Champion Challenge “Challenge Accepted!”

Photo by Jessiana

Hey Friends! For everyone who is here on my blog page for the first time Welcome! I hope this post finds you all with Peace upon you, around you and especially within you.

Today started per usual at our house. We woke up, gave our Thanks, said buongiorno as everyone woke up, gave Elvis his morning love and some breakfast.

We discuss life’s challenges a lot here on my page and Elvis has been facing a few of his own the past few days. It all started a few day’s ago when we had a storm.

photo from Google

The rain started coming down that morning which meant Elvis was not able to go outside to be free to adventure.

Then the rain turned into a thunder storm and he would run from his bed to be next to me because he got scared.

He was already on the verge of having a break down and then things really went down hill. His arch nemesis Memo the dog came for the afternoon as well.

Photo by Jessiana

Memo and Elvis have grown ” WISE” together over the years. I think that they have grown to respect each other and perhaps even grown to care for each other in their own way. Deep deep deeeep inside their little hearts somewhere.

However they still like to do things to annoy each other. Elvis stands his ground and won’t back down if Memo runs up on him. Elvis is wise and meditates but he will throw those paws. πŸ™‚

Memo knows through time to give Elvis his space and Elvis has learned that if he tolerates Memo he will eventually go home.

They are both wise and adorable and should teach us all a good lesson about tolerating others even if they are different species. πŸ™‚

Elvis is still being a shining example to us all by staying super hydrated, exercising, eating well and taking time out for self care by taking naps. We should all be taking notes. πŸ™‚

Photo by Jessiana

Daily Mumbo Jumbo

No beet juice smoothie today and I’am very ok with it. πŸ™‚ Started our coffee and drank it without adding any sugar or honey. We have been fasting usually from 8 pm to 10 am.

This has been helping me with the night time snacking habit I have developed and it has gotten easier. The first night I actually had a hard time sleeping.

It appears that night time snacking is a harder habit to break then expected. There is just something so comforting about going to bed with a full tummy.

Apparently however our bodies are healing and doing it’s work while we are sleeping. Sooo.. if we are night time snacking we do not allow our bodies to do it’s thing because now it has to work hard at digesting all the snack food.

Scary Hour

After the coffee I started ” Scary Hour ” It is a productivity hack and so far it has been working well for me.

The point to Scary Hour is to get the hard things or the things we least want to do or find the most challenging done in this hour.

For myself every day is different depending on what I have to get done that day. Some days my scary hour is getting all my hard exercises done.

Other days it is making my phone calls that I hate to make because I know I will be on hold for what seems like and sometimes actually is for hours

In today’s ” Scary Hour ” I did my lunges for today straight away. Lunges are my least favorite exercise right now so we just got them out of the way.

Then changed the sheets on the bed and dusted basically did a deep cleaning . This all took an hour and a half.

Then I began with stretching, a meditation, and did 4 sets of 25 of all my excersises. Jumped on the stationary bike for 45 minutes then a cool down stretch.

By the time my work out was finished my fast time had ended. Just in time because I was beginning to get hangry.

While I was in the kitchen preparing my banana, peanut butter and raisin snack I started preparing my hair clove water.

It’s super easy we just need cloves and a spray bottle. Place some water on the stove to boil add the cloves. Let it boil until the water turns an amber color. Turn off the heat and let cool with the cloves .

Once it is cooled strain the cloves from the water. Put the clove water in a spray bottle and Boom! A natural scalp treatment for hair growth. The benefits are pretty cool.

Because cloves contain high levels of antioxidants and nutrients they are used to strengthen your hair and hair growth.

Cloves help get rid of dandruff which is actually a major cause for weak thin hair and they contain inflammatory agents that further help thicken our hair.

Cloves also prevent premature greying, controls excessive shedding, improves scalp circulation and even adds shine to our hair. It’s a Win for me!

Skin Trauma

Due to current happenings in my life I have found a new passion for natural skin care. To explain everything we have to go back to last week.

It was a normal Thursday I did my usual morning routine and as I was cleaning I ran across a few moisturizing face masks.

According to the beauty gurus we are suppossed to be using face masks at least once a week. I use them around once a month or once every other month.

I thought I was being smart and multi tasking so I put on the mask and continued to clean. I noticed a little tingly sensation but nothing alarming.

My alarm went off 15 minutes later and I removed the mask . Looking in the mirror I realized that my skin was a definate shade of hot pink but I didn’t have pain so I thought it would pass.

