The Champion Challenge day #7

Tired is not a strong enough word but exhausted is too strong of a word to describe how I felt when I woke up this morning. Lol My legs were on fire as I went down the stairs to get some coffee. Thanks given and coffee made, I head outside into a much warmer day then yesterday but it is ok I’ll take it. Elvis is begging for my breakfast and as always I give him some. He gets fresh water and a good brushing along with some love.

Elvis begging for breakfast. Lol

As I was brushing Elvis I saw a bird fly straight into our above ground pool. I wasn’t too alarmed at first I thought for sure it could get out right away but it was obvious that the poor little thing needed help. It was just flailing around in there struggling. I saved it with the net you use to clean the pool. Poor thing sat there on the net for a long time shaken up and probably a little confused. Before too long it flew away into the nearest tree to dry off.

After wards I got ready to go on my morning warm up walk and was done in an hour. Came back home got on the stationary bike for 45 minutes this morning. Dropped down and did my exercises and a stretch. Today I did 3 hours of Italian class, ate lunch and took a 30 minute nap. Made my calls answered emails, worked on the blog and painted. My intentions for today are :

  • Say Thank You for another day ( done )
  • Do 1 hour walk ( done )
  • 1 hour on Stationary bike ( 45 minutes )
  • 1 minute plank ( Done )
  • 90 crunches ( Done )
  • 50 leg lifts ( Done )
  • arm excersises ( Done )
  • 50 push ups ( Done )
  • Stretch ( Done )
  • Italian school for 3 hours ( Done )
  • Answer emails ( Done )
  • Make calls ( done )
  • Help with stuff around the house and yard ( done )
  • water plants outside ( No need it’s raining )
  • Stay hydrated ( Again I drank only 1 liter )
  • Paint ( done and will again tonight )
  • Do something in service of others ( Done )
  • Work on the Blog ( Done )

My lesson for today was that you really do feel great when despite the feelings of tired and body aches you get up and do the work any way. I felt more proud of myself today then I have other days because I kept going and didn’t give in to my body telling me it doesn’t feel like it.

Do you feel as though you are doing your best to be your best self every day? How about today?

Meet Georgette, she is Mint and loves to be showered with water and compliments.

Thank you for joining me in the Champion Challenge. Please feel free to like, comment and subscribe and until next time stay Inspired and Blessed

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