The Champion Challenge Day # 4 ” Today was a Good Day.”

Don’t be pushed around by the fears in you’r mind. Be led by the dreams in you’r heart.”

– Roy T. Bennett

My day started as usual minus starting a cup of tea for my husband and our time we spend together in the mornings. I know… I know… I’m being a big baby. Lol Elvis was in a great mood this morning he was just out in the yard living his best life. He actually chased a lizard. It was a brief unsuccessful chase, but a chase none the less. lol He looked like a kitten again. It was adorable.

One of Elvis favorite spot to sleep.

After I said my Thanks, had my coffee and gave Elvis some love it was time. I had to get ready for the stupid freaking work out. Lol I don’t wine out loud but let me tell you that in my mind I wine like a toddler. In theory… there will come a time when I actually like to work out. I’m still waiting. Lol I set off to do my morning walk it was actually pretty fresh out this morning in comparison to how hot it has been lately. I saw around 5 or 6 big huge rabbits. They were adorable but the biggest rabbits I have ever seen in my life.

” The best way out is the way through.”

– Robert Frost

I found a little bit of shade after my morning walk warm up and meditated for 15 minutes. On my way back home the sun was beaming its savage heat down on me and I began to sweat more and the walk home seemed super long. Lol I started to make up excuses in my mind to not finish my work out, not to finish my tasks I need to do to make myself a better version of myself every day. ” Not Today Satan.” Lol I turned my motivational video, turned up the volume and as soon as I got home I jumped on the stationary bike. 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 Go! I did my hour on the bike and dropped down to do my floor work out and then I stretched.

I’ll be focusing on drinking more water today and only snacking on healthy snacks at night, no gelato. I began my work on the blog and preparing for upcoming posts, then I did successfully read for 30 minutes. I had Italian school for 1 hour , made some calls, answered emails, and tonight I will paint. I’ll post un update photo of the progress tomorrow.

” Be a game changer the world is already full of players.

– Unknown

All in all I struggled a little bit because I missed my husband, we do pretty much everything together when we are together. So when we aren’t it feels like you don’t have you’r best friend there with you to experience things with. For instance last night I was outside trying to bring Elvis inside because we had a storm coming, I looked up in the sky admiring the stars and I saw a strange orange yellowish light moving in a strange way. Then it just disappeared. It was in the exact same spot in the sky were we were out looking at the stars a few nights prior and the same light appeared and then disappeared. I dunno it was just odd and I wish he could have seen it with me.

My Intentions for today are as follows:

  • Say Thanks for the day
  • Warm up morning walk for 1 hour ( Done )
  • Bike for 1 hour ( done )
  • 100 crunches ( Done and I did 120!! )
  • 75 lunges ( Done )
  • 75 squats ( done )
  • 75 push ups ( done )
  • 1 minute plank ( done )
  • 10 minute meditation ( Done and I did a 15 minute meditation )
  • Read for 30 minutes ( Done )
  • Work on material for the blog ( Done )
  • Start preparing for a month in Nardo ( Done )
  • Make a list of things I need to pack ( Done )
  • do an ideas brainstorming session focusing on ideas for work. ( done )
  • Paint ,blending back ground, shading the hands, and the flowers on the sleeves finished ( will do this evening )
  • Water plants in the evening ( will do this evening )
  • Be of service to those around me ( Done )
  • Help with dishes and stuff around the house ( Done )
  • 3 hours of Italian class ( 1 hour my teacher had a appointment )
  • Drink 2 Liters of water ( 1 Liter down one to finish before tonight. )

Meet Lola. She is more sweet then spicy and she really likes it when you tell her how beautiful she is when you are watering her.

In the words of Ice Cube ” Today was a Good day!” Lol I still have some things to do this evening such as paint and water the out door plants but I feel good about the things I have accomplished so far. I even have time to talk to Mrs. Gibbles tonight. We haven’t had time to talk to each other in a few weeks now. Each day I work out and stay focused I have felt more positive. Still no physical results YET but as I said before I do feel stronger. What about you guys, have you noticed any changes in any way to how you feel?

Thanks for reading my post today. Please feel free to comment, like and subscribe and until next time stay Inspired and Blessed.

8 thoughts on “The Champion Challenge Day # 4 ” Today was a Good Day.”

  1. Elvis chasing a lizard in his old age. I would say that he is still a healthy boy. I didn’t do much today I am afraid to tell you. I allowed my anxiety to get the best of me and I stayed in the bed all day. Tomorrow is a new day and I don’t plan on letting it get the best of me tomorrow. You are such a pure spirit AKA don’t ever change. You may not see it now but you are helping others. This is doing things in service to others.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would pay money to see him chase lizards. Lol lol he looks so old I can’t imagine him chasing anything.


  2. Oh sweet spicy Lola. Lol 😂 my mom used to talk to her plants too and her were always the most healthy plants in town. I accomplished everything on my list of tasks and my three tasks for my future dreams. Today was a good day for me too. Hat’s off to you AKA your doing great.

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  3. Go Sis Go you got this girl! I worked out before work today. I think it was a mistake 🤣 I’m fucking tired as hell. Tomorrow I will work out after work.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I was wondering if you were going to post today and then I got a notification that you did. Keep it up AKA 💞. We all can do this. Lola looks like a sweet Elvis is in a catagory all his own. Lol you look like princess Lea from star wars and I admire you AKA. I have been following you for a while now and I really admire your strength and style. I can relate to you in many areas. Love you girl


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