The Champion Challenge Day #13 ” Travel Day “

The grapes from my husbands fathers vines- Photo by Jessiana

Hey guys! I hope you all are healthy, happy and loved today and everyday. As you guys know today’s the day for our flight to Nardo. Our day started pretty much the same but today we both drank coffee. We said Buongiorno to everyone and made our way outside to give Elvis some love, food, water and a talking to about staying out of the sun. He gets blisters on his nose when he does that and bless his heart he does it anyway. We left him in the very best hands my husbands parent’s. They just so happen to be angels walking on this earth so he will be fine.

Elvis in his favorite spot- Photo by Jessiana

We did our packing last night so this morning we just had to gather the last minute stuff and go. There was no working out or stretching or anything else. Just the esentuals, give Thanks, coffee, get ready to go to the train to get to the airport. We gave everyone hugs and kisses and I always find myself in tears when we leave even if it’s for just a week and this time it’s a month. So I had to hold back some tears and keep it together. Lol

The sun was in all it’s glory. Lol We rode the train to the airport, then flew into Brindisi, and then we went to Nardo by car. We had a safe flight and all in all things went pretty smoothly during the trip. Staying in gratitute for the positives and not focusing on the frustrations is what we are striving for these days. Once we arrived to where we are staying we put our things down and we took a 2 hour rest / nap. I couldn’t sleep even though I was tired. New place, new bed I’ll need a night or two to adjust I think.

My husband has to go do some Champion stuff at the restaurant tonight and I still have my work out to do for my Champion Challenge stuff. Speaking of, today my Intentions are as follows: ( It is 8:00pm here it’s going to be a challenge. )

  • Stretch ( Done )
  • Chloe Ting ” Get ABS in 2 weeks shred challenge ” 11:11 video You Tube ( Done )
  • Chloe Ting ” Full Body Burn- Intense but do-able 20:57 video on YouTube ( Done )
  • Chloe Ting ” Core and arms ” 10: 00 video YouTube ( Done )
  • Chloe Ting ” 2 week shred challenge” 13:00 video on YouTube ( Not Done )
  • 1 minute plank ( Done )
  • answer emails ( Done )
  • Unpack and organize ( Done )
  • meditate ( Done )
  • Do 1 hour of Italian class
  • Do some research for an upcoming post ( Done )
  • work on champion challenge post and upcoming posts. ( Done )
  • stay hydrated ( Done Almost 2 liters )
  • get everything I need ready for a full day tomorrow. ( Done )

I did my work out first 5-4-3-2-1 and I started. Can I say today was a day of seeing results in my performance? No, not really at all. Lol It’s done though !! I did my best and did everything except for the last Chloe Ting work out ” The Shred Challenge.” I don’t want to be committed to mediacrity and do the bare minimum in any aspect of my life. There was just no more energy I could spare. Other tasks needed to be accomplished.

Unpacked everything and put it away in neat organized manner, did Italian school for 1 hour, I still have to study and finish my research. Tomorrow will be a blessed and prosperous day and I want to be prepared. This trip I want to make the most of it work hard and play hard too. Do my best to live in the moment, do some work related stuff paint and blog interviews and spend time with my husband.

The sea here is where I had my ” Almost near death experience ” so I want to get back in the sea as soon as we can to conquere my fear. I have been practicing my swimming and getting stronger, I am still not confident in the rocky sea yet but this time I will be more careful. This post is going to be rather short today guys but tomorrow we wont be traveling and I can accomplish my tasks and get back to focusing on love, life, work, staying in gratitude and having some fun.

What are some of the foods that are a weakness for you guys? Mine is the bread here in Italy is amazing. A little too amazing. Lol When you are traveling what do you do to still get your work outs in?

16 thoughts on “The Champion Challenge Day #13 ” Travel Day “

  1. I didn’t receive a notice for your post. I looked out of curiosity and you posted today and yesterday ☺️ . I was thinking about you and wondering if you were quitting on us. 😥😍 I’m glad to see that it’s not the case. My food weakness is chocolate. It’s turned into a habit rofl


  2. I’m not trying to get a me too movement started But the same here. No notification yesterday or today. I wasn’t judging you girl I thought you were just caught up in travel. Food weakness fried chicken. Home made straight from the skillet.

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  3. Good post AKA. happened to me too I didn’t get a notification yesterday or today. You are a beautiful soul never change, don’t let the world beat it out of you. Your doing great keep going. Food weakness is banana bread. When I travel i start off with lighter workouts and then get more intense after things settle down. Love you AKA

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    1. She’s raw and genuine. This is what I needed and love about her. She’s been a blessing for me.


  4. Well done given the time you had AKA. I have to admit it is nice to see that you have struggles with similar issues as myself. I didn’t think you were going to Slow Down and I couldn’t keep up. It’s nice to see you have your days when it’s hard for you too . My food of choice is anything fried. French fries, fried chicken, fried pickles, fried ice cream lol 😂


  5. None of us got notified yesterday apparently. I’m rooting for you AKA. you are one tough cookie girl and you can do this even while traveling. You helped to motivate me and my mom who is waiting for the telenovela rather impatiently. Lol much love girl


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