Champion Challenge “The Art of Life”

Photo by Jessiana

Hey Friends! I hope this post finds you with Peace upon you, around you and especially within you! Per usual we started our day with giving Thanks for a chance to be a better version of ourselves today then we were yesterday.

Stumbled downstairs to start the coffee, feed Elvis and give him his morning dose of love. We said buongiorno to everyone as they got up and we all ran around getting ready for our day.

My husband and I gave each other a kiss and we both went our seperate ways to start our Champion stuff. This morning I started by deep cleaning.

As I was cleaning I put a shopping bag down for like 5 minutes when Elvis came into our room like he owned the place and proceeded to make himself at home in the bag.

He was too at peace to move him. He was snoring and everything, so I did my best to work around him. After I finished the deep cleaning I changed into my work out gear and got started.

Today I did things with more intention. Focusing on my form and making each rep count. I went out for my morning warm up walk first 30 minutes walking with intention.

Photo by : Jessiana

I still made time for taking photo’s if I saw something beautiful along the way. Came home jumped on the stationary bike and even then I stayed intentional while working on good form.

I then stretched, did Pilates, did my work out for today which was arms, abs and back and some meditation. I showered, got ready for the day and started my work and blog related tasks. Before long it was lunch time.

Photo by : Jessiana

My husband made this purple pasta and shrimp. Yes it was as delicious as it was beautiful. When we finished lunch I took an hour rest and then got started on my phone calls.

I then did my Italian class, helped around the house and continued on my blog related tasks. I have been finding that there truly is beauty in our lives if we look for it and it helps if we are in a safe space to do so.

Affirmations for today:

” I choose to live in the only moment there is life, The Present Moment.”

Food for Thought: The Art of Life…

Photo from Google

” It’s not the size of the dog in the fight. It’s the size of the FIGHT IN THE DOG.”

– Mark Twain

We have all heard this quote on how it is not the size of the dog in the fight. It is the size of the fight in the dog. We say it to each other or to ourselves if we are vertically challenged.

However after years of overcoming many obstacles that were on the larger size. I have learned that this quote is in fact true and goes hand in hand in dealing with life’s problems.

When one of ” life’s problem’s” hit us our first reaction is we want to have a cosmic meltdown or run away from our problems.

We can allow ourselves a few moments to acknowledge these feelings but we can’t linger there. We have to pick ourselves up by the boot strap, look ourself in the eye’s and remember the words of Moliere.

” The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.”

– Moliere

We have to face these problem’s, challenges and or obstacles. We need to look at them honestly and objectively. To see them for what they really are and not be so lead by our emotions that can easily make mountains out of mole hills.

In these times it is important to remember that ” this too shall pass.” This hard time or struggle we are facing will not last forever.

So go ahead have that cosmic meltdown, go run as far as we can from our problems but remember, at the end of the day, that problem will still be there. Waiting, festering, getting bigger and more complex until we face it.

Let’s have the courage and enough love for ourselves to face each of life’s problems face to face as soon as we can. Is it going to be hard and kinda scary? Yes Absolutely! That’s how we will know it is worth it!

Photo from Google

Satisfying society is exhausting, satisfying your soul is energizing. Many people sadly are not happy in their lives partially because we are conditioned to live from the outside in. Not from the inside out.

If only we were to practice looking within for answers instead of the expectations of society or the social norms that are trending at the moment.

The ever revolving door of trends and trying to please society is endless. Lifestyle trends last year used to be ” Hustle and grind.” now it is ” Living the soft life.”

The body trends last year were curvy bodies and now this year heroin chic is back. One year eggs are unhealthy, the next year eggs are a good source of protein.

You see where I’am going with this? Societies standards are ever changing. We will never be able to please everyone all of the time.

So instead let’s be courageous and respectfully just not give a flying F*ck about what society thinks we should dress or act like.

If you want to wear a hot pink dress with big yellow polka dots, while wearing your favorite pair of big fluffy unicorn slippers. I say Go For It and do so unapologetically.

Pleasing others and meeting their expectations is a deeply ingrained pattern for me that is hard to break. Sometimes I will still feel guilty after saying no to an event or person but each day I am learning and getting better at it.

The beautiful thing is even though it sucks to give that heartfelt answer and say no, it is something beautiful to give a heartfelt answer and say a genuine YES!

Let me know in the comments below in what ways have you noticed that you have caved in to societies standards and how have you managed to learn to not care so much?

Thank you for joining us today in our Champion Challenge. Please feel free to like comment and subscribe and until next time, stay well my friends!

13 thoughts on “Champion Challenge “The Art of Life”

  1. Hot pink pants with big yellow polka dots white wearing my big fluffy unicorn slippers, Yes Please πŸ€©πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ¦΄ The blue pasta was cute. When you said it is something beautiful to give a big heartfelt answer and say a genuine Yes!☠️🀐😭 You had me in my feelings


    1. ROFL πŸ˜‚ when she said so go ahead have that cosmic meltdown, go run as far as you can go from the problem. But remember that at the end they will be there waiting for you, festering, getting bigger and more complex until we face it!πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈπŸ‘€ Scary as fuckπŸ˜…


  2. My grandma used to say not to make mountains out of mole hills. πŸ˜† This post has added a joy to my day AKA. Is it going to be kinda scary and hard? yes absolutely was AKA’S answer πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ That’s how we know it will be worth it. πŸ’ž Yes your magesty


  3. I was always worried about being laughed at for one reason or another or I was worried everyone was already laughing at me. One day, I don’t know why now but I figured if I made myself funny then I could laugh too. So instead of worrying if anyone was laughing AT me I just learned how to take a joke and how to dish one out. It worked and it helped me get past that fear.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Dear sweet AKA your humor never fails you ☺️ your right we have been conditioned to care too much about what others think about in society. The pasta dish is a work of art. Love you AKA


  5. Aka usually always has me in my feelings questioning my life and life in general πŸ€©πŸ˜† currently in Amazon shopping for bright pink pants with big yellow polka dots and fuzzy unicorn slippers. ROFL ROFL This week has been a long bad week and this post has been the best medicine for me.


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