Champion Challenge Day # 38- 40 ” Gonna miss this Place ¨

Hey Friends! No matter what happens in our lives lets face it with courage! The past few days have been a whirl wind. As always we started off our days with giving Thanks and some coffee. The weather has been slightly cooler then it has recently been mother nature has given us a cool breeze these days.

Each day has been different so Ill give you the high lights. Yesterday we went to this beautiful location at the sea. Usually it has been full of people there due to tourist season but now that thats over and done with we went to check it out.

There was this road/ path we had to walk down to get to the spot we wanted to go to. We started off with a bounce in our step and happy to be surrounded by nature. This walk seemed to last for a long time, I mean it just kept going and going and going.

About half way down the path we saw to our left this little tiny house situation with a trail leading to it so we went to check it out and found a little shrine for the virgin Mary. It was very beautiful.

We continued to walk the rest of the way and saw a fantastic view. There were a few people around but not many and the sea was an even brighter color of turquoise blue then our favorite spot. Im really going to miss spending time at the sea with the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair and listening to the waves coming against the rocks.

Rain clouds were in the sky and we decided to start back. Thank God there was a bus situation to bring everyone back up the path! Everyone got in the bus and we drove to the top of the path. We made our way towards the scooter and saw an incredible sight. Two praying mantis were mating.

She was a lady and did not eat him until after we had left. I for one appreciated this, R.I.P little guy! Last night I went to dinner with a friend of ours and her lovely daughter and we had a great time. They are always good company and the location was beautiful. I found myself wishing my husband was there with me to see how beautiful it was in their outside dining area.

Today we went back to the sea while we still can then we gave each other a kiss and my husband went to work and I started my work as well. I started by cleaning and laundry then my work out, stretching and meditation then I began my work related tasks. Today my intentions were as follows:

  • give Thanks ( Done )
  • Laundry ( Done )
  • Clean Up ( Done )
  • Blog related tasks ( Doing Currently )
  • Stretch ( Done )
  • Meditation ( Done )
  • Work out Videos Chloe Ting ( Done )
  • 1 minute plank ( Done )
  • Answer emails and make phone calls ( Done )
  • Self care ( Done )
  • Begin to get organized to leave ( Done )

Tomorrow is our last day here in Nardo and tonight we are going to one of our favorite places to eat Patty e Pepes Food truck. We have to go one last time before we leave. I really miss being home with everyone and I cant wait to give them all a hug and kiss. I really miss Elvis too but Iḿ sure he will be angry at us for being gone for a month.

While we have been here I have not been super disciplined with my diet and I am guilty of late night snacking. I feel as if my work outs have not been as good as the ones I do at home. So I am glad to be able to get back on more of a consistent scheduel again. Oh and sleep in our own bed again! I cant wait! I know that after a week or two we will start to miss Nardo and the sea but as of now Home is calling our names.

Thank You for joining me in the Champion Challenge! Please fell free to Like, comment and subscribe and until next time stay blessed and inspired!

11 thoughts on “Champion Challenge Day # 38- 40 ” Gonna miss this Place ¨

  1. Rip to the praying mantis who is about to become her meal. ROFL beautiful photo however of the crime scene before it was a crime scene 😅. I am having your same adventure through you AKA 😊💓


  2. So happy for you guys to be able to have a great time and then go it’s unbelievable that you got that photo of the praying mantis doing the Deed. Lol lol wonderful photos and post AKA. yes face everything with courage like you do 📯💪🏻🏆👑


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