Champion Challenge Day # 49 ¨ Thinking Outside the Box ¨

Hey Friends

Today as always started with giving Thanks, coffee, buongiorno and giving Elvis his morning Love. It was the start of a beautiful morning. This morning I started by doing my meditation first I decided to switch things up a little bit today.

Then I went for my morning warm up walk but today I listened to a speech on Karma and how it actually works. The name of one of the videos is ¨ What is Karma? The no bullshit explanation of how Karma works. ¨ by It was interesting actually Karma works differently then I once thought I recommend taking a listen if you have 20 free minutes.

Once back home I hopped on the stationary bike before I had time to talk myself out of it. I stretched, did my work out and then stretched again because my muscles have been screaming at me this past few days.

Today I made sure to drink my water and I was careful to choose healthy food options even when snacking and continued with my work related and blog related tasks. I watered the plants out side and helped around the house. Making sure not to forget an act of selflessness.

Thinking outside the box is now on our agenda. Allowing our selves to not think like everyone else watch what everyone else is watching, listen to the same music that everyone else is listening to. Monitoring what we put in our little mind, bodies and souls is a huge step in loving ourselves.

Focusing on what we put into my mind as well as our body so we can properly feed our souls. Being a witness to my thoughts and emotions while at the same time being open to learning new constructs for a new mind frame.

It is like setting boundaries on ourselves to make sure we are going to be the best versions of ourselves. Boundaries for our frame of thought and thought patterns. To not just allow our minds to go thinking in ways that can harm our spirits but to give our thoughts a direction to stay in the moment and give us peace.

In spiritual beliefs as well as in the Bible it is believed if we even just THINK of cheating on our spouse or committing a murder we basically are just as guilty if we actually did it. I guess that makes me a MURDERER because I have most definitely entertained thoughts of killing a few people.

Just how do we discipline our thoughts? I asked the same question and found these answers if you believe in God pray that he will help guide your thoughts and meditation on his word, if you are not a believer in God thats fine too meditation is still a good practice. Staying in the moment is hard but the more we do it the better we will get at it.

Everything sounded great lets work on loving ourselves I said… Now I find out that everything we even think we are already guilty of and how very undisciplined our minds actually are. Until we learn these things we just running around lost and once learned and applied to our lives we can begin to see ourselves truly and begin to make changes.

None of us are perfect and each of us brings something different and special to the world. Just because we just learned we are responsible for our thoughts too doesnt mean we should beat ourselves up even more. Whats done is done and we can only do our best in the moment.

After time these moments that we have committed to being our best selves become days, weeks, month and then years. We will have made changes for the better moment by moment leading us into who we will be which is… CHAMPIONS!

Thank you for joining us today on our Champion Challenge! Please feel free to like comment and subscribe and until next time stay Blessed! Much Love!

11 thoughts on “Champion Challenge Day # 49 ¨ Thinking Outside the Box ¨

  1. This is a very deep and fantastic topic dear AKA ❤️ it is the truth and it is the only way to be our best selves. Very good topic


  2. Fantastic post today and absolutely needed to hear it. I have been fighting an adiction to porn and this actually makes sense and has helped me tremendously. Thank you AKa💞🧤🏆👑👑👑👑👑👑👑


  3. God bless you AKA you are a angel in human form 🥰 We both have needed to hear this and it is greatly appreciated thank you 😊


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