IT DID NOT PASS! It grew increasingly dryer and more irritated painful to the touch. I basically gave myself a chemical burn and now have to wait for it to heal.

Taking out the Trash

What is my point in telling you all this tragic event? Well guys I’am going to be the big sister hear and tell you first about an app you can download from your play store.

The app is called Yuka. This app helps to identify the toxic harmful chemicals in our hygiene items, beauty products, and our food.

You just scan the bar code and Boom you get all the important info about the product. Most importantly you get a list of the harmful toxins that can effect our bodies.

My husbands sister gave me the hook up for this app and now I am passing this well of knowledge onto you so you might save yourself the traumatic experience.

In the spirit of knowing better and doing better, I went on a mission scanning everything and I had to come to terms with the fact i now had to throw out basically everything.

Once you find out whats in some of this stuff you are faced with a dilemma. It’s wasteful to just throw this stuff away but on the other hand it is so full of toxins I would not give it to my worst enemy.

Lipsticks especially the long lasting ones ended up being very bad full of harmful chemicals. If you stop to think about it we ingest these chemicals as we wear it on our lips.

They don’t care about us obviously they are just concerned with profit. Ok so fine…I just will not be continuing to give them any profits from me. Not that they care but it’s the principle.

So here we are and now I am facing the challenge of healing my skin barrier which apparently takes time. It is going to be fine….Jesus take the wheel.

After doing some research what seems to be the best is as follows.

  • Limit frequency and face washing time
  • Wash with cool water not hot
  • Stop Exfoliating until skin is healed
  • Do NOT test new skin care products in this time
  • Moisturize skin with fragrence free oils or moisturizer
  • Keep skin care routine simple.

To all the beauty guru’s out there doing two face masks every day followed by an extensive 20 step skin care routine and a full face of makeup.

We are not the same …that is all I know. I respect your talent but alas this talent is not one I possess. My skin would revolt and probably just fall off.

As for me and my sensitive cry baby skin I am going to keep it as natural as I can and as simple as I can.

So far I have two simple steps. Wash my face in the evening with Garnier Latte detergente idrante fresh uva and it has been working pretty good.

It also scored a 86/100 with a rating of Excellent on the Yuka app. Then moisturize with olive oil. I rinse my face in the morning and that’s it.

Any of you guys have sensitive skin as well? I would love to hear some of your skin care secrets. What products you recommend.

Garden Update

Our garden is poppin off with so much new life. We have little baby flowers and veggies sprouting all over the place.

The birds have been eating the seeds from the bird feeder so that’s good. We moved it to the tree they build their nests in and they seem to like it better.

We have one garden that we planted a variety of veggies that were already fully sprouted and then we have our “experimental garden” where we have planted everything from seed.

Our watermelon we have not placed in the ground yet they are still in the little pots waiting for them to sprout. I think we might need to germinate our watermelon seeds before we plant them.

The other day I was sitting out side working while everyone else was having fun digging int he dirt and planting stuff.

I could not even focus on the task at hand because I wanted to be running around digging in the dirt and planting stuff too.

So that is exactly what I did for the last part of the day. I took off my shoes and socks and allowed my feet to sink into the soil while I watered the plants outside.

I sat in the middle of rows of wild flowers and began making a flower bracelet while still wearing my Christmas pajamas. πŸ™‚ It was the best!

Went around gathering some beautiful flowers to press so I can make some creative projects with them.

Set up my art easel, we bought a new larger canvas and a few new pants. I set up my area and can’t wait to start a new painting.

Ever since my last comission painting of the hands that they continuesly changed during the process, I have not painted anything.

It is out of the ordinary for me to go that long without picking up a paint brush. I’m just happy that I feel the passion to paint again.

Photo by Jessiana

Then we watched some bees as they were doing their last rounds of gathering pollen for the day. Sat and watched the sunset with my husband and Elvis and truly enjoyed each moment.

Food for thought “Challenge Accepted!”

The term Challenge Accepted means: agreeing to do something difficult or dangerous.

If all things worth doing in life are difficult we have a lot of difficulties ahead of us to get to where we want to be in life.

Instead of throwing our hands up and throwing a temper tantrum about the fact it will be difficult, we need to change our mind set.

Photo from Google

I agree with Andrew Tate on this particular point. A caller called in to his podcast and asked Tate how he could get a six pack fast.

