Champion Challenge “The tree with strong roots laughs at storms!”

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Hey Friends! I hope this post finds you with peace upon you, within you and especially with in you! We have no complaints here really. We have had some cozy, relaxing, rainy days that we all spent together.

We did another juice cleanse because we were sick for about a week. Giving our bodies time to heal and packing them full of the good vitamins from the fresh fruits and veggies.

I made a little batch of some fermented Lemon, Ginger, Garlic, Honey. It is great for boosting our immunity during cold and flu seasons.

Natural immunity booster recipe.

Photo by Jessiana

Whatever sized jar you are using you will want to fill it a quarter way full of garlic. You will do the same with the ginger and the lemon rinds.

To begin you simply peel your garlic and cut some rind from your lemon. Cut up your ginger into cubes and place everything in a clean sterile jar. The final step is to add your honey.

Photo by Jessiana

Remember to keep enough space at he top empty so that your mixture can bubble while it ferments. Don’t be scared of the bubbles, they are are our friends.

Keep this mixture in a cool dark place and turn it over everyday. You will notice that it gets a little bit darker and the consistency turns more liquid. This is a good sign. You can begin to use it after the first week but the suggested time to ferment is about a month.

Elvis Update

Elvis went through it this past week. Poor little guy! He was limping around and not feeling well so we took him to the Vet. They gave him a shot of antibiotics and Cortisone and he is back to being his sweet and sassy self.

He has spent the last two weeks sleeping in his leaf piles outside, eating, and laying around the house in random areas. They may be random to us but he strategically places himself near a heater wherever he goes.

Book Currently Reading

Almost halfway through and still very much interested in this book. I have not read it since after Christmas but I plan on picking it back up soon. Do I recommend? Yes absolutely!

Movies to Check out

Spirited away has been a favorite of mine for years! It is my go to movie. Don’t Look Up my husband and I watched and it was a really good movie because it makes you think outside of the box.

Things that have inspired me.

I have been very much inspired by the beauty of nature and have been practicing my photography skills some these days.

The videos below are on You Tube and Li Ziqi is just such an inspiration to watch. The visuals are beautiful and I somehow find it relaxing to listen to her in the background as I paint.

The Country Life Vlog is a full \of inspiration as well. Beautiful farm life and they always make some really good looking food.

Recommended Meditation

This Meditation falls in line with our food for thought this week. We are starting from the inside out this month. Beginning with healing our little baby selves.

This month our focus is grounding, deepening our roots, and re-parenting ourselves.

Recommended motivation video

This video is recommended for the times during our days when we need a little extra motivation to continue grinding. Whether it be in our work out or during the day this video will have you up on your feet ready to continue on.

Work out vibes for the week

These two power houses women are great because they aren’t big talkers while working out. They do the work out have nice music and Boom. Results will happen if we are consistent.

Journaling Prompt for the week

  • What do I need to give up, say no to or let go of to prioritize more inner peace.
  • What is something new I learned about myself last year.
  • What am I most excited about right now?
  • When do I feel most light and free?
  • Who or what makes me feel inspired?
  • What makes me feel motivated and empowered?
  • What do I love most about myself?

Weekly food for thought: Re-parenting ourselves and building strong Roots.

Re-parenting ourselves is very important because it leads us to one of our ultimate goals which is being more grounded and having stronger roots.

Re-parenting ourselves benefits include learning how to better process our emotions, setting strong boundaries, viewing ourselves and others in a more positive light, creating healthier relationships and strengthening our communication skills.

How do we begin to re-parent ourselves? Here are a few steps we can take:

  • Fostering self awareness
  • self care
  • Discovering and honoring our feelings.
  • Practicing self discipline
  • Avoid judging our thoughts but instead just observe them objectively

This process of Re-Parenting ourselves helps us heal ourselves, setting our foundation or Roots for strong, healthy Minds, Bodies, and Souls.

It is also about breaking generational patterns and beginning to create the lives we want to have while becoming the Best Versions of Ourselves.

This gives us Strong Roots and we all know that if our Roots are Strong and Deeply planted, there is no storm that can uproot us.

Thank You for joining us in our Champion Challenge! Please feel free to like comment and subscribe and until next time my friends, Much Love!

9 thoughts on “Champion Challenge “The tree with strong roots laughs at storms!”

  1. I am loving the changes to your article πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸ˜Yes AKA Yes! Thanks for the recipe for the immunity booster, spirited away is a classic, I’ll watch don’t look up, thanks for the journaling prompts as well girl!,πŸ’žπŸ’žβœŒπŸ»Your photos are always top so it looks like your practicing is paying off. Reparenting myself is on my priority list and I am here for it all! Amazing post πŸ“―πŸ“―πŸ“―πŸŒŸβœ¨β­


    1. I third this motion AKA! This post is everything! It’s giving healing queen goddess vibes. πŸ‘‘πŸŒŸβœ¨β­


  2. Woow AKA you are killing us with this post πŸ’–β˜ οΈπŸ’€β˜ οΈπŸ’€β˜ οΈ I like the deeper the roots the more we are unafraid of the storm. πŸ’«πŸ‘‘βœŒπŸ»πŸ’ž Thanks for the meditation journaling prompts you are on fucking fire with this post πŸ‘€ I like Liziqi as well. Spirited away is a fantastic movie so is don’t look up. You have great taste AKA!! Welcome back queen πŸ‘‘


  3. The journaling prompts much appreciated! Actually can I be the one to tell you that all your information in this post is much appreciated AKA πŸ™‚ I am absorbing it as we speak. Love you AKA God bless you πŸ’“ we missed you ✌🏻


  4. learning to heal ourselves and love ourselves is a very important thing to do and can be a challenge as well. I am with you on this journey you have been on. Nature truly is beautiful and a gift from the Father. I am so very glad to have strong people in my life to look up too… yes, you are one of them. Have a blessed new year AKA


  5. AKA over here spitting facts πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’« Ian her for all of it. You have made this a safe space for us to grow heal and find some good people. You are such a good energy calming sweet soul πŸ˜šπŸ’–


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