Champion Challenge Day #21 ” The realization “

Hey Friends! Hope you have a blessed and inspiring day. Today per usual we started off our day giving Thanks, got coffee, did errands, we both worked for a few hours this morning, are lunch and the rest. After resting in the air conditioning we got up to begin our work again. I did my cleaning first because things were getting cluttered. Made my calls, did 3 hours of Italian class then I did my work out, meditation, stretching, and currently working on my blog.

Feeling like I’am getting through my work out videos easier and my other exercises as well. Not as sore these days and I am beginning to feel stronger. Again, still no six pack yet. Lol I joke about it but I was really thinking I would see better results by now. It’s fine though, I know it will come it’s not even been a full month yet. Did I mention I can be impatient? Lol

Today my intentions were as follows:

  • Give Thanks ( Done )
  • errands ( Done )
  • Work for a few hours before lunch ( Done )
  • work on blog ( Done )
  • stretch ( Done )
  • Chloe Ting vidoes 3 ( Done )
  • 1 minute plank ( Done )
  • arm ecxercises ( Done )
  • Meditate ( Done )
  • drink water ( Done )
  • answer emails ( Done )
  • 3 hours of Italian school ( Done )
  • Clean up and organize ( Done )

With the rain today the internet has been slow but I’m still going to get this post out. We aren’t going to let it stop us! Lol As I was waiting for a stronger internet connection I do what I always do when I start to over think, I began organizing. Lol There is something about putting things were they belong and cleaning that helps me organize my thoughts.

In these thoughts I was realize something about myself. For a long time I made the statement ” I didn’t like people, I just wasn’t a people person.” but today I realized that it is not exactly true. Shocking I know…Lol In general I do like people. Still introverted and still not the person who is going to strike up a candid conversation on the train with a stranger, I’m too shy but I do like people.

I know a few people and my husband is one of them that can talk to complete strangers for hours. It amazes me! I just sit and watch him talking to everyone about nothing and everything at the same time and he is beautiful in this moment. He shines when he talks to people. Me on the other hand I want to disappear and am socially awkward. I don’t shine in these moments and they are not my most beautiful moments. Opposites attract they say. Lol

Getting back to the point, I do like people it was just a defense mechanism. I had been badly hurt and to defend and protect myself I decided that I just didn’t like people. I have experienced and seen lately that there are some really good people in this world. Also I have some strong back up if I need God and my husband. and I’m not alone anymore. This makes me feel stronger. I’am learning that not everyone is bad and I am more ready now because of them to be more open then before. What are some of the defense mechanisms that you recognize in yourself?

Thank you for joining me on the Champion Challenge. Please feel free to like, comment and subscribe and until next time stay Blessed and Inspired.

10 thoughts on “Champion Challenge Day #21 ” The realization “

  1. Sounds like you do have some strong back up there AKA. lol yes ma’am. 💪🏻💞 I went through that myself a few years ago. I still don’t like people as much as I like my horses ROFL 🤣 it’s getting better.great post 📯 it was sweet honest and innocent


    1. When AKA said she had strong back up God and her husband that statement made me want to be a better man for my wife. I would like to have my wife feel that way about me. This is one of my new goals.


  2. You are growing stronger each day girl. We have been seeing you grow like a butterfly. Not everyone is outgoing and that’s ok. If we were noone would be able to hear themselves think from the noise if everyone talking over each other. Lmao 🤣😂 God bless you AKA and your posts are soothing to my soul 💗


  3. You are hard to describe AKA 😉 your raw honesty along with your personality in your writing has me hooked. Lol I am learning from you and I want you to know that 🤠. Love you


    1. Her personality and heart you can feel through her words are why we love her.we like her energy and yes rawness.


  4. My husband is like you and I am like your husband lol lol I can talk for hours to just about anyone 🤣. Opposite do attract 😍 lovely post dear one.


  5. This truly is something to think about. For me I learned to make everything a joke. It is beneficial to laugh but you also need to allow yourself to feel the pain and hurt. This is the only way you heal.


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