Champion Challenge ” Pondering’s “

Hey Friends! May Peace be upon you, around you and especially within you! You guys know already that we start our days around here with giving Thanks, coffee or tea, giving Elvis his morning love and breakfast and saying buongiorno as everyone else wakes up.

So I woke up this morning pondering this thought…Do you all think if we all continue to work on ourselves, grow, work together and not against each other we can change the world?

In some small way because we are all connected, we do change the world for the better by being our best selves everyday. If we have enough of us operating on higher vibrational levels then there would be no possible way that all this chaos would be going on.

We wouldn’t even imagine to do thinks that would hurt others instead we would uplift each other. We would be focused on things like consistency, self discipline, self love, healing and staying focused on our dreams and goals spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Gone would be the ratchet days of sex trafficking, war, corrupt politics, and propaganda in the media feeding our heads full of hate! No longer would their be divides for political beliefs, race, religious beliefs and so on.

For sure there would be differences of opinions but respect would be given and common ground found because we would all be putting our ego’s aside. It would be kind of nice if it were truly possible.

I’m curious to know you’r thought’s.

Photo by: Jessiana

Today was another beautiful morning in a very autumn foggy morning kind of way. This time of year always gives me 1950’s Alfred Hitchcock vibes. We had our coffee and chilled with Elvis under the gazebo before we gave each other a kiss to start our champion stuff.

Elvis and I continued to chill outside for a while longer before going inside to actually eat some breakfast before doing my work outs. I know… I know.. I’m working on it guys. Then I made some warm ginger, honey and lemon water to drink.

I really went crazy this morning and to top all this self love off I even took my vitamins! Shocking I know, but not shocking is the fact that I had more energy during my work out and I wasn’t starving before lunch. Hey! No judgement I never said I had it all figured out.

My body is apparently building up it’s immunity each time I get sick by some new strand of flu or cold here in Italy. Now that I know this I am going to up my fruits and vegetables even more. Try to build up my bodies ability to fight these things.

Today is the first day in a week I have felt up to doing my morning warm up walk. I did a 30 minute walk and came home to stretch before getting on the stationary bike. Again I did 30 minutes on the bike as well.

After the bike I did a light work out and then another deep stretch my body needed to be stretched. My muscles were thanking me it has been a few days since I have felt good enough to do my champion work out stuff.

Followed it up with a meditation and organized my work week this week. Got ready for the day and began to make my calls and answer emails. Did my work and blog tasks and some research for upcoming projects.

Guy’s I have been doing a lot of thinking these day’s and here is some food for thought…One word, Discouragement. This word is something else let me tell you. If there was a word that could be was labeled as a bully discouragement would be one of them.

Discouragement can be so mean and such a bully it will whisper awful things in our ears. And if we listen, we find ourselves beginning to wonder why we even keep trying at all because nothing we do really matters and we will never make any real change in the world or ourselves anyway.

Discouragement likes to be around especially in hard times or times where we have an important task to do at work, or we are trying something new, or we are beginning an important project. Any time we have a chance at self growth rest assure that discouragement is going to come around.

Yet I want to remind us all of something, discouragement is a liar! Period! Discouragement is not our friend we need to treat it like the imposter that it is. Let’s not listen to it’s lies and deceit.

Discouragement like all bullies operates from a lower frequency then we want to be. We should try looking at discouragement like a “Karen.” Bless their hearts look how miserable they are and move on. Misery loves company and if we allow it to discouragement will definitely make us miserable.

The truth is sometimes we are up…sometimes we are down…sometimes we are happy…and sometimes we are sad. We can’t let discouragement allow us to feel our down times are going to be forever times and there is no hope.

On our champion challenge we have worked through acknowledging this as a fact of life. We excepted life is a series of battles and we have to find the beauty in it. We know that we will never have things on a even keel in life all the time.

We have also learned that in these down moments is where we have to roll up our sleeves and put in the inner work so we can grow. Guys it’s super easy to be positive and feel good when we have our bill’s paid, good health, business is doing great, relationships are great, and somehow they fixed the problems of the world.

Anyone could be positive and have faith in these moments and discouragement doesn’t come around as much in these times.. The real challenge mentally, emotionally and spiritually is how we react when we get knocked down and discouragement is whispering in our ears again. Adversity introduces a man or woman to themselves.

How we handle the adversities is where the growth takes place. This experience we are having right now has come to pass, it is not here to stay. No one truly escapes life unscathed we all experience ” life .”

We will just get back up, tell discouragement to back off, we brush ourselves off and we except each challenge while staring discouragement in the eyes knowing that God has our backs and we got this!

Thank you for joining us in our Champion Challenge today! Please feel free to like, comment and subscribe and until next time friends, much love!

5 thoughts on “Champion Challenge ” Pondering’s “

  1. God bless you AKA 😇 what a sweet heart you are to even have such a kind thought ❣️ unfortunately no I think our world is too far gone and we don’t stand a chance against the powers that be. Discouragement is a fucking bully I have never agreed More! Loved this post girl 😍

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Agreed but how cute is it that AKA has this way of thinking about life. With eyes open but heart of a child.


  2. So much truth and positive energy in one post 📯 to answer your question ❓ I agree small changes would be made but I don’t believe that everyone is able or willing to do this kind of work in themselves. As you know AKA it’s not for the weak minded. It’s not a nice answer but it’s the truth. Love you AKA thank you for the safe and good vibes you give me.


  3. I would love to change the world with you AKA but I agree with the boys. I don’t think it will actually change the world 😥🥺 discouragement I want to kick it’s ass all up and down the damn street. ROFL ROFL 🤣 that fucker gets me worked up in self doubt every time.


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