Champion Challenge Day # 15 ” we Got This “

Hey Guys! Hope you all are having a blessed day. Last night was a beautiful night. Even though I wasn’t feeling my best we still had a good night with pasta and wine and good conversation. We woke up this morning much later then usual at 10:00 and made our coffee. We got dressed said Buongiorno to everyone and headed out to buy some swimming stuff and have some lunch. Lunch was amazing! We headed back to our villa to rest and chill before my husband headed to work and I began my stuff.

We kissed each other and he began his Champion work at the restaurant and I began mine. I did my stretch, workout, cardio, and meditation and my work related tasks for the blog. I did some self care such as drinking tea and drinking water. Because I still am not feeling the best. Doing my work out and stretches today took everything I had energy wise and was a big test of my self discipline.

Let me tell you guys I was not feeling it at ALL. My body hurts from yesterday’s work outs and I don’t feel good in general I thought I had reasonable excuses not to work out. You know what though? I did it! Did I have the best attitude while doing it? Absolutely not. Lol But I did it anyway and for me that’s an improvement. Also I’am so happy we have tomorrow off! I then did the usual tidying up and ate some watermelon and figs, they were so good.

I tried talking to Mrs Gibbles but one of our internet”s was acting up and it was impossible. Then my husband called and told me about the Taranta night Festival and asked if I wanted to go. i said yes of course and we will go later tonight. Upon googling I found out that the Taranta Festival has an old legend behind it and it goes like this.

The workers of the fields of Italy discovered that if you got bitten by a tarantula the only way to survive was you had to move with the venom as it started to move through your body. To flush out the poison from the potentially lethal bite you had to dance. I think it sounds fun and it’s pretty cool the dance is based on an old legend. It is one of the things I appreciate about Italy, everything has a story behind it. I think it’s fascinating to learn the stories behind each city, village and building.

Today was another day of hard lessons and doing things even if I don’t want to because it will bring me one step closer to my dreams. Not allowing myself to beat myself up with negative self talk because I don’t feel good. Everyone else can get sick and I don’t think twice about it, it happens and we work to get them better. If I get sick or not feeling good I feel like I am a burden and I get angry at my body for not feeling good. Have to work on this, it’s counterproductive.

Instead I will appreciate my body and try to give it what t needs to get back to feeling better. These days I have been noticing alot of things about myself that I need to work on and appreciating myself and my body is one of them. If you think about it this body of ours has brought us through some really tough times and still works for us every day. Our heart is still pumping, our lungs are still breathing, our hands and feet are constantly on the go and our brain is doing it’s job all day every day. Without regards from us to what we put in our bodies, souls and minds.Imagine what a difference it would make if we didn’t talk bad about our bodies and appreciated them for putting up with our shit.

Thanks for joining me in the Champion Challenge. Please feel to lie, comment and subscribe and until next time stay Inspired and Blessed.

5 thoughts on “Champion Challenge Day # 15 ” we Got This “

  1. Beautiful photos 😍 this is the point where most people quit AKA and give yourself some credit for not giving up. Your still going strong. This week I am going to stop being lazy and go strong too.


  2. AKA you need to allow yourself time to recover from the workouts and then life. Pushing yourself too much can result in burn out. Self love is our most important gift for ourselves and others. love you girl 💕


  3. You are doing fantastic girl! Don’t let shit bring you down. You have me doing workouts and I don’t work out. Lol


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