The Champion Challenge Day # 8

Today started out fresh from the rain the night before. I knew it was going to be a good day, I could feel it. Stumbling downstairs as usual to get my coffee and say Buongiorno to everyone I make my way outside. It is as I expected, a good day! The air is fresh a welcomed break from the humid heat. Elvis is waiting for me so he can beg for breakfast and get his usual love.

On my morning walk I recorded any ideas I had for the blog and or future paintings so I didn’t forget afterwards. I spent a little more time on my walk then normal just because it was so fresh and beautiful out. Once I arrived back home I jumped on the stationary bike for an hour, did my stretching, work out and meditation. Afterwards I had Italian class for two hours this morning then we had lunch.

After lunch and clean up was over everyone took a nap including me. I took a 30 minute rest / nap. I started to work on my tasks such as making calls, answering important emails and another hour of school before I worked on my blog and painting. I still have some work to do on the sleeves and background and had to wait until they officially made up their minds as to what exactly they wanted but it sounds like they have finally came to an agreement and I can now move forward on them.

In the evening I did another stretch because my body was feeling tight and I did a cleaning of our room and helped around the house. Today I did much better with drinking water and I only had one cigarette all day. I felt stronger today then the previous days. I was able to do more in my walk and work out and I accomplished more. I still feel my body aching and I am still more tired then before during the day due to working out, buuuut.. I am starting to see results. Not so much physically unfortunately ( Not yet ) but physically I am stronger, mentally I’am stronger and spiritually I’am getting stronger.

Life lessons for today is slow and steady wins the race. I may not be seeing the physical results I want to right now but I know I will very soon because I’am doing what I need to do to achieve them. Today I felt determined to keep going and continue to try even harder each day. I no longer want to be someone who makes excuses to not do something that I need to do, I no longer want to be some one who is living below their potentual. So I made up my mind I’m NOT! ” I Have Spoken! “

Thank you for joining me on the Champion Challenge! Please feel free to like, comment and subscribe and until next time stay Inspired and Blessed.

8 thoughts on “The Champion Challenge Day # 8

  1. Lol lol πŸ€£πŸ˜†πŸ₯³ I have spoken. Yes queen πŸ‘‘ love the reference and good job today. Not smoking is the hardest thing stay strong you got this.


  2. Dear sweet AKA. you are such a light of inspiration and Joy. Thanks for being a source of light in these dark days.


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