Champion Challenge Day # 32, 33, & 34 ” So Proud “

Hey Friends! I have a feeling you guys have been busy doing being on your grind, stepping out of your comfort zones and completing your daily champion challenge goals! Proud of you guys!! I know it isn’t easy but we got this!

Remember everything good in life that’s worth having you have to put in some dedication and work for it. Nothing good comes easy. Some days are harder than others and it is on these days that we have to dig down inside of ourselves and show the world and ourselves what we are made of. I think of these days like life tests.

We have been training for these days with our consistency and self discipline. It’s Us against US, how we choose to respond says everything about where we are at in our self growth. Some days I pass life’s test and other days I am a disaster and do not. Lol However I always learn something and do better next time.

It’s important in our live’s to choose to show up and be consistent for our friends, family and loved ones as well even if we have things on the back burner that need to be done. We have only this one chance in this life to show those we care about love and appreciation. These days this has been my focus and these past few days I have been doing exactly that.

Speaking of which, I have a feeling of pride about this because I didn’t allow my broken front tooth ruin my experience with friends, meeting new people or being here in Nardo. For me this is a giant step equivalent to the first man walking on the moon. Lol For the first two days I’m not going to lie I was shocked it happened NOW of all times, sad and embarrassed to go out into public. I’m glad I didn’t allow it to hold me back from all the beautiful experiences I’ve had.

The past few days have been full of great vibes, warmth and friendship along with really good food in a beautiful location. The other night after work we went to dinner with some very long time friends of my husbands and it turns out we were three Aquarius and one Cancer. Needless to say we had good energy, good conversation and the night was lovely.

The sea has been smooth and I feel so blessed that i can swim in all her beauty, it makes me feel grateful. Each day I venture out more and more looking at the vastness of the sea floor. The schools of fish shimmer with the light of the sun, the caves in the racks around you are both ominous and intriguing. The blue that surrounds you seems to go on forever. It is equally both frightening as it is stunning.

These past few days especially I have felt so blessed to wake up each day and be able to see all of the beauty God created. His art work is impeccable! Today my intentions were as follows:

  • Give Thanks ( Done )
  • Swimming in sea ( Done )
  • work out ( 4 Chloe Ting Videos focusing on cardio, arms and core )
  • 1 minute plank ( Done )
  • Stretching ( Done )
  • Meditation ( Done )
  • Breath work ( Done )
  • Work related tasks ( Done )
  • Blog related tasks ( currently underway )
  • Stay hydrated ( so/so could’ve done better )
  • Cleaning ( Done )
  • self care ( tonight )
  • Schedule time for blog/ work and painting focus on time management

While enjoying time with loved ones and friends I was still able to get my work outs in even though I didn’t blog those days. Still being impatient with myself because of course I want to see results like yesterday. Lol We are working on self love this month and all I can say is I’m working on it. I am grateful to my body for being so resilient and I am going to continue to take better care of this body of mine. If you really think about it our bodies are pretty bad ass and deserve better treatment then what we have been giving them.

We can start with little yet vital things such as staying hydrated and healthier food choices. If we add those into our daily habits along with Gratitude, striving to be better today then we were yesterday and our work outs, I think we will be moving in the right direction. We really do got this guy we just need to stay consistent, motivation comes and goes. Consistency is key!

Thanks so much for joining me on the Champion Challenge. Please feel free to like, comment and subscribe and until next time stay Blessed and Inspired.

8 thoughts on “Champion Challenge Day # 32, 33, & 34 ” So Proud “

  1. I really enjoy to experience seeing things from your perspective AKA 🀠 you have a child like perspective that is so pure and refreshing. Don’t ever let the world change that about you. I was consistent and we are proud of you too lol


    1. My grandma and mom love her also. They read her post’s together and make their daily to do list. It is a nice moment in time


  2. The way you describe things is incredibly sweet and beautiful AKA. I have been working on my champion challenge goals yes ma’am.πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’ͺπŸ»βœŒπŸ»πŸ† My wife is your biggest fan. Lol she really loves your zest for life and strength. She thinks you are beautiful inside and out. We love you πŸ’ž


  3. Fuck anyone who Jude’s you for your broken tooth girl. Yo enjoy your life anyway that’s exactly right!🧀🧀you don’t need them in your life anyway. You are going to fix your broken tooth but are they going to fixed their fucked up attitude?


  4. Yes I have been consistent and yes I am quitting smoking cigarettes and today is day#3. On edge and ready for fight πŸ˜‚


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