Where in The World is AKA?

Hey guys! I hope this post about our traveling shenanigans finds all of you safe, healthy and blessed. Speaking of blessings let’s take a moment and give gratitude for our blessings no matter how big or small.

We left off in our last post with us stopping to take a rest in Nijgemen which turned out to be a beautiful city that also ended up to be one of the oldest cities in the world. Not bad for our first day right!? πŸ˜‰

Waking up the next morning we both were feeling good so we made our coffee and got back on the road again.We had a few hours of driving ahead of us and then we will be arriving in Amsterdam baby!!

We got an Elvis update this morning with a photo. He is looking adorably fluffy and chunky. Also a little bit like he just woke up and is more than likely impatiently waiting for his breakfast.

It was reported to us that he is still sleeping in his favorite spot in our room on the paper bag he has adopted as his new bed. All is well on the home front. This is always good news and it was a sign to us that we were going to have a good day.

On our drive we began to notice that a lot of the numbers on the license plates passing us by where strange. There were so many of the same numbers in triples or quadruples.

For instance 4444 or 2222 or 9999 this type of situation. Obviously this caught our attention but at first we had the thought that maybe it was just the way they do their licence plates here and pushed it to the back of our minds.

Driving into Amsterdam you could see some of the unique architecture already. I mean how do they even think to come up with such incredible ideas?

I love the one above because it looks like a kid was playing with Lego’s and this is the end result. It is beautiful for that very reason. The one below seems futuristic to me as if it belongs in a different time.

You guys know I’am always on the look out for street art and I thought this one was beautiful and well executed. I regret the fact that I have no knowledge of who the artist is but if by chance one day you happen to read my post. Well done friend!

We had to find parking for the R.V again and we discovered that there were some RV parks but we decided we wanted to stay close as we could to the center.

Needless to say we drove around for awhile in search for the best parking spot. My husband was whipping that RV around like it was nobodies business though. In just a few smooth moves he was able to park it as well. I see you doing your thing…Bravo amor mio!

Just as frustration and hunger was setting in we found a parking spot in a adorable little neighborhood! We washed our faces and what not because we can do that in a RV and its awesome. Then we set off to see the city of Amsterdam.

Just look at this nice little spot we got. Our first mission was sustanance so we began to walk in search of some food and we were not disappointed.

My husband spotted this Chinese restaurant it wast Cute and clean. The inside surprised me at how large it was. All the ladies where sweet and kind.

The owner who was a tiny cute older woman and my husband were talking about how expensive everything is now with the price of food , gas prices, electricity and so on. As a result she said she had to raise her prices as well.

My husband as you will learn can and will talk to just about anyone and everyone around him. About just about anything and everything on any given day. It amazes me really.

He for the most part is the exact opposite of me in this way. I am way to shy and he really does not have a shy bone in his entire body. He gives absolutely no f**ks about what other people think about him at all and honestly I admire that.

He had a entire 30 minute conversation with this lady about being in the restaurant business, the cost steadily climbing for everything, they had a little ” discussion” about whether or not we would like the “traditional Hot Pot” or not.

My husband reassured her that we would because he has had it before during his travels to Hong Kong and while living in New York. But alas she ended that “discussion” by telling him it takes too long to cook it tradition style.

For that we needed to call ahead. So we ordered a different Hot Pot and were both excited in the same way. We sat by the window and could people watch as we waited.

The wait and the price was worth it because BOOM! We were hit with an explosion of flavor! It tasted like the broth just by itself had some secret sacred healing powers.

Mix that with the rice noodles. the meat and veggies. We left feeling nurished and not too full. It was a wonderful meal.

There were some cute streets and this is one of them below. I both respected and adored the fact that for the most part people seemed to be able to wear whatever they pleased.

I saw peaple wearing big giant rainbow colored sunglasses topped off with a giant fuzzy rainbow coat, some gothic style, and some very beautiful shoes..

Some people were wearing top hats and coat while walking their dog and others were dressed like they watched the movie 9 mile a few too many times. I saw a little bit of many different styles and I loved it.

This is one of the things I missed about New York. They wear whatever they want whenever they want and do not give a F**k in any kind of a way if anyone else likes it.

As we were walking around we saw ferry rides and decided to check it out. Funny thing is my husband said “let’s go to the blue one I like that one for some reason.”

