Champion Challenge ” Feeling behind in Life?”

Hey Friends! May this post find you well and as always may peace be upon you, around you and especially within you. Today we woke up to another foggy day. We gave our Thanks, make our coffee, gave Elvis his first breakfast and some morning love.

We enjoyed our coffee under the gazebo and said buongiorno to everyone as they woke up. Sometimes it can be hard to find beauty in the overcast and foggy days but it is there if we really look for it.

After we finished our coffee’s we had some yogurt with cornflakes mixed inside ( It is pretty darn good actually ) I got started on my champion stuff. I did a clean up, began with my stretching, meditation and then Pilates. Made a few phone calls and began working on work and blog related tasks.

I have been doing pretty good at staying hydrated these days and my body has been thanking me. Yay! I do need to slow my roll on the night time snacking though. Some days I do really good with this struggle other days… Not so much!

Even though our food choices have been pretty healthy I still feel full when I wake up in the morning and I read that our body doesn’t actually sleep well when we go to bed full. They said that our body needs time to rest instead of constantly working on digesting our food. Makes sense.

Today’s food for thought is for those of us who have been feeling behind in life. This is a feeling that isn’t articulated well with words. It is this feeling like we aren’t measuring up or are always trying to catch up to what ever is the quote ” Norm .”

We all have our own version of what this means to us. This feeling comes up for us unexpedently as we are innocently sipping on our coffee’s somewhere and suddenly we meet someone who seemingly has their entire life together.

They are masters at yoga, don’t even brake a sweat while they doing their Pilates. They can jog while talking while simultaneously smiling. They are organized and show up early to their appointments, they always look put together, they know 10 different languages fluently and have been to all the different countries in the world.

They have knowledge of the best skincare routines, never brake their nails, they drink a gallon of water a day, They read 10 books a week, they have graduated from University with four different doctorate degrees in four completely different fields of practice. Which now makes them the Ultimate Super Doctor.

Lets not forget that they have had 10 kids that were all home schooled and are doctors now too. Their house is never dirty, their kids are always respectful and all their meals are made to perfection by scratch with ingredients that they harvested themselves from the inside of an active volcano.

We all know the kind of people I’am talking about. The ones we look at eyes wide thinking how did they possibly do all that in such a short period of time? We aren’t jealous we are genuinely happy for them and we are also in admiration and awe.

Then we take a look at ourselves and do what humans do and compare our own accomplishments to theirs. We start to feel like a failure falling into societies pressures to be constantly successful. We begin to wonder why we didn’t think to go plant a garden inside of an active volcano.

We begin to feel like we aren’t even close to accomplishing everything they have accomplished yet. At this point it would be easy to allow ourselves to go on a self hating bashing session. Walking around all sad and feeling sorry for ourselves because Boo Hoo they have accomplished more in life. Life is unfair…

Let’s pull ourselves together and get over it because the thing is… they didn’t have the same life experiences as we did. They had their own struggles but they didn’t have ours and we don’t see all their hard work, mistakes they made while learning and sacrifices to get to where they are.

Our lives were different then theirs and I think we forget these things when we compare ourselves and start feeling behind in life. It is ok to want to be more and work to be our best selves every day but it is also important to be grateful for where we are in life today.

Most of the time I kind of like being a late bloomer. I get to learn things and see things for the very first time. It is exciting that we haven’t seen everything, done everything and learned everything yet. I do still have some feelings of being behind especially when studying Italian.

To be able to see things and learn about things we had no idea existed and see places that we have never seen before is absolutely amazing to me. This is what helps me to stay happy in life.

My mind races with excitement at some of the things I have learned. I have been blessed to see new places with the people I love. I can’t wait to show everyone I love everything I have seen and learned when we see each other again.

I’m glad I get to experience all this now in my life with my husband. He is the best traveling partner because he has been almost everywhere and usually knows his way around.

He has this habit of making me laugh, a good belly laughing session is the best thing ever. He always knows which restaurants to eat at and which dishes are best. We have the best adventures together.

The good news is that I think everything happens in God’s timing, we are meant to go through our own struggles to make us stronger. In theory we should be pretty strong by now. Maybe our blessing in this lifetime is not to be the early bloomer, maybe it is ok for us to be late bloomers.

Thank you for joining us in our Champion Challenge today! Please feel free to like comment ans subscribe and until next time, Much Love my friends!

11 thoughts on “Champion Challenge ” Feeling behind in Life?”

  1. You are one of those people for me AKA. You are always on this quest to better yourself and I admire you so much. I don’t know how you have the strength to heal yourself, write a blog, do your work out, learn a new language and be a good wife and human being. Especially being a introverted person like you are. Thank you for today’s post. You are precious, you are loved and you are not alone too AKA ☺️


    1. She is one of those people for my wife as well. My wife doesn’t understand how AKA can be such a old soul at such a young age. Everytime AKA comes up with a new addition to her champion challenge my wife says ” this bitch needs to relax!” Not meant in a disrespectful way but in a way of joking and my wife not understanding how AKA does it. Lmfao you made our entire weekend.


  2. ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL harvesting crops from an active volcano 🀣🀣🀣 four different doctorates in four completely different feilds of study forming a ultimate super doctor πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ nails never break and they can smile and talk while they jog after they get finished being master’s at yoga. How do you come up with this AKA. you had me rolling laughing over here 🀣 thank you for the laughs and thank you for the reminder that we are not behind we are exactly where we need to be. Amen ❀️


    1. She caught me off guard with her humor today. I was reading while at work and I laughed so loudly out loud that I am now pretty sure everyone is now plotting to put me in the insane asylum.πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜… It was worth it 😌


  3. Lmfao πŸ€£πŸ˜† why didn’t we think to plant our crops in an active volcano πŸ€£πŸŒ‹ you killed me with your sense of humor. I’m officially deadπŸ’€β˜ οΈπŸ‘€πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘„ master of yoga doesn’t break a sweat in Pilate’s. You had my wife double over laughing as well. My wife said that she still feels like this and she is 65. We love you AKA 😊πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ† you are a wonderful soul and you are right we are exactly where we need to be.


  4. πŸ₯°πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜œ I have officially been destroyed with AKA’S humor. Speaking of deep belly laughing I just did mine for the entire week AKA. yes we all know the type of people who you are referring to and I absolutely agree with you that I am more than happy with where I am right now. Yes I want more for myself but I’m grateful for being where I am now. Stay blessed AKA πŸ’ž


  5. I absolutely love how AKA talks about her husband. It is so nice to hear from a woman who actually likes her husband not to mention love’s. She doesn’t seem to be one of those from the feminist movement trying to compete with him. It is rare in today’s world. God bless you AKA 😊


  6. Thank you for staying focused and giving us a guiding light. True leaders are rare and you are a leader. I am glad that I have you in my life, if only through a blog. I can see a little about life in Italy through the eyes of a good soul. Thank you. I have to agree with others on here, finding a kindred female spirit is hard to do, let alone one that loves their husband as well. I too am not a part of the man haters club… stupid club full of very confused girls.

    Liked by 1 person

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