The Champion Challenge Day #16 ” Staying Centered “

Hey Guys! I hope this post finds you well and surrounded with positive people and positive vibes. We are halfway through the Champion Challenge!!!!! I’am going to tell you that I’am so proud of us for sticking to our goals even when we didn’t feel like it. It is not an easy task, high fives all around!

Today has been a bit of a rough day for me personally, however I did accomplish my goals and tasks. It was just one of those days I guess. Nothing dramatic happened I just haven’t been feeling inspired or very motivated, in general I haven’t been feeling my best self yet. We gave Thanks, had coffee, ate some lunch and got ready to get to work. We woke up too late to go to the beach today but we did go yesterday and it was super beautiful to go snorkeling and see up close and personal the sea life.

For some strange reason there has just been like this heavy dare I say negative energy lingering. I never wake up at 10:00 in the morning but today I did. My husband woke up at 9 ish and that’s not like him either. Perhaps we are just tired from everything and just haven’t caught up yet. It’s hard to stay focused on you’r growth and dreams when everything is happening in the world, but what I do know is that ” This too shall pass.”

As I was doing my work out stuff I started thinking about how hard it is to feel thankful for each day we are alive and feel blessed with the shear amount of horrific things happening. It’s easy to feel blessed and Thankful when things are going good in the world but what about when things are going to shit? According to an article in we can start by telling ourselves it’s ok to feel down sometimes.It’s a normal part of the emotional spectrum and they say that it’s unhealthy to feel happy all the time especially in our worlds current situation.

Then we build emotional resilience. They describe emotional resilience to reacting well and strategically to bad experiences and situations. How do we build such resilience? Some methods are as follows:

  • Being aware of our feelings and emotional responses to different circumstances.
  • Practice thinking and talking before acting
  • Focus on solutions to problems and improve your mental flexibility.
  • Practice good self care to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Allowing ourselves to fail without treating it like a defining moment in our life’s legacy or a bad characteristic.

Determined to get back on track I have created a list of things to accomplish today so tomorrow can be a better day then today and I think that realizing that God has our backs no matter whats going on in the world helps alot as well. Unfortunately we are on;y in control of our own lives and none of us can control whats going on in our world today. It can lead us feeling, well..out of control and full of fear and negativity.

I broke down and had a full on cry fest today after hearing the news as I was doing my tidying up because personally I do feel out of control in this world. Apparently our Earth is spinning faster then before, Polio is in New York now, we have the Monkey Pox, Carona freaking Virus, war in Ukraine, a possible war between the United States and China, not to mention the other issues STILL going on such as racial tension, growing number of homelessness, human sex trafficking, people going hungry, climate change and the list just goes on and on.

The thing is we can’t run around living in fear and scared of the future. Is it scary? Yes absolutely but we have to give it to God because only God can move mountains and bring beauty from ashes. Our jobs are to help others, trust in him ( easier said then done ) and live our lives to the best of our abilities each day. Our jobs are to be our best versions of ourselves each day and grow as individuals, as couples, as families and as communities. There is really nothing else we can do.

Today my intentions are as follows:

  • Give Thanks ( Done )
  • Stretch ( Done )
  • 1 minute plank ( done )
  • 85 squats ( done )
  • 50 lunges ( done )
  • Chloe Ting work out videos ( Done )
  • arm exercises ( done )
  • 120 crunches ( Done )
  • meditation ( done )
  • putting good healthy food in my body ( done )
  • answer emails ( done )
  • conference call about new changes to a painting ( Done )
  • Journal ( Done )
  • 4 hours of Italian class ( 2 hours done 2 more to go )
  • go to bed earlier tonight so I can wake up earlier tomorrow refreshed ( soon )

Let me know what you guys do to stay centered in these trying times.

Thank you for joining me for the Champion Challenge. Feel free to like, comment and subscribe and until next time stay Inspired and Blessed.

11 thoughts on “The Champion Challenge Day #16 ” Staying Centered “

  1. Aww AKA 💞 stay strong pure hearted one. Your right when you say it is easy to feel blessed and centered when things are going good but it is indeed a different story when things are going wrong especially in the world around us. You are also right when you said that our higher power is the only one that can control the world around us. Trusting in this is not a easy feat. Your doing great AKA and inspiring us to keep moving forward. We love you


  2. Girl we are going through it together. God bless you and your strength to keep pushing. Life is not easy and it is not meant to be, but it does seem that people are in need of some guidance they are loosing their minds out here in these streets. It’s ok to cry sometimes but don’t allow yourself to stay in the sorrow and fear. Your doing a great job


      1. Yes I am signing up for the job ☺️ she is a sweet heart who is out there in a fucked up world. Prayers are what we need to send her way and for all of us here who come every time she posts we have formed a good group love you all.


  3. Sweet dear AKA. this is the test of faith. It’s normal to have trouble with this if it was easy everyone would be doing it. You inspire us here and help to keep us moving in the right direction. I wanted you to know that you really have helped me in many different areas of my life and I appreciate you. Don’t ever give up without the light there would be only darkness.


  4. To all my friends here on AKA’s blog I want to say that I have formed a good relationship with most of you. We are all in this together is right and she is right we need to stay centered and vigilant. Love you all and God bless


  5. Simplelifeisgood that was the kindest thing you have said to date. Lol love you too brutha man. AKA stay strong 💪🏻 we don’t have control of the world your right that belongs to our higher power but you are correct we can control ourselves and if enough of us do that we are going to be ok. Much love ✊🏽💕


  6. It’s hard and it’s only going to get harder. We have to be centered and stay consistent with ourselves if we are to see any changes in the world. The more of us who stand together and do this the better our chances. AKA it is especially hard for people like you who even though you have been through trials in life you are still kind, sweet and beautiful soul. We have your back as you have ours every day with your post’s. We love you don’t forget that


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