champion challenge ¨Reprogram our minds¨

Hey Friends! May this post find you with Peace upon you, around you and especially within you! Today we woke up to a rainy, cold, foggy, misty, Blah day. These are the cards we have been dealt today.

So you know what we did? We turned around and went straight back to bed. No we actually did not go back to bed even though there was a part of me that wanted to.

Take a look at my very first ever Succulent plant….. She is so vibrant and cute isn´t she. My husband and I have a vision for our home and it includes succulents in the big glass windows.

We gave our Thanks, we gave Elvis his much needed morning love and first breakfast of the day. We went straight for the coffee this morning and later I had the ginger, lemon, honey tea.

I know it is a little bit backwards but sometimes you just need that coffee when you first wake up.We kissed each other and went our separate ways to do our Champion stuff.

I ate my yogurt and cereal and did some cleaning. I started to work on a few blog related things first thing just to get them off of my mind so I could focus on my work out.

Then I started with a stretch as always, 15 minutes warn up on the stationary bike and I did my 1 minute plank. Ok so actually I should clarify I attempted to do the 1 minute plank again.

I have not done a plank in maybe two months. It just kind of slid off my priority list. I made it to 49 seconds before I had to tap out.

Perfect example of how much consistency is important. If we do not work the muscle it becomes weak. After my failed attempt at the plank I started my Pilates and today was leg day so I did some leg work out as well.

I got ready for the day, continued working on my blog and work related tasks, did 2 hours of Italian class, and the rest of my day now lies before me like an empty canvas.

I think if I get done with everything in time I will start a new painting. It has been awhile since I painted something just because I wanted to and how I wanted to.

Today´s food for thought is…in the beginning of our lives we start out by learning and programming our minds. It was not in our control then what our environments were and how are mind was programmed right.

Most of us have gone our whole lives listening to that same old programming that replays in our minds subsequently making its way into our bodies and souls.

We are what we consume after all. This means for example… Let´s say that from as far back as you remember you have been called names or have been made to feel like your safety and well being does not really matter.

Or maybe you grew up feeling unloved and unlovable because of the situation you were born into and had no control over. Maybe you grew up feeling like no matter what you did you would never be good enough.

These things if left unhealed can wreak havoc in our lives. We have this vague idea of what we think we deserve and if life veers away from the path we have put in front of ourselves.

Then we can become frustrated and even upset against ourselves. Those old programmings start to come back up telling us we are not good enough or nothing good ever happens for us.

Instead of using this feeling of discontent to spur us into some real change we have instead turned our frustration against ourselves and now it has festered into us sabotaging any potential success.

We do this because it fits our programming of this is all that we deserve. Instead of taking action and striving for lasting change we drop right back down where we believe that we belong. In our careers, our finances, our relationships, our health, and our general sense of well being.

So sad and unfortunate right? We don not want to continue this cycle of madness any further. So now how do we reprogram our minds? What would it be like if we could take control and learned how to reprogram our minds?

According to Tony Robbins we can try Biohacking our subconscious.

Biohacking our subconscious mind with Binaural Beats. Biohacking with Binaural beats involves listening to two tones at different frequencies to induce certain states of mind and trigger alpha brainwaves.

Then there is Meditation with self love affirmations. Living in a state of gratitude and keeping a gratitude journal.

Mr. Chens Tetris Effect states that when we practice looking for and being more aware of the positive aspects of life, we fight off the brains natural tendency to scan for the negatives. Naturally bringing ourselves into better balance,¨

Focus on the present and living in the moment is something we have to practice daily. Each time we practice we will be able to focus longer and be in the moment more fully. By staying in the moment we do not give any time to anything that is not in the here and now.

We have to learn how to stomp out the ANTS. They are our Automatic Negative Thoughts. We have to be able to identify and replace them with something positive about ourselves and stomp them out!

Heal the part of us that still feels unworthy for what ever the reason. Allow yourself to feel the feelings that come up but do not stay in those feelings. Forgive and be open to receiving the cool things life has to offer.

Focus on the things we do want in our lives and that we are grateful for rather then all the things we are worried about and do not want in our lives and give the rest to God.

Thank you for joining us in our Champion Challenge today! Please feel free to like, comment and subscribe and until next time my friends, Much Love !

11 thoughts on “champion challenge ¨Reprogram our minds¨

  1. This is a very cool topic. Yes it can be done and yes I am currently doing what I can to make it happen. I realized my old way of thinking was holding me back in my life. Affermations are good meditation journaling and yoga all good for this process.


  2. This is going to be a difficult one for me. I have years of life eating away at me. I am fully convinced that you are right AKA I think that for me I will have to take it slow. I have full intentions of making a change in this area if my life. Thank you


    1. I have to agree. Just go for it and see what happens. It’s not strenuous exercise it won’t be unhealthy for you. You have nothing to lose 😍


    2. You can’t go into it with a negative attitude man. We know it’s going to be hard and we welcome it and the pain because it means growth and healing. It’s now part of the champion challenge and we just need to get ready to go. You signed up for this just like the rest of us did you can’t punk out now bro.


  3. I think this is one of the best topics you have chosen AKA. it is definitely a hard topic to integrate into our daily lives due to the fact of how foreign it feels in the start. It is easier for us to except bad terminology against us then good words towards us. You did a great job breaking it down and easy to understand AKA as usual wonderful post 📯😊


  4. You leave no stone unturned girl!💞 I think you are right reprogramming our minds helps heal our minds, bodies and souls. I am someone who has never had good fortune in life and it became my identity. The unlucky one. I would like to change that and reprogram my mind. See how much of a difference it makes if any. Your advice on giving gratitude every day for the things we do have has helped me considerably and the physical aspect of the champion challenge. I appreciate you let us be at whatever level we are and do our best each day with some nudges of wisdom and nods to self improvement. Love you and appreciate you AKA 😊


  5. I just want to ad one more thing. It’s very common for us to loose loved ones when we begin to set boundaries and you are correct our Angels have irritated their demons and unfortunately we see them at their worst. 😵 This is a place of solitude and self growth.


  6. Digging this one here. One thing I can say is that you are not known for just scratching the surface of your topics and this was no exception. I learned a few new techniques and I will be integrating them into my daily routine.


  7. Renewing our minds is something that we can’t do alone. It comes from getting rid of everything that has nothing to do with the goals you have set before you. What are the most important things to your cause? If it does not line up with that… it has to go


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