The Champion Challenge Day # 36 & 37 ” Incredibly Grateful! “

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Hey Friends! This is going to be a good day you guys and if it isn’t, then that’s ok too we will continue to do our best and be our best selves! Today we did the usual wake up and we gave our Thanks and then drank our coffee and then we went with a friend to Benedetto Cavalieri pasta making factory to talk to them for a blog post. When Benedetto jr was telling the history of their family run business his eyes lit up he was sweet and adorable.

Then we came home to eat a pasta my husband make with the pasta from Benedetto Cavalieri and it was perfect . My husband added minimum ingredients olive oil some cherry tomatoes, salt and his magical ways & it turned out amazing. The texture, the taste everything about it was what in my opinion a perfect pasta should taste like. Then we rested and both of us got busy starting work. We kissed each other to activate our Champion mode, 🙂 and he went to the restaurant and I started to clean.

Today cleaning was more intense then usual because we have been super busy these past few days and then there´s the part of we both can be messy. So needless to say I had my work cut out for me when I started cleaning but it is now done and I feel much better. I always feel more calm when our place is organized and clean. Then I did my work out, meditation, stretch, and blog & work related tasks.

Yesterday we hopped on our scooter stopped by the market and got a few things to eat while we are there and off we went to our favorite spot at the sea where usually we are the only ones around. On our way to our not so secret location as I was innocently riding on the back of the scooter a hornet collided into my hand and STUNG ME! At first it just stung and burned but I thought I would be fine after a few hours.

We continued to the sea and it was in all it’s glorious beauty and we had a wonderful day chilling, eating pizza, getting refreshed by the cool water of the sea and listening to the waves.My hand continued to throb and burn but I thought it was to be expected. We went home rested and started to get ready for the dinner when I realized my hand was starting to swell and was a bright color of red. So now I have a broken tooth and a giant swollen hand all in the same month while in Nardo but its still been amazing and I would not change it for the world. I feel blessed to have my amazing husband, be in an amazing location and be surrounded by wonderful people.

We went to Bro´s in Lecce which was an experience and I´m currently working on a blog post about their restaurant. We saw the amphitheater in Lecce and it was amazingly beautiful. We had the pleasure of having a friend and her her daughter with us and we all had a great evening filled with new experiences for me. By the end of the night my hand has swollen quiet a bit more and I took some medicine and we went to bed.

Before I forget, I now have some exciting news to tell you guys! As we all know we are on day # 36 & 37 of our Champion Challenge. Which means guy’s that we now have new healthier cells running through our bodies! We have started to blossom and are in the beginning stages of becoming our best versions of ourselves! I think it is amazing and full of hope. Every 35 days our body renews itself through the foods we choose to eat! How freaking amazing is that?!

We just need to continue and be consistent guys. We Got This 100%! If we stay on our grind and continue to implement healthier habits like the ones mentioned above pretty soon we will be glowing from the inside out. Now that we have discovered that it does actually take longer than a month to see lasting results 🙂 I am full of hope and excited to feel and see all of our future results.

Thank you for joining us in the Champion Challenge. Please feel free to like, comment and subscribe and until next time stay Blessed and Inspired! Love you guys!

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