Assassin’s of Flavor … Bros Trattoria in Scorrano Italy ” Lacklustre and Cosi Cosi”

Let me start with saying usually I don’t wont write anything at all if the food or experience was bad or even just cosi cosi. All 8 of us are food lovers,none of us are picky eaters and 6 out of the 8 of us have a extensive knowledge of the restaurant business. We all were full of high expectations and were excited for this experience.

We arrived Tuesday for brunch hungry and full of hope for a unique experience but there seemed to be some confusion with our reservation and the chef explained to us in an emotionless manner that the famous wood burning oven was not started yet and we had to come back Wednesday. Disappointed we all got back in our cars and left but we were all understanding. Mistakes happen to everyone.

Even though I know some really good chef’s who would have done their best to remedy the situation or at least would have spoken as if they appreciated our business. It really bothered me that he was riding on the cusp of being rude with some one from our group who just so happens to be one of the kindest ladies I know but we made the excuse for him that he was still kind of young and perhaps no one ever taught him any better.

Wednesday arrived and off we go again still full of hope that the previous day was just a fluke. This time they were more prepared. They had set up two small tables outside under the shade of a tree for all eight of us and upon request added another table so we all didn’t have to sit on top of each other to eat. There was a sprinkler in the background watering the grass, the sun was out, a slight breeze and my tummy was growling. I was on the verge of being hangry not just hungry but I managed to keep myself together. Lol

The energy of the restaurant was just “Blah” our server was nice enough but looked as though she was just doing the best she could do with what she had been given and she seemed to want to be any where else but where she was. Honestly I can’t blame her. Altogether she had two tables with 10 customers in total on a hot Wednesday morning working with the chef we will lovingly call “Mr. Personality. “

We were served the savory food first and right off the bat we found a hair in our melanzane in pastella. Hair in my food is automatic NO NO! It really makes my stomach turn. We didn’t cause a scene we just simply didn’t eat it and moved on. They served zucchine certo and it was “ok”. I’ve had better.

Out of everything the fresh sliced tomato and the carosello cucumber was the only things worth mentioning. Next the sweet foods came out the melons were fantastic, fresh figs were amazing but much to my disappointment the cinnamon rolls were dry ( Why God Why! I love cinnamon rolls ) The apricot crostata was “ok”. The common denominator seemed to be that all the foods that were fresh and did not need to be cooked were the best part. Everything else was not bad but not really great just simply “cosi cosi”

Of course I had to do some more research and on their website there are some photos on it that are rather confusing however. There are what appears to be some beat up, bruised and abused models wearing some t-shirts with what I’m guessing is one of their logo’s. Things were a bit confusing with their website as well. I’m not sure what that says about their restaurant or for their brand itself. Should we be concerned?

What is the meaning of this?

On their website they have high claims to have a mixture of traditional and contemporaneity (Yes, it is an actual word and it means the quality of being current or of the present ) They say they have the sweet and the savory that blend as our grandparents used to make. On their website they say ” Discover the Tradition of Salento where technique and tradition merge.”

They do have a blend of sweet and savory this is true no false advertising there. we had heard such good things but when we actually ate the lacklustre dishes it felt like a let down. I can’t describe it any other way other than it was just ” ok .” The service was just cosi cosi, the food was just cosi cosi and the attitude of the chef was just cosi cosi.

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14 thoughts on “Assassin’s of Flavor … Bros Trattoria in Scorrano Italy ” Lacklustre and Cosi Cosi”

  1. Hold the presses AKA just gave a review that wasn’t all positive ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️🤯🤯🤯😱😱 We are currently traveling through Italy my mom and I. Guess we won’t be eating there. Rofl but we are absolutely stopping by patty e pepe food lol I love the title Cosi Cosi and lackluster.


  2. Lmfao 😂😂 maybe their grandparents made their food Cosi Cosi and lackluster 🙊🙉🙈 for you to make a review that isn’t inspiring or you find something positive in the situation say’s slot about the place. Staying far from that restaurant. No hair for me switch Cosi Cosi attitude and energy lol .


    1. I saw the title and told my wife to hurry up and come here so we could get the tea together. AKA has been blogging for awhile and not one peep of bad reviews on anything. Positive energy and motivation then today happened. Rofl

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  3. Shouldn’t have been rude to AKA’s friends man.rofl rofl 😵💯 what is up with the photo from their website it really does appear that they have been victims of abuse. What are they trying to say with this photo? How bizarre 🤯 I went to their website and nothing makes sense.

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    1. Nope they fucked up being rude to one of AKA’s friends.lmfao she probably would not have posted anything about them but they done fucked up now. They have multiple bad reviews on them. Check it out online.


  4. I recently read about them don’t they have a Michelin star chef or restaurant? If you are giving them this review I trust in it. You didn’t say they sucked but in your own way you said that they sucked. Lol lol they never know who they might be serving and your husband is a chef rofl rofl this is priceless.


  5. I can’t believe my eyes 👀👁️👄👀 AKA you tore them up without saying anything insulting. Classy girl ❤️ I send back anything with hair in it i don’t give a fuck. God bless you for being so kind.


  6. pm said:
    I believe it is owned by a Michelin star chef not currently run by him though. He needs to stop while he is ahead and really think about how he is branding his company. His website looks like it is a restaurant for the criminally insane . He can’t put pictures like that on his site making light of actual abuse victims. That’s fucked up.


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