Champion Challenge Day 53 ” We Are the STORM! “

Lola – Photo by Jessiana

Hey Friends! Peace be upon you, around you and most importantly within you! Is everyone still on track with the self love portion of our Champion Challenge? Have you guys learned anything that you would like to share in the comments below?

We have had a busy past few days here with harvesting grapes, finishing a painting, my father in laws birthday, spending time with family, good food and work. It has been good to be back home to regroup and reset.

This is my second year harvesting the grapes with my husbands family and it is always more of a good time full of laughing then it is work. This year we didn’t have as much quantity of grapes as last year but we still came out with a good outcome. The weather was good to us the sun was out but not in full force and cutting the grapes seemed to go by rather quickly each day.

Everyone in the family who could come help did come help and even through the spiders, bees and other insecty insects, having everyone there made the days go by more quickly. We talked and laughed through the days. Everything is always better when you are surrounded with good company.

The entire time I had bees flying around me and I was telling myself over and over again to STAY CALM and they wont hurt me. Guess what… I didn’t get stung one time! I felt like the Bee whisperer by the time we were finished. The bees were flying around me sitting on my hands, head and arms but they were sweet and just relaxing.

Elvis was much more active than usual because he would follow me from the house to the field of grapes each time I would go inside for water or whatever. He was still so happy that we were back home that he was following us everywhere.

Then it happened… we noticed he wasn’t following us around a few days ago and we found him sleeping in a big pile of leaves. Gone are the days of Elvis following us around. The seasons are changing and it is now Elvis’s favorite time of the year. …Autumn! He has a few passions in life and laying in freshly fallen Autumn leaves is one of them. Spending his days sleeping in the leaves is his favorite way to spend his days.

Elvis- Photo by Jessiana

After we finished with the grapes I began to work on finishing the background of this painting of a customers grandmothers hands. This painting has been a learning lesson for me. The background has been changed three times now with the final color of the background they decided they wanted canary yellow.

Going forward I will absolutely take Christina’s advice and let everyone know that I will charge extra if there are any changes to upcoming and future paintings. Know better, Do better! Now that its finished I can focus on the other paintings waiting to be started. Amen!

Works and Photo by Jessiana

These past few days I have been thinking a lot about how we have to be RELENTLESS in how we live our lives. Because we are all in one of 3 situations. We are either headed into one of life’s storms, or we are in the middle of one of life’s storms, ooorr we are coming out of one of life’s storms!

No one gets special treatment when it comes to this, life doesn’t play favorites. It is why we are all here to learn life’s lessons, to go through trials and tribulations. They are tests and we must be relentless in the way we live our lives.

Building up our character , spiritually, emotionally, our will and our resilience so that when the next storm of life comes we don’t even blink. WE KNOW WE GOT THIS! We know because we kept moving forward through the storm, we didn’t give up and we continued to be the best version of ourselves learning to fly above the storm.

We know that we are the masters of our own destiny now. We have free will to create whatever life we want and based on the actions we chose to do each day dictates the quality of our lives.

Thank You for joining us in our Champion Challenge! Please feel free to like comment and subscribe and until next time PEACE BE UPON YOU, AROUND YOU AND ESPECIALLY WITHIN YOU! Much Love!

9 thoughts on “Champion Challenge Day 53 ” We Are the STORM! “

  1. AKA you are absolutely the most precious soul and you must be protected at all costs πŸ˜‰β€οΈ the world is going to shit and AKA is calling for a change in consciousness and reminding us that we are the storm πŸ† love you for this


    1. AKA is the light needed in these dark times and I am here for it ❀️. It sounds selfish but I need her bits of inspiration and promoting of thought πŸ’­πŸ’žπŸ‘‘


  2. You are their leader 🀣🀣🀣 the bee’s would have stung me for sure. Elvis is such a old cutie pie πŸ’— God bless you AKA πŸ’˜


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