The Champion Challenge #18 and 19 ” Unstoppable Forces of Nature! “

Hey guys! Yesterday I was unable to post we had cloudy weather and I was unable to get a good internet connection where we are. I hope you all are doing great in good health and in good spirits. Today we started our day per usual giving Thanks and then we had a breakfast with some friends. We then jumped on the scooter, ran our errands and came back to get rest.

Street art in Nardo

We then each got our day started he went to work at the restaurant and I got my day started as well. Feeling much better physically emotionally and spiritually today and my work out went pretty smoothly. I haven’t been as sore these past few days thank God. Still no six pack but I am seeing and feeling some results. I think it’s a step in the right direction. My meditation is done, phone calls made, emails answered, and currently working on my blog. My Intentions for the day were as follows:

  • Give Thanks ( done )
  • run errands ( done )
  • do research for articles up coming ( done )
  • make phone calls ( Done )
  • answer emails ( done )
  • stretch ( Done )
  • meditation ( Done )
  • Journal ( done )
  • 1 minute Plank ( Done )
  • 120 crunches ( Done )
  • 85 squats ( Done )
  • 50 lunges ( Done )
  • arm exercises ( done )
  • 2 Chloe Ting work out videos ( Done )
  • 2 hours of Italian class ( done )
  • Drink water ( done )

Things feel much more light and clear now. Feeling like I can focus again on staying in the moment and not in so much of a panic about things out of my control. I have been eating much more clean and making sure I drink my water. I used to be addicted to sugar and I have made big improvements with that even to the point of not drinking sugar in my coffee everyday. That’s huge for me. Honestly guys I used to eat candy like there wasn’t going to be a tomorrow, putting sugar in my coffee and I would drink around four cups of coffee a day.

Know better = doing better so when I found out just some of the ingredients that were in the candy I was eating it helped me to stop eating 99% of it. When I read about how sugar effected us all it was much easier for me to start my journey to stop eating so much sugar if any at all as well. If you are like me it’s easy to be hard on ourselves, beat ourselves up for the stuff that we feel we should have been able to accomplish by such and such time right.

But let’s step back a little bit. Let’s look at where we came from and what we have accomplished so far. All the trails and tribulations we have survived through and even thrived through. Look at how much we have grown and how we have succeeded even though at times it seemed the world was against us. Look at how we stopped letting the world convince us that we were nobody and we didn’t tell them with words but we SHOWED them what we were made of! We stopped compromising who we were because we now understanding our worth. We are UNSTOPPABLE forces of nature!

We stopped hiding from difficulties and we now face them head on. We know even if we may fail we have the power to get back up. We are working smarter and smarter. We are forming our strong reasons WHY and know that we will grow from our failures. When we can step back and take a honest real look at ourselves we can see our growth and this is something to be celebrated.

Thanks for joining me on the Champion Challenge! Please feel free to like comment and subscribe and until next time stay Inspired and Blessed.

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