The gift, the Test, and the blessing

Everyday and every moment is a gift a test and a blessing. Amen to that! Each day and each moment we are alive is a battle worth winning. Each day the choice is ours on if we are preparing for these tests , battles and blessings or not.

Are we going to wake up early and do our work out or are we going to hit snooze? Are we going to drink our water or are we going to drink coffee all day? Are we going to help others or go on with our lives as though we never saw them in need?

Whatever our battles and tests are no matter how big or small no matter how much we are in fear we have to face them head on. Fear may come in our minds and that’s ok because we have courage in our hearts.

We will face our battles and tests like the Champions we are! But how can we prepare for these tests and battles?

We will all be happy to know we can prepare by doing exactly what we have been doing consistently. Doing our best each day to be the best versions of ourselves. Key word consistently!

When others are asleep, watching t.v or on their phones, we are doing our work, reading our 20 pages or studying. It may seem repetitive or boring some days but if we stay at it think of how much better off we will be not far into the future.

We have lost some people in our lives that we loved deeply and hurt us. These are the facts. But we also gained a few people that really love us along the way.

We have allowed ourselves to mourn these loses and are now open to having joy in our lives. We have let go of things and people not meant for us and are now open to things and people who are.

We have and will continue to sit with ourselves even in our dark moments and check ourselves before we wreck ourselves by asking ourselves the real questions and discovering our own truths.

We except ourselves as we are with love and gratitude and are open and willing to improve daily. We are understanding of the place we have come from in our past and are now excited for the future.

We will continue to be on our grind and work out and eat better so that we are physically, mentally and emotionally ready to withstand any battle that comes our way and we will be ready when the time comes.

Thinking of it like getting physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for whatever life throws at us. Gives us an oportunity to prepare ourselves the best we can by being our best selves every day more.

It is about no longer throwing our hands up in the air screaming “Why God Why!” But instead going into battle knowing that we are prepared as we will ever be.

We have been consistent and yes we may be a little bit scared but God has our back and we have the courage to make it through!

When we make a mistake or fail at something as one does from time to time because we are human. Let’s no longer sit in our head listening to the same recording of voices telling us how we are not good enough over and over again.

Instead let us say ” Ok so that sucked absolutely but what can we learn from this so we can do better next time.” This will help us in the long run because everyone makes mistakes.

Even though life is going to throw us a few battles and tests as well as blessings. We have an obligation to ourselves to live this life to our fullest.

To discover things about ourselves, heal, go on adventures, love hard and fight our battles until victory is ours! This is our chance to make the most out of this life we were given testa and all!

Each day is our gift and our blessing, each day we are tested. We respond to these tests with our choices to be better then we were yesterday and living in gratitude for each day we are gifted.

Thank you for reading my post today! Please feel free to like comment and subscribe and until next time may Peace be upon you, around you and especially within you!

13 thoughts on “The gift, the Test, and the blessing

    1. You are damn right 👍🏻 if it wasn’t for our community here on AKA’S blog I don’t know what kind of state of mind I would currently be in. They have helped me through so much this year 😊🌷

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  1. Once I finally grasped this concept my life has gotten much smoother. It is important to understand that. If we go around thinking life is supposed to be easy we get destroyed in the chaos

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  2. Yes Life is a series of tests we signed up for before we even got to earth 🌎. We are here to break our generational curses like AKA said before and I couldn’t agree more. We are all warriors who came here with our souls mission. We forget at birth and it is up to us to discover our paths and purpose.


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