A man greeted us as soon as we arrived at the gate so we asked him about the times and prices. Get this…the man said there was a one hour long ferry tour leaving right now and it was the last one of the night. We got fortunate.

The ferry ride was warm and cozy complete with a bucket to vomit in under the seats. I found this thoughtful. I am sure every now and then it happens. Not on our ferry ride though, thankfully.

The house boats along the way were something amazing to see. How free and wonderful it must feel to live on a house boat where your at home even in the middle of the sea or in Amsterdam.

Some had gardens on the roof tops and others had chairs on the roof top with a little table where they most certainly have their morning coffee or tea. Maybe they sit and watch the sunset with a bottle of wine.

There was this giant ship looking house boat that was painted in all Gothic black. Even though i did not get photos hear me out on this.. it was amazingly beautiful.

I know it may not sound as if an all black house boat could possibly be beautiful but I am here to tell you first hand it really was.

Amsterdam is so clean even in the center of the city I was impressed. It is strange though because it was hard to find a garbage can anywhere. What is everyone doing with their trash? Tell me your secrets because 1+1 is not equaling two here and I must get to the bottom of this mystery.

We decided to get some churros we haven’t had one since we left New York. With all the hussle and bustle of everyone around us I misunderstood him when he said he was going to go order.

I thought he was going to go something away in the one trash can we were able to find. So I waited ….and I waited for what seemed to be hours.

Everyone is tall in Amsterdam so I no longer had the advantage of simply looking for the tallest person. My heart started to really beat strong and loud.

A little fear set in because I have watched too many murder mystery shows. Did someone kidnapp him to harvest his organs? How was I going to be able to go save him?

I silenced my fears and just continued to look around me to see if I could spot him. I told myself I was for sure being overly dramatic per usual and just breath everything was going to be fine and I waited some more.

I continued to wait again for what felt like hours but in reality was only a matter of maybe 3 minutes.Still nothing… my heart started to beat strongly and loudly again and real panick started to set in.

It had been too long and I didn’t understand what could have happened. Tears in my eyes and 100 percent ready to have full on panick attack breakdown in 3…2….1.

Then my husband appears from inside the store where he had been the entire time ordering our churros. I was happy to see him and so relieved and he had no idea why I was even worried. He was like.. I was here the whole time.

Here is where this chapter of Where in The World is AKA is going to end. What happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam and on this note I will bid you farewell.

Thank you for reading my post today! Please feel free to like comment and and subscribe. Until next time stay safe and remember that you are loved.

16 thoughts on “Where in The World is AKA?

  1. Elvis if you need help blink once πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ those buildings are very radical. I like your discription of the Lego building. I live by the motto no fucks given. Lol lol the food looks amazing it really does. Your photos are always top of the top. I would also love to have a house boat. I love your description of how it felt to be separated from your husband. It had me laughing and at the same time completely understand. The photos were sweet. I love how you respect and have love for your husband. That’s right girl what happens in Amsterdam says in Amsterdam.πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ‘οΈπŸ˜πŸ˜


  2. Great photos πŸ™‚ Elvis looks traumatized rofl don’t ever change AKA. You might not completely not give a fuck but the world needs your sensitive soul. I love Asian food yes girl πŸ’₯ the churros look tasty πŸ˜‹ oh you poor sweet soul. You got seperated from your hubby in a new city. Once I read you were ok I laughed. ROFL ROFL πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ AKA you are hilarious what happens in Amsterdam does stay in Amsterdam.


  3. Killed it today AKA ☠️ you are on target there what happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam πŸ˜… Elvis looks like he is patiently waiting for you guys to return. Amsterdam looks amazing and yes clean. I don’t like Chinese food but I have to say it is looking amazing. . I read the story of how you felt when you lost your husband to my wife. I asked her if she ever felt like that and she just laughed at me. Lol


  4. Amsterdam is now on my bucket list girl. That Chinese food does look good 😊 what happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam. πŸ€‘ What did you two get out to AKA 😝😝I would love to party with you if given the chance. That was one of the single most precious stories i have ever heard. Where you were searching for your husband. Melted my heart ❀️


  5. Bahaha what happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜… girl you gave me a side cramp from laughing so hard. Elvis looks like he just woke up 🀣. You can have the Chinese food but I will take the rest of your trip with you. Streets are tidy. Churros look bomb πŸ’£


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