Champion Challenge Day # 60 ” Self Discipline + Consistency = Results “

Hey Friends! May Peace be upon you, around you and especially within you! Today started off per usual, giving Thanks, coffee, giving Elvis breakfast and some love, saying buongiorno and watching the birds around the farm.

Today I went for my morning walk and it was such a good walk. The weather and everything was amazing. Then I jumped on the stationary bike for 45 minutes, followed by stretching, work out and meditation.

Showered, got ready for the day and was busy all day with phone calls, Italian class, organizing my work related tasks so I can achieve better productivity, work and blog related tasks and just helping around. I felt like time just flew by.

Can I just take a moment and just say that being consistent this long is the longest I have been consistent with a work out! It’s sad but true and even though I feel pretty darn proud I have decided that I can do better so we are going to keep the momentum and go for another 30 days of the Champion Challenge.

So… My first step was to make an actual work out schedule and not just wing it everyday. I know .. I know I can feel the judgement. I probably should have done this to begin with buuuut I didn’t and so I am doing it now. ” Better late then never” is how the saying goes.

I now have a schedule for my work outs and also a schedule for the rest of my day to help increase my daily productivity levels. I kept my schedule achievable as to not set myself up for failure.

I have had to really dig down deep within my self and say Jesus take the wheel on some days. I know you guys know the kind of days I am talking about. The ones that start by you walking up with your body aching no matter which direction you move.

Everyday things like sitting down, going up stairs become painful ( sometimes I have to look down to be sure I still have legs because I can no longer feel them, ) the motion of even getting up out of bed because our abs are aching so bad from yesterdays work out.

Your arms are sore, your stomach muscles are sore, your back is sore, legs are SORE and you have to peel your aching body up out of the bed just to go do it all again. It seems almost sadistic at times.

These are the day, today was one of these days for me, where we definitely need to apply self discipline and consistency. On these days self discipline is what gets us out of the bed. What are some ways or examples in which you guys have begun implementing Self discipline and consistency in your lives?

Thank you for joining our Champion Challenge today. Please feel free to like comment and subscribe and until next time, Much Love!

4 thoughts on “Champion Challenge Day # 60 ” Self Discipline + Consistency = Results “

  1. I haven’t received any notifications for you AKA dear. There is a glitch or something in the word press ☠️☠️☠️ either that or they are keeping you hidden like a treasure girl 😅👑


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