Champion Challenge ” Wanna be happy? There’s a few things we need to accept First! “

Photo by: Jessiana

Hey friends! May Peace be upon you, around you and most importantly within you! So these past few days have been a roller coaster ride for me personally. How was it for you guys? Everyday started out per usual giving Thanks, coffee, giving Elvis his breakfast and some love, saying buongiorno to everyone and so on .

My husband headed back on the road for work with only a day to rest. I honestly would die! I don’t know how he can handle everything he handles with little to no sleep in high stress situations. But he does it, he handles everything like a Champ! Bravo!

Elvis has been in an especially good mood these days. The leaves are out and he can lay in them, it isn’t too hot, the nights are cool and the mornings are crisp. He is loving it! He has been more active as well I have noticed that he has been going around the farm more. Bravo Elvis! I mean come on guys look at his little tooth sticking out and his beautiful eyes, he is pretty freaking adorable!

Photo by: Jessiana

There has been no working out for 4 days due to being sick and actually I shocked myself because I can’t wait to work out again. My body needs a good stretch and some tension release I get from the work outs.

Today’s topic of discussion is there are a few things in life we need to accept if we want to be happier. Feel free to let me know your thoughts.

Photo by: Jessiana

The truth will set you free, but first it will hurt like a bitch.”

– The infamous Ayan Rand

Our Battle in life will never be done!

The sooner we understand this the better for us…We make the mistake of thinking that one day our battles in life will be done and it will be smooth sailing. We think once we get through this rough patch in our life we can finally begin to enjoy life. Or if we got such and such job, or lived in such and such place and so on.

The truth is that the great battle of life is simply never finished. It goes on and on and on and oooonnn. As soon as we get to the point of having such and such job we thought we always wanted we realize this job too has complications and battles to be fought.

Just as soon as we get finished fighting one battle, another one is sure to follow. Now i know this is not what we wanted to hear. But it’s the truth, this is what life is about. A series of unfortunate events that we either make the best of or don’t.

We are Champions and as such we are meant to learn to act like one. This doesn’t happen with sitting in comfort without resilience. Becoming a Champion is about facing these life battles head on building our character even if they are uncomfortable

Despite the fact that we are still tired from the last battle, we still get back up to fight again. We don’t give up, we keep pushing forward and if we fail, ” that’s ok ” we get back up and try again, and again, and again until we get it right!

The truth is we would not enjoy our good days and our successes as much if we had not already failed or had some really awful days.

– Things will never be “Perfect”in life.

Yes I know… yet again this is not what we wanted to hear but it is one of those things that the sooner we can except it the happier we will be. We have to except that our world will never be all unicorns, rainbows, Care Bears, Peace, Love and Happiness.

The people in our lives will disappoint us, we will fall short and disappoint ourselves and others from time to time. Governments will never be perfect, people will never be perfect and our world will constantly be going through change. These are facts and have always been a constant throughout history it isn’t going to magically change now.

We have to accept this and find the beauty in people, life and the world anyway. Not to mention how boring our world would be if everyone and everything was perfect. We wouldn’t have our stories of victories or triumphs, we wouldn’t have the feeling of pride for handling ourselves well in a difficult situation.

I know to some looking perfect and being perfect sounds real nice and I feel you. But…the thing is we are all perfectly imperfect the way we are. God made you’r big nose, you’r crooked smile, or whatever it is we are feeling self conscious about.

The only reason you believe others to be more attractive or beautiful then you and you believe that they look perfect is because the media and society has told you that this is true. The real truth is that our imperfections are some of the most beautiful things about us as humans.

I think the points that we are missing is that we don’t need media propaganda or social pressures to determine what is truly beautiful. They are constantly changing their minds anyway so don’t base your perception of you’r own beauty on the basis of whats beautiful to everyone else and in season.

Even as I say this and fully believe it I admit it isn’t easy to not fall for their propaganda. We all want to be and feel beautiful this is universal and not just women but men as well.The perception of beauty itself is in the eye of the beholder not meant to be dictated to us. I’m just saying…

So the point is nothing and no one in life will ever be quote ” Perfect ” and we shouldn’t strive to be. I mean think about it if we were perfect we would have no need for self growth and in some ways it would seem like a empty existence.

We would be just perfectly existing in our already perfect life. Having perfect conversations, perfect weather, perfect hair every second of everyday, perfectly well behaved kids, no one would ever get angry or have a bad day and we would never break fingernails.

Sounds like a horror movie! No thank you. Even though I can complain about my everyday life struggles and I don’t necessarily embrace every life lesson with open arms right away. I do understand that these situations are building our resistance and ultimately this is what we signed up for when we came into this world we live in but it’s still hard.

I’am at the point where I’am learning to see things for what they are and not just what I wanted them to be. Accepting that our battles will never stop as long as we are alive so we might as well get in shape and armor ourselves with the armor of God to help us in our battles.

I mean we could cry about it but it isn’t going to change the fact that we have to fight again tomorrow. It’s time we stop crying about things not being perfect and how we are feeling like we are always fighting life’s battles.

Repeat after me… Life and People are not ever going to be perfect!..We are Always going to have to fight in life, so let’s choose our battles WISELY! We are Champions! We were born and made for the struggles in our lives!

Part of our purpose is to be able to witness the madness and still remain pure at heart and soft. To work hard everyday to be our best selves DESPITE our adversities and to still be able to shine our light when the world seems dark and cold around us. To fight the great battle of life while wielding a sword of bright light!

Thank you for joining us on our Champion Challenge! Please feel free to like, comment and subscribe and until next time friends, Much Love!

7 thoughts on “Champion Challenge ” Wanna be happy? There’s a few things we need to accept First! “

  1. Gonna agree with you again today! I couldn’t agree more life is going to continue to be a battle no matter what! Will we fight it with bravery or cower in the shadows?


  2. Struggling with this perfection and it’s for the birds. Rofl you have made a good point with finding the beauty even though life and people are not perfect ❤️


  3. Elvis and his snaggletooth has made my day! These truths are indeed necessary to accept for us to understand the balance of life and our happiness 😊


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