Champion Challenge Day # 48 ¨ Magical Weirdos! ¨

Hey Friends! Just do as much as you can do as well as you can today and everything else will work itself out. Today started off per usual giving Thanks, kissed my husband as he left for work, coffee, buongiorno, giving Elvis some love and then I was off to do my morning warm up walk.

It was beautiful this morning with the crisp air to announce that Autumn is on its way. I always feel whimsical and magical during the Autumn season. The leaves are beginning to change, the mosquitoes are out in full force, and so are the spiders. Eww!

Apparently when you see a spider on you it means you will have alot of money soon. I should be rich by now I have had too many spiders on me this year to count so I am waiting for my riches to come in.

After the walk I rode the stationary bike and stretched before I did my work out. Today kicked my ass I guess my work outs while traveling where helpful but not equal to what I do at home. I dropped into my meditation under the grapes in the garden and then started to clean and finish unpacking our luggage.

Packing and then unpacking have to be on my list of things I dont particularly enjoy doing and we have been home a week today so I think it was time to finally finish unpacking. Mission Accomplished…

Today my intentions were to work on my blog related tasks, painting related tasks, do some self care, eat a healthy snack in the evening, do something kind for someone, make my phone calls and answer emails, water plants, help around the house and organize my closet.

I had to remind myself today that when we start most things that are new they feel uncomfortable and hard. When we start to work on our fitness our bodies become sore and we get tired, when we first started to play the guitar our fingers would get hurt and I think it is the same for loving ourselves.

At first it seems uncomfortable and we grow tired of working on ourselves because it requires honest introspection and that is not easy. We just have to keep working on it everyday and like our muscles we will become stronger and better versions of ourselves.

Loving ourselves includes being mindful of not only what we eat but also what we watch, listen to and read. It includes the people we hang around and the things we subject our minds and souls to. In a sense we are feeding our souls, minds and bodies all day long. Being more mindful of these things can help us be our best selves.

Pay attention to the lyrics of songs you listen to, the messages of the movies we watch. Its not just about what we put in our tummies our growth is dependent on everything we do.

Thanks for joining us on the Champion Challenge today. Please feel free to like, comment and subscribe and until next time stay Blessed my friends… Much Love!

8 thoughts on “Champion Challenge Day # 48 ¨ Magical Weirdos! ¨

  1. I’ll be a magical weirdo with you AKA.💗 Fall is my favorite season too. I have only recently heard this theory about the music we listen to and the movies we watch. It is interesting and worth me trying to do.


  2. We are all magical weirdo’s here on the AKA platform.✨🦄 It is not a theory Frosty it is a actual fact ☺️. Everything we learn, listen to, do and eat effects us. Physically mentally and emotionally.


  3. It’s true buddy it’s a fact Frosty 🤣. You on inside of my brain AKA 😅😅🥺🥺 I just listened to a full two hours on this topic at the university. They say it is One of the first steps to healing ourselves mind body and spirit. 💕✌🏻💪🏻 Much love back AKA


  4. Magical weirdo’s 🤩💝🥰👏🏻👏🏻 I love all of us magical weirdo’s here. You guys are my magical weirdo family.🤣🦄 I have to start the process of elimination if this stuff matters. I watch a shit ton of horror movies and I listen to death metal


  5. This is the secret that most of the world doesn’t know yet. It’s true and I don’t care what anyone says it is true we need to be careful with the music we listen to movies we watch and food’s we eat. Everything makes a difference.


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