The Champion Challenge Day #12

Photo by Jessiana

Hi guys! Hope everyone is waking up feeling refreshed and blessed this morning. This morning strange things were amiss. It started with the fact that I was the first one awake, that rarely happens. I made myself some coffee no tea for anyone else and no Buongiorno’s to anyone except Elvis of course. There was simply no one awake to say it to. It was like a Twilight Zone episode. Lol Outside was feeling amazing and fresh. There was actually still dew on the plants that had not been evaporated by the death rays from the sun yet.

Photo by Jessiana

Elvis was feeling like he was 50 years younger this morning he was very vocal in his demands for his breakfast and he was even more vocal in his demands for love. ( Lol ) He did cute kitten stuff like rolling in the grass full of dew and chasing a bird off his territory. It was adorable. Elvis is going to hate us for being gone a month. My husbands parents make sure he is fed and watered and they give him love, so it’s not as if he is going without. Still sometimes he gets a attitude with us and completely ignores us when we get back. Lol

I did my work out outside in the fresh air so I wouldn’t wake anyone up. No warm up walk, instead I did 190 jumping jacks a stretch my work out and meditation. I’m going to have to learn to be creative with my work outs and painting since we are going to be traveling for the next month so I might as well start now. I have decided on some Chloe Ting work outs on You Tube. We will see what happens, things are bound to change.

Tomorrow we are leaving and there is a lot to do today and the list of things to do keeps growing. I’m not going to lie, I have some anxiety about stuff that is random and I know that it’s just in my head but all in all I am so freaking excited. This trip is going to be my first post in my Travel page. I didn’t want to write about places I have never been that doesn’t make sense for me. Hopefully we will visit more places in the near future and I can share what my experience was.

Photo by Jessiana

After my work out was completed I cleaned myself up and headed back outside to work on the blog. I started early so I could get everything accomplished today and still have time to take a second and breathe. I loath being stressed out and running around like a chicken with our heads cut off trying to get everything done. Nothing put’s me in a mood faster. ( I’m working on it, I feel the judgement. Lol ) I started a new post and worked on a few upcoming posts then now currently here I am working on this post.

  • Give Thanks ( done )
  • Work out ( Done )
  • 1 minute plank ( done )
  • 120 crunches ( done )
  • arm excercises ( done )
  • squats ( 85 ) Done
  • lunges ( 50 ) Done
  • jumping jacks ( 100 ) Done
  • pilates leg and core strengthening work out ( Done )
  • pack for trip ( Right after I post this. )
  • work on blog posts ( Done )
  • answer emails ( Done )
  • errand’s ( Done )
  • do something in service to others ( Done )
  • water the plants ( This evening )
  • give 100% in everything I do ( Done )

Mission accomplished errands were ran and then back home for lunch. I received a call about more changes to the hands painting. I wanted to be finished with it by now, but alas … It’s not in my control so I have to just go with it and not get upset or anxious about time crunches for other commissions I have coming up. I don’t want to loose any opportunities and I was trying to fit everything in a nice cute time frame. Lesson learned… life doesn’t always fit in our ” nice cute time frames.”

I came to the conclusion that instead to allow myself to be frustrated, start on another commission while in Nardo so I don’t waste any time while waiting. This anxiety causing problem is now solved. There still remains the packing and being super sure I packed everything. We will tackle that next and this anxiety causing problem will be a thing of the past. In all reality I need to try on my clothes to be sure they actually go together at least because last time I packed random things that had no business going together. So needless to say I wasted alot of space with a bunch of clothing items I never wore. Never again I say!! ( Lol ) I will fix his too.

Today’s life lesson was a hard one. Saying sorry when we do something to hurt or offend someone we love. Today ladies and gentleman I was the one who had to say sorry for saying something that offended someone I love. I felt so bad and so guilty as soon as I saw the expression on their face. I wanted to cry, it was unintentional but that doesn’t matter. There’s a saying ” The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I replayed the situation over and over in my mind trying to figure out what I said that upset them. Long story short I asked them what it was that I said to upset them, I let them know that it wasn’t my intention and said how sorry I was and we fixed everything and moved on. The point to my rambling is this, we really need to treat our loved ones with as much love and respect as we possibly can because there are millions of people out there who have no one. I was once one of them and now I’am surrounded by love. If we do or say something to hurt or offend them, don’t allow our pride to take over. Just go and say how sorry you are as soon as possible. You will both feel better and it doesn’t fester.

Thanks for joining me in the Champion challenge. Please feel free to like comment and subscribe and until next time stay Inspired and Blessed.

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