Champion Challenge “Vibrate at a Higher Frequency and Watch what happens.”

Hey Friends and for anyone joining us for the first time Welcome! I hope this post finds you all with Peace upon you, around you and especially within you.

This morning we woke up, gave our Thanks, Elvis got his breakfasts and his morning dose of love before he went upstairs to take his morning nap.

His schedule goes a little something like this. Wake up…breakfasts ( yes plural )…go outside for a few minutes to use the restroom and check out his territory then back inside to drink some water …then his morning nap.

Sometimes his naps take place outside in the sun other times it takes place inside. It depends on the weather really. Lunch time he eats and then same thing..he goes outside.. comes back in and naps. πŸ™‚

This goes on all day long with perhaps small sporadic bursts of energy in which he randomly starts running with his cute little legs that are surprisingly fast. Bless his little heart.

After we tended to Elvis we drank our beet juice smoothie. YES! You don’t even have to ask it is pretty gross. If you like the taste of dirt then this is for you.

However Beet’s are so freaking good for us I decided that it is worth the sacrifice of taste. Honestly I feel good during the day and I have noticed my body reacting well to it, my husband as well.

After our smoothie we got ready for our day, gave each other a kiss and he went his way to go do his Champion stuff and I went mine.

My work out as of lately has been more disciplined in the sense that I’am watching my form and staying consistent with working out different body parts on different days.

For example today was the dreaded leg day, I did as follows

  • A warm up stretch
  • 1 hour on the stationary bike
  • 1 minute plank
  • Pilates for leg strength
  • 100 lunges
  • 50 sumo squats
  • leg lifts with resistant bands
  • calf raises
  • another stretch
  • meditation and breath work

Little differences have been happening and it has motivated me to push harder. Some days I feel like my body is too sore to even go up and down the stairs but I know that I’am making my body stronger.

Drinking two Liters at least of water has become one of my priorities I don’t succeed every single day but I am working on it.

We have also been much more careful as to what we are putting into our bodies. My husband and I have been educating ourselves on the benefits of the foods we are eating.

This has actually helped us to make better choices. If you understand that some of the foods are nothing but toxins and empty calories the choice is much easier.

Poisons, toxins and little to no nutritional value or a food that has antioxidants, packed with vitamins and actually helps heal our bodies. The choice is ours.

This all leads me to today’s food for thought which is raising our vibrations. The truth is that everything in our world vibrates.

Everything we listen to, Eat, watch, say to ourselves & others and do all effect our vibrations.

Recently I was in mid workout listening to the same playlist I always listen to but on this day I felt my mood shift in a negative way. I skipped to the next song and again it just wasn’t hitting my soul and motivating me like it used to.

I began to listen to the lyrics and I don’t know why I never really payed attention to the words before because no wonder my mood shifted and vibes went down. It was a disaster song.

I decided there and then that I wanted to listen to music that raises my vibes. I now have a new playlist of songs that have your vibes raised so high that someone would need a rocket to reach you.

When you first hear about raising your vibrations you may scoff and laugh it off thinking to yourselves…hear AKA goes again with her tree hugging hippy nonsensical nonsense.

I get it…. I know it sounds a little bit like I am about to ask you to move to some secluded mountains with me and join my cult. πŸ™‚ But hear me out..

Raising our vibrations is so much more important then most of us realize. It has been proven to help with experiencing greater personal power, clarity, peace, love and joy.

It is easy for us to take in too much news. Not spending enough time in meditation and prayer or working on ourselves.

We are watching scary movies and listening to music that is not good for our souls. Resulting in panic mode and some changes needing to happen.

Way’s to raise our vibrations are acts of kindness to others and self care. By continuing to pray, meditate, work out, heal, affirmations, breath work, eating healthy, drinking my water and taking our vitamins.

Work on walking in our purpose. Coming into a better understanding that it’s a blessing that we know and experienced the struggle and know both sides. It’s because of the struggle and our growth that we can walk forth right.

When we walk into a room people can feel our vibes without us saying a word we announce ourselves. People can feel we walk in light .

When you stay in a higher vibration you almost repel things that are not meant for you. We are most attracted to what is on our same vibration.

So the same can be said for us feeling the vibes off from others. We know if we like someone right away we can feel their intentions and vibes.

We usually second guess this gut feeling and give the person a chance anyway. In my experience this always ends badly. We should listen to our gut.

We will grow to realize that not everyone that we thought used to fit in our lives will continue to do so and you know what that is ok.

We are making room for the things and people who are our soul tribe. These people will help keep our fires burning and allow us to vibrate at our highest potential and vice versa.

Walking in the light and shining so bright! It takes bravery but the results are amazing. We have already come so far let’s see how much farther we can go.

It isn’t easy..I know! We are having to un-learn things that were taught to us and now learn how the world really is.

You know what though? Everyday we are showing up for ourselves and building that relationship and trust with God and within our selves. So we can show up in light and love for others.

We have to change ourselves and our own vibrations so we can shine even brighter as a collective.

I would love to hear from you guys on the ways you have been raising your vibrations.

Thank you for joining our champion challenge today. Please feel free to like comment and subscribe and until next time stay blessed my friends.

7 thoughts on “Champion Challenge “Vibrate at a Higher Frequency and Watch what happens.”

  1. Yes actually it would be my honor to join your cult 😝 Elvis looks like the king of the jungle. Beet juice huh?🀐i think I will pass. Food looks delicious. Good for thought was a good topic for me. Trusting my intuition is and always has been a struggle. Yes relearning everything we thought we knew is insanity. I am definitely going to be working on raising my vibration too. You just opened my eyes to something i didn’t know yet. Thanks AKA


    1. I think I will get a lifetime membership to move with you to the secluded mountain and join your peace and love πŸ’˜


    1. That’s both offensive and repulsive giving off serial killer energy when you call AKA baby girl πŸ™„


  2. I know when I get stoned i raised my mental health vibration exponentially. πŸ˜† All jokes aside great post and I enjoyed the read. When is your podcast coming AKA? Are you going to continue The Telenovela?


  3. Raising my vibration is what I have been recently working on myself and your post came in the perfect time. You are so sweet at heart dear AKA. It’s not easy for sure but your right we are making room for growth and our souls tribe 😊. I too want to move to a secluded mountain with you and join your what will we name it freedom and light πŸ€—πŸ€£πŸ˜†πŸ˜ŠβœŒπŸ»πŸ’₯⭐ love you


  4. Vibration is a intense topic. Have you heard about sexual vibration and limiting our sexual partners. Even limiting the people who can touch us it all effects our vibrations. Our hair is to be allowed to be our antenna and our bodily natural smell is not to be washed off with perfumes and chemicals. Research on your own friends.


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