does make a difference. You did fantastic today. I just read the Telenovela and it was surprising and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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  3. I quit halfway through my day. My day started off bad and just spiraled into a shitty day. You had me thinking about getting up and doing what I could do for the rest of my day but I don’t have any energy today. I’ll be back in the game tomorrow.


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