All you need is a Lighter!

It started with my dog Scrappy who died a few years ago when I wasn’t there and I always felt bad for that. In my dream I had when I was sick a few day’s ago he was swimming in the pool, getting back out running around the yard and then jumping back in the pool.

After we got out of the pool he was busy rolling in the grass and smelling everything. He was happy and he would go running around then come back to look at me with his big brown angel eyes. His best friend was Gio they did everything together.

Somehow we went from playing outside to him rolling around in the bed covers. He moved the blankets into the perfect position for him to sleep. I remember being happy that he was so happy then all of a sudden it switched as dreams tend to do.

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Me and my husband were outside talking in this wild lush landscape and we were walking, laughing & talking, It was a bright sunny day and nothing was out of the ordinary. Until.. we saw something that resembled a clay cat but with a long stretched out figure coming towards us.

It moved like it was a snake or like its body was a slinky . We looked at each other both thinking this was strange but we didn’t panic or say anything to each other.

We just watched it. We would look at this strange cat like body situation slinking towards us and then look at each other as if to verify that we both seeing the same thing. The body began to compress together taking the shape of a clay figurine of a big toy lion.

At this point we realized it didn’t have a head. All of a sudden a head of a lion came floating down from the sky and placed itself onto the toy body of the large cat. Once the head was on the body it was if it magically turned into a real Lion. The mane was blowing in the wind, the fur was glistening in the sun light and everything.

It roared a deep roar but we were not afraid. We stood there speechless looking at each other and then back to the lion. The lion sat there looking at us … looking at him. Sounds kind of awkward now that I’m writing this but it didn’t feel awkward.

All of a sudden my husband was gone and I was alone facing this smoky, dark, murky black hole that without using words spoke to me. I could feel it wanted me to go inside of it. I got that feeling like something bad was going to happen my heart started to pound in my chest.

I looked around I could feel I didn’t want to go in there and chose to go the opposite way. I don’t remember getting very far when I could feel it’s presence growing stronger around me. It began to grow larger and larger and larger.

Even though I was running I couldn’t out run this black mass. It just continued to grow and grow. Not only was it growing but the black began to become even more black and darker than before. Before too long I could see the black mass engulfing me in my peripheral vision.

It was now under my feet too and it seemed to make my steps slower and heavier but I didn’t stop. I was so scared I remember screaming ” keep going” over and over again. The black mass was now further in front of me and the black continued to get darker and darker. More dense, sticky and heavy.

I was loosing hope. I couldn’t out run it. I could barely move my feet by now.The black was all around me now almost fully enclosing me when this older lady flicked on her lighter from a distance. I could see it dancing casting shadows around her.

She was sitting in the ground with her knees to her chest. Each of her arms were resting on her knees. It was cold outside but she looked so warm. I walked toward this woman with her light and as I got closer she spoke and said.

” All you really need is light” I squinted trying to make out her face but I couldn’t see her clearly. She definitely had a face but I couldn’t determine her features. I didn’t feel frightened and I moved closer.

She spoke again as her lighter ‘s flame flickered in the wind. ” You have a lighter in you’r pocket, ” she said knowingly.

I reached down in my pocket and woke up.

5 thoughts on “All you need is a Lighter!

    1. That dream sounds like a good trip off mushrooms 🤣😉 the ending was the message. I will try to visit you in my dreams.


  1. That dog is absolutely adorable 🥰. I agree with frosty you went on a dream journey. 🤠 The lion is who you have become or maybe represents your spiritual relationship to your higher power. The old lady at the end was powerful. All we need is light and your photo at the end with everyone’s lighters together was deep friend. Thank you for sharing


  2. I second the motion of the dream journey. They say that we don’t stay in our bodies when we sleep. Girl you are just out there traveling all over the place 😉 i think the old woman is someone who watches over you. Guiding you. It sounded extrodinary


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