Champion Challenge day # 22 and # 23 ” Things happened …”

Hey Friends! So … about yesterday…… It was a day and things happened. I’m not going to drag you through the entire day I will just sum it up like this. It was a normal day until it wasn’t. We did our usual stuff and got some food from the market from lunch. I was proud we were making pretty healthy food selections and we hopped on the scooter and made our way back to the villa where my husband prepared lunch.

It was beautiful and tasted amazing the peppers added just the right amount of spiciness. This particular bread is hard as a rock when you buy it and it needs to be able to soak in some oil or water or both before we can eat it. Well we did this but unfortunately not long enough and mine was still very hard. As one can imagine I bit into it with passion and as I did I broke my tooth. ( Booo ) Not just any tooth but one of the ones in the front so the whole world can see.

At first I almost cried my husband was sweet he said that it wasn’t that bad I was beautiful which even though I knew he was lying it did make me feel better in the moment. I tried laughing it off like no big deal and he went to work and I started my work out but I forgot about the broken tooth and went to the bathroom to wash my face and I noticed it. Tears just came to my eyes before I even knew what was happening. I felt hideous and honestly I just wanted to hide from the world. It sounds a little dramatic as I’m typing but it’s how I felt.

Yesterday every time I would start to write for the blog it was so sad that I decided I wasn’t going to put you guys through that. Lol This leads us to the start of today. We did our usual Giving Thanks, coffee, errands but today we thought we would find a dentist to fix this dental catastrophy. Lol We went to a few and soon discovered they are all closed for a few more days due they are on holiday. I didn’t let it get me down today.

I’m over my existential break down I had yesterday and on to bigger and better things. Lol It got me thinking though, if that was one of life’s tests. I am pretty sure I failed. I didn’t get back up right away, I allowed me chipping my tooth to ruin the rest of my day. I can handle a few more days of looking like a cartoon character it’s not the end of the world. Today was much better then yesterday and we did go buy some canvas and paints today so I can start on a new project. ( Yay ) It feels like Christmas when you get new paints and brushes. I have many ideas for this series I’am going to paint and I am feeling inspired.Today my intentions are:

  • Give Thanks ( Done )
  • dentist? ( we have to wait )
  • errands ( done )
  • paint store ( done )
  • 3 Chloe Ting Work out videos ( Done )
  • 1 minute plank ( done )
  • arm work out ( done )
  • leg work out ( done )
  • stretch ( done )
  • meditate ( done )
  • make calls ( done )
  • work related tasks ( done )
  • clean ( done )
  • self care ( done )
  • drink water ( done )

Did my cleaning, work out, stretching, meditation and work related tasks and I was thinking of how easy it is to get thrown off track when life happens to us? Sometimes in life we break our teeth or run out gas on a deserted road, or get lost driving at night going to the same location we always go but this night we get lost . Lol It truly is how we handle them. Am I proud of how I handled myself yesterday? Yes and no, I still got my work out and other tasks done which is very good, however I allowed it to ruin the rest of my day and night. I allowed it to bring me back into a negative self talk and a darker frame of mind.

In a funny way this is one of the beautiful things about life. We can break our tooth, handle it not super great, get knocked down and yet the next day get back up and be ready to fight again with a new strength we didn’t have yesterday!

Thank you for joining me in the Champion Challenge. Please feel free to like ,comment and subscribe and until next time stay inspired and blessed.

7 thoughts on “Champion Challenge day # 22 and # 23 ” Things happened …”

  1. Man AKA something similar happened to me a few years ago. My incident involved a surf board and all four front teeth. Lol I let it ruin the rest of my time in Hawaii. You are doing better than I did girl.

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  2. I would still be crying. I don’t think I could recover from that as quickly as you did AKA. You are a bad ass girl. I mean it.


    1. She is a bad ass that’s a perfect word to describe AKA. lol I couldn’t find the right wording a minute ago and then I saw your comment and thought yes that’s exactly the word i needed.


  3. Beautiful, honest and open! What a wonderful read! I can understand this feeling all too well. Keep your head held high and your smile bright! Those that matter wont mind and those that mind don’t matter… but love them anyways. See you tomorrow.

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  4. Shut the front door you poor thing. 😵👀☠️I wouldn’t be able to leave the room. I can’t pull of a broken tooth and still be beautiful or even cute. 🤣 You should give yourself more credit, from where I am standing you are one tough cookie girl. A strong beautiful woman who just happens to be intelligent. You inspire me and others come here. To me it makes you seem more relatable and not so perfect. Love you girl 💗


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