The Champion Challenge Day #11 ” Blessings on Blessings “

Photo by Jessiana

This morning was started per usual coffee for me and tea for my husband. Saying buongiorno to everyone, including Elvis. Everything was normal until it wasn’t. Lol We had alot of appointments today in the sweltering heat. We did a lot of running around for these appointments which took up time. Sweat was flowing, tempers were flaring and things were happening. It was a day of what can go wrong did go wrong but we pushed through any way’sand I’m proud of us for this. Was it hard YES but was it worth it? Absolutely

Photo by Jessiana

Honestly I think what took the most time was I had a hair breakdown.I had it up to my ears with the blonde nonsensical nonsense. It was causing damage and it just was never the color I envisioned in my mind. It looks great on some people and more power to you guys. I personally can’t pull it off that well and I do feel more myself with something closer to my natural color. So that happened…

I took my day off from working out today. It was unplanned but it works out because I didn’t take Sunday off. This is what I tell myself anyways. Lol Quality time was spent today and work as usual. Mostly it felt good to get our stuff done and come out on top! There’s a long list of things I didn’t do today that I normally do, but we got so much other important things done that I feel ok with it. I’ll be back in action again tomorrow.

Photo by Jessiana

I think the saying ” Quality above quantity ” apply’s to life as well. It’s not about how much we do all the time, it’s about the quality in which we do the things we do.I have a life lesson for today. A wise woman named Mrs. Gibbles once told me…” Grass isn’t greener on the other side, It’s greener where you water it the most.” I really felt that applies to all areas in our lives. We grow the most when we do our best every single day at everything we do from work, to work outs, to relationships. I hope you guys have a great day and maybe got a few of your important things done too.

Thanks for joining me in the Champion Challenge. Please feel free to like, comment and subscribe and until next time stay Blessed and Inspired.

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