Mosquitoes are being used by researchers as flying Vaccinator’s

” We use the Mosquitoes as if they are 1,000 small flying syringes”

-Researcher Dr. Shawn Murphy

We have entered an age in which we now have genetically modified mosquitoes who researchers and scientists are using to possibly help the fight against Malaria. Using CRISPER- a highly advanced pair of scissors that can cut DNA.

Some people are excited by this semi promising revelation and others are extremely suspicious. What if this technology gets into the wrong hands and critics aren’t convinced that the genetically modified mosquitoes will be entirely safe. Since there is no such thing as 100% effective in science. Let’s look at the facts…

Malaria parasites live in the salivary glands of Anopheles mosquitoes. The disease is most common in warmer climates where the warm climates suites the growth of the parasite. People get Malaria from the bite of an infected mosquito and then infected people can also pass the malaria parasite to the mosquitoes who bite them. Thus the cycle of infection continues.

Countries try to curb malaria with mosquito netting, insecticidal sprays, anti malaria drugs and even by releasing genetically modified mosquitoes that can’t lay eggs. Even with these measures taken scientists estimate there are over 240 million cases of malaria each year and over 600,000 deaths, which is why they say these vaccine carrying mosquitoes are needed.

The sponsors and Collaborators for this study include but are not limited to:

  • U.S Army Medical Research and Development Command
  • Seattle Childrens Research Institute ( SCRI )
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation through Global Health grant number OPP1034596

If this group of sponsors and collaborators seem slightly suspicious to you, you are not alone my friend. Let’s continue to evaluate the facts.

The vaccine trials took place over thirty day intervals. The mosquitoes gave minor versions of Malaria that apparently did not make the people sick but gave them antibodies instead accourding to W.H.O.

Efficacy from the anti bodies lasted a few months, half of the individuals in each vaccine in each vaccine group did not develop detectable PE Falciparum infection. A subset of these individuals was subjected to a second CHMI six months later and remain only partially protected.

These results support further development of these vaccines say researchers. Carolina Reid was one of the 26 participants that volunteered. She said that her whole forearm swelled and blistered. Reid says she cried when she was told that she had Malaria from the trials.

She wanted to continue through the trials but her infection made her ineligible. She was given a drug to clear her case of Malaria and sent home. Reid was not alone 7 out of the 14 participants came down with the disease, meaning the vaccine was only 50% effective. For the other participants the protection didn’t last more then a few months.

She said that her family and friends do not understand why she would put herself through something so painful. Reid said that she enjoyed her experience so much that she would be willing to do t all again. For this research each participant received 4,100 dollars as an incentive.

Some of the adverse reactions were just what anyone would experience if we got bit by over over hundreds of mosquitoes and nothing more said Dr. Kristen Lyke. Dr. Lyke also stated that this research is a total game changer.

Dr. Lyke also led the phase 1 trials for Pfizers Covid 19 vaccine and was a co investigator for Moderna and Nova vax Covid 19 vaccines.

In Japan there is a group researchers led by geneticist Shigeto Yoshida of Jichi Medical University in Tochigi Japan, identified a region in the genome of Anopheles Stephensi- a malaria mosquito, called a promoter that turns on genes only in the insects saliva. To this promoter they attached SP15, a candidate vaccine against Leishmaniasis, a parasitic disease spread by sand flies that causes organ damage and skin sores.

Sure enough, the mosquitoes produced SP15 in their saliva.When the insects were allowed to feast on mice, the mice developed antibodies against SP15. These reports can be found in the current issue of Insect Molecular Biology.

It should be noted that the anti bodies were not very high, and the team has yet to test whether they protect the rodents against the disease. In this experiment the mice were bitten on average of some 1,500 times. These numbers seem high but the researchers say that on average in places where Malaria is rampant, people get bitten more then a hundred times a night. In the meantime the researchers have also made mosquitoes that produce a candidate Malaria Vaccine.

Apparently other researchers seem to be wowed by this achievement calling it ” a fascinating proof of concept.”

However most importantly and no pun intended ” It just won’t FLY as an acceptable vaccine delivery mechanism for humans. Yoshida explains that because of the huge variation in the number of mosquito bites one person receive’s compared to the next people exposes to the transgenic mosquitoes would get vastly different doses of the vaccine.

Yoshida explains that it would be like giving some people the measles jab one time and others 500 times. No regulatory agency would sign off on that says Molecular biologist Robert Sinden of Imperial College London. Releasing the mosquitoes would also mean vaccinating people without their consent which is an ethical ” NO- NO ” Yoshida concluded that the mosquitoes would be an unacceptable as a human vaccine delivery mechanism.

Yet these flying vaccinators or flying syringes may have the potential in fighting animal disease because animals apparently do not need to give their consent and the variable dosage would be less of a concern for the researchers.

So now… there has been a lot of speculation as to if they have taken these trials even further using mosquitoes and other means to manipulate or genetically alter the population having already been released to the public without any ones consent or knowing. Bill Gates took it to the extreme and released thousands of the mosquitoes while giving a talk about Malaria awareness and as it released them he jokingly said ” don’t worry they are not infected! ”

Ages Eligible for the study: 18 to 50 years old

Sexes available for the study: ALL


  • ages 18-50 healthy adult male and non pregnant, non breastfeeding females
  • Able and williing to provide written and informed consent.
  • Able to complete a assessment of understanding with a score of at least 70 % correct.
  • Agree to refrain from blood donatio.
  • In general good health

Study Design:

  • Study Type- Interventional ( clinical trial )
  • Allocation- Randomized
  • Intervention Model- Parallel assignment
  • Masking- None ( open Label )
  • Primary purpose- Prevention
  • Official title- Phase 1 Trial with challenge assess the safety and biomarkers of protection in Malaria naive adults of immunization via mosquito bite with Radiation- Attenuated Plasmodium Falciparum Sporozoites ( IMRAS )

Information from the National Library of Medicine is available if you or your doctor want to learn more about this study please refer to this study by it’s Identifier NCT number. ( NCT01994525 ) other study ID numbers- S-12-22

Additional relevant MeSH terms:

  • Malaria
  • Protozoan Diseases
  • Infections
  • Vector Borne Diseases

I’m interested to know you’r guys thoughts on this subject.

Thank you for joining me today! May Peace be upon you, around you and especially within you! Much Love

12 thoughts on “Mosquitoes are being used by researchers as flying Vaccinator’s

  1. I heard about this fuckery! My thoughts are that we shouldn’t trust anything genetically modified and we sure as fucking hell shouldn’t trust anything from Bill and Melinda gates. Good damn post AkA.

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    1. It seems as though the conspiracy theories are coming true one by one every day my friend. We have to give it to God man that’s what we can do 🙂💞


      1. It really does appear that most of the conspiracy theories are coming into fruition


  2. I have been trying to keep up with this bullshit. You did a fantastic job on this post because you packed it full of detailed information and simultaneously you refrained from letting your opinions influence the information!👑👑💘💘🧤🧤🧤🧤


  3. This post is well informed and excellent in the way you describe the fact’s without your personal influence.


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