The Champion Challenge ” I just felt like it “

Lemons from Italy

It is Sunday and in theory our day off but I woke up this morning and I didn’t feel like taking the day off. I felt like working out and staying consistent !!! ( Sound the Alarms Lol ) To anyone who knows me i’m sure they never thought they would hear me say I didn’t feel like taking the day off. Lol It shocked me as well to be completely honest, who am I right now? ( Lol ) I did all the usual stuff, Give Thanks, coffee, Say Good morning to everyone even Elvis,make the bed and then I went for a warm up morning walk.

I cut it to 30 minutes because I started later then usual and the sun was already blazing down it’s death rays. Back at home I jumped on the stationary bike and did 1 hour with an improvement on the number of times I was having to take small rests. I felt a noticeable difference in my endurance today and I felt great about it. I was able to push myself harder today with much more ease. I was so happy and proud you guys! I have been working out consistently for 18 days with out seeing results until today.

Physically I still don’t have a six pack or a body of a Greek Goddess as expected ( LOL ) but I am starting to see some results there as well. All in all I feel great about pushing myself to work out even on my day off. Today my plans are to focus on the painting and finish it. My intentions for today are as follows:

  • Give Thanks ( Done )
  • Walk ( Done 30 min )
  • Stationary bike 1 hour ( Done )
  • Work out ( Done )
  • Stretch ( Done )
  • 1 Min Plank ( Done )
  • Organize bag for traveling for a month ( Done )
  • Study Italian 1 hour ( Done )
  • Do something in service to others ( Done )
  • Water outside plants ( This evening )
  • Paint for as long as nessisary and finish ( After lunch )
  • Help out around the house and outside ( Done )
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I wanted to give Thanks to you guys today. Thank you for all your encouraging comments and emails you guys have no idea how much I appreciate them. I felt I was writing into the vast universe when I first started and some of you have been around since I started and I just wanted to say Thank You. Some of you’r stories you have shared with me are so inspiring, I wish I could give you a big hug. It doesn’t matter if you work out today or not, do what feels right for you. Keep going and being the best version of yourself each day. It’s about progress not perfection, let’s all remember that.

Thanks for joining me on the Champion Challenge! Please feel free to like, comment and subscribe and until next time stay Inspired and Blessed!

10 thoughts on “The Champion Challenge ” I just felt like it “

    1. Hell yeah she is. Am I the only one that has the feeling of pride in her? She is really doing it and really not offering any excuses. Fucking inspiring

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  1. You did awesome AKA 😊. I wasn’t prepared for us to work out i didn’t even think about it I was comfortable in my good chair watching

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