The Champion Challenge Day # 10 ” Feeling Results “

Elvis contimplating life. LOL

Hey guy’s, Hope you are having a good day. Today my day started per usual. I am pretty sure we all know the drill by now. Give Thanks, say Buongiorno to everyone and then coffee. After coffee is made I went outside to see what kind of a day we are being blessed with today. The sun was out in full force today, the plants even looked worried. Elvis was doing his usual begging for food, even the heat can’t stop Elvis. Lol

Then it was time for my morning warm up walk, stationary bike and workout. The whole time I was working out today I had this anxiety concerning what I am going to do to replace the stationary bike in Nardo. I don’t want to set myself back in my work outs. We are pretty active in Nardo so I think I’ll be ok and I can always replace it with something else when I’am there.

Brodo with little tiny pastas. My favorite!

Time for Italian class and I helped to deep clean the house. We had lunch and then I finished my last hour of Italian class. I had to go through my luggage again to be sure of what I want to being or not. I did manage to paint a little bit and then I make phone calls and answered e-mails. Then we did some work outside in the garden.

While I was outside this morning I little grey bird landed on my shoulder , I was so shocked I froze in place. I looked at the bird. the bird looked at me and Elvis was not having any part of any of that nonsense. Lol He had his hair stand up on his back and starting Meowing a warning to the bird. It only lasted a few seconds but it was a beautiful and funny experience. I wonder if it’s the same grey bird I saved from the other day? What do you guys think?

Tonight my husband finally comes back home and I can’t wait to see him and hear all his stories about his travels and his job. I can’t wait o tell him about my stuff too. Today’s life lesson I learned is that everything is not always as bad as we make it out to be in our minds due to our fear. Sometime’s our minds make mountains out of mole hills and I for one am working on myself about this.

Each day I feel stronger and stronger both physically, mentally and spiritually. Each day I push myself harder then the day before I make myself proud. My work outs are starting to be completed in good form and with more ease, I am staying hydrated, being my best self each day, and doing my best to make God and those who love me proud of me. I am proud I have been consistant for 19 days, that’s a big step for me. I hope you guys are staying strong and pushing forward to be the best version of yourself more every day.

Thank you for joining me on The Champion Challenge! Please feel free to like and subscribe and until next ti,e stay Blessed and Inspired.

10 thoughts on “The Champion Challenge Day # 10 ” Feeling Results “

  1. Ok I am going to need to request that you slow down AKA. rofl 😡🀯😜🀩 You are putting me in a weird position between being envious of you and you inspiring me. Lol love you though πŸ’ž

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    1. Your a straight up hater πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ she is out here trying to get fit and stay consistent while becoming the best version of herself. And you can’t keep up . 🀠


      1. He’s not a hater 🀣 just unmotivated and AKA is intimidating because she keeps going.


  2. Your motivation is getting me motivated lol. Your doing wonderful don’t stop get it get it!!!πŸ’–


  3. Lol you have determination that’s a fact AKA ☠️. You are doing fantastic 😊 if you are feeling good about it physically then continue by all means girl 😜

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