Champion Challenge Day #24 & 25 ” A Change in Perception! “

Hey Friends! Today is going to be a blessed and great day for you! You guys are going to do the best you can do today and make the most of your day! This is the recipe for having a great day. Lol Let’s start with last night. I did my work out, cleaning, work related tasks, did some light painting, and then my husband came home after midnight and we had a super good pasta and some champaign.

As we were eating our pasta we were talking about our days and how everything went. My husband asked me if I published the Champion Challenge today and I said ” no, not today I’m going to publish every other day. ” Looking shocked he asked me why? My response was…” nobody wants to read about my life everyday so I will post every two days.” I have just been feeling so down on myself these days and I guess I let it spill off into my way of thinking more than I thought. My husband was appalled of what just came out of my mouth. I was appalled by what just came out of my.

To be honest it made me feel revolted at myself that I went back to that way of thinking with out even noticing it. When people in our lives tell us over and over again that ” We will never get any where in life, especially without them.” or how stupid we are, or how no one cares what we have to say, or that we don’t matter and never did, or how no one would believe us. You get the point, everything anyone said to belittle, hurt, or use as verbal weapons against us. The seeds were planted but we don’t need to water them and let them grow. We want to pull them out by their roots, never to grow again!

These things they say to us in some strange way become how we feel about ourselves if we let it. We have been told these things so often that it is now no longer anyone else saying it to us it’s US saying it to ourselves. It is always “You verses You “at the end of the day! To change this we can no longer except this type of abuse even from ourselves. We need to change our perception and remember that we are safe now. Now we are the ones dictating our narratives. If we can look at ourselves in the mirror at the end of the day and we are happy with who we are inside and outside nothing else matters anymore.

Changing our perception on how we see ourselves begins with how we talk to ourselves. To have a good loving relationship with ourselves. That old saying is true, we cant love anyone else until we learn to love ourselves. As we are healing we will understand that what those people said and did was abusive and toxic. We understand it but at least for me I didn’t expect to say the same things to myself when I was down or made a mistake. So there I was being toxic to myself and I realized that this shenanigsns had to stop.

The truth is I know I am not any of the things they said and all that was said from a place of their own hurt. I forgave them and I now want to work on some positive self talk instead of daily bashing myself sessions. Lol I think our next challenge will be a self love challenge including our work outs. It will be cute and we will come out feeling even more like champions. Yeah.. I like it, that’s what we are going to do. ” Everyone in favor say Aye! “

Yesterday we went to the sea and it was so beautiful to see all the little fish and even some not so little fish came to say hi. We swam for awhile, chilled on the shore, and had lunch. Today we ran some errands and had lunch rested and my husband went to work and so did I.Today my intentions were as follows:

  • Give Thanks ( Done )
  • Get errands done ( Done )
  • Drink water 2 liters ( Almost there )
  • Work out ( Done )
  • arm work out ( Done )
  • 1 minute plank ( Done )
  • Stretching ( Done )
  • meditation ( Done )
  • Answer emails ( Done )
  • Painting ( Not yet )
  • Blog related tasks ( Done )

There is someone out in the world right now that has it tougher then we do, some where out there someone is wishing and praying for the health we have today. This makes me realize that I have been blessed with this day to do something good and be my best self. It isn’t about being selfish when you work on yourself everyone around you gets benefits. Think about if we all did our inner work and worked on ourselves we would have an entirely different world right now. It’s not easy …I know, but nothing in life worth having comes easily.

Thank you for joining me on the Champion Challenge! Please feel free to like comment and subscribe and until next time stay inspired and blessed.

19 thoughts on “Champion Challenge Day #24 & 25 ” A Change in Perception! “

      1. Aye! Lol that was great I have always wanted to be part of a group where we vote as aye or nay 😊🀣


  1. Oh man yes girl how we talk to ourselves is extremely important. πŸ’ͺ🏻✊🏽 It is difficult to reprogram ourselves to think differently but it’s worth it. I believe it’s a daily struggle. Your damn right I am not what they said i was I’m so much more. Love you AKA!!!


    1. It is difficult. This is one example of how words stick with us. Physical abuse hurts us but verbal abuse haunts us. What kind of monsters would hurt AKA? I can’t imagine why or who could do that. All of us really i can’t imagine why someone would hurt us intentionally but AKA has so much light shining through her.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Evil doesn’t discriminate good people from bad people. I completely understand what you are saying here but to answer your question bad shit happens to good people every day. Fucking sucks 😞


  2. AKA you are so hard on yourself. Give yourself a good pat on your back ☺️ you are where we go to feel uplifted, inspired and when we need a friend. πŸ₯°πŸ€©πŸ˜You might not be able to see it but speaking for myself I read everything about your day and your struggles as well as lessons. You are most definitely handling things with grace and beauty inside and out. God bless you dear one


    1. Myself as well πŸ™‚πŸ’ž I love to read about her struggle lessons and life. I laugh when she talks about everything she needs to work on when here I am reading her posts to understand how to deal with life. Lol


      1. It’s nostalgic reading her posts. I describe it to my friends saying that she feels like a sister to me. I don’t have any siblings but I imagine AKA as one of mine who i can get inspiration and learn life lessons from.


  3. It’s programming. She was mentally and emotionally programmed by people to believe that she was nothing when in fact she is everything. Yes AKA IAM talking about you. πŸ’•πŸ’ž We have been reading as she has both healed herself and lead us down the same path. You are walking in your Destiny AKA πŸ’ž keep being yourself you are raw and refreshing


  4. I think she suffers from the artists struggle for passion in life and the pursuit of perfection and happiness. I have studied artists and their lives and I have noticed that AKA has similar feelings of self hate and torture for how she discovered the human condition is not good but mostly evil. She is like a big fire getting suffocated without air. She will find a creative outlet that she can release herself in and she will be ok.


  5. You are healing Queen! You are peeling back the layers of bullshit this world put on you and you feel lost but you are finding yourself.πŸ†πŸ‘‘ This is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life and currently doing. You’re post’s seems to always come at the perfect time.


  6. She suffers from being a pure soul and spirit in a fucked up world. She’s not torturing herself or suffocating without air. What kind of mumbo jumbo are you talking about frostyzoo? She is healing and healing hurts man quit trying to diagnose her with some abstract illness and shit. She’s an artist that doesn’t mean she has to suffer.


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