Tate answered with this…” Why does it have to be fast? Why does it have to be easy? Why do you think life has to be all quick and easy? Why can’t it be Hard and Difficult?”

He goes on saying “Why can’t you suffer? Because suffering is what gives something Value. If everyone had a six pack and it was quick and easy then it would not be valuable.”

” Value is linked to difficulty. The fact that we think things need to be easy and fast shows that our mentality is f*cked.”

He goes on to say that” That we should not be even thinking about wanting something quick and easy, we should be thinking about pain and suffering.”

I heard this and I have to say that I honestly could not agree more. The truth is the truth it does not matter who said it.

So from now on may I suggest that we change our mind set a little bit. From now on when something is harder then we expected we smile and say ” Challenge Accepted!”

Have to work out but our body is still sore from yesterday…” Challenge Accepted!” Why? Because we know that this is what is needed to get to where we want to be.

Started a new project and all of a sudden we have imposter syndrome? What will we do? We will remind ourselves of who we are and say ” Challenge Accepted!”

Trying to be a better version of ourselves today then we were yesterday but every one and everything seems to be testing us? What will we do? We will say ” Not today Satan and Challenge Accepted!”

Photo from Google

The good things in life, the real juice in life does not come easy. This healing, vibrating higher, shadow work, forgiving, fitness journey all while we are trying to put our trust in God is not freaking easy.

Which means that it is worth it! We are worth it! Let us be done with the thought process of wanting things that are easy. F**k that actually!

Let’s instead welcome the things that are difficult because we know that we are about to level up!

Thank you for joining us today for our Champion Challenge! Please feel free to like comment and subscribe and until next time my friends stay safe!

19 thoughts on “Champion Challenge “Challenge Accepted!”

  1. It sure does sound like Elvis went through his own trials and tribulations lmfao πŸ˜† When it rains it pours and no one knows that better then Elvis now. ,πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ His arch nemesis the dog memo had me in stitches AKA. πŸ˜† I do in fact believe that Elvis will throw those 🐾 paws πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ I absolutely agree with you that there is nothing like going to sleep full. Yes ma’am. Scary hour sounds like a damn good time lol πŸ˜† I am going to use it. Thanks for the idea πŸ’‘. Clove water huh! I will be trying this tip! Garden looks great and the photo of you in your Christmas p.j’s in the flowers is Years Queen Challenge Accepted. I’m surprised you like Andrew Tate.


    1. I don’t know if she likes or is promoting him as much as she is stating that this one thing in particular that he said she agreed with.


      1. You know what.. put my money on Elvis too. He looks like a scrapper and he looks like he throws those paws on the regular.😊


  2. Well AKA has definitely spoken! Lmfao Challenge Accepted over here. Fully in support of some of the things that man has to say. Then I can also hear him speak and be fully invested in NOT being in support of what he says. In this instance I have to agree with you. He actually made a valid point. All of your photos are always top. I’m a tad told my loved ones about the Yuka app and downloaded it myself. Your correct AKA they don’t care about us in the least. Sweet Elvis is now all the wiser for his struggles. πŸ˜†


    1. Yeah he opens his mouth sometimes and you can smell the shit coming out of his mouth from the other side of the screen. Aka is right though the truth is the truth no matter who says it.


  3. Memo the arch nemesis of Elvis ☠️ how fitting that he has an arch nemesis in the first place. Going to tell my friends and family about clove water and the Yuka app. It takes watermelon seeds a lot longer to sprout then others AKA. Have patience. Adding scary how hour and I love your astetic. You are too pure and natural and those chemicals are not meant for everyone. Tate can go suck a big one but like all insane people there is some truth to his rambling from time to time. I walk with you AKA and Challenge Accepted!


    1. Of course Elvis has to have a arch nemesis. He is the king and as we know all kings have a arch nemesis.


  4. You are so full of inspiration and knowledge girl πŸ’ž Elvis looks like a great champion πŸ†. Of course he is still going to throw those paws. ROFL 🀣 you had my heart pumping when you said” let us be done with the thought process of wanting things that are easy. Fuck that actually!”fuck yeah AKA! Love you for still wearing your Christmas pajamas in April 🀣. Garden is growing and looking radiant girl. Told my mom about the Yuka app. It’s too much for me right now. I know I will have to get rid of all my makeup and skin care. I’m not ready yet.


      1. Lol lol πŸ˜†πŸ˜… Simple life you missed the point of today’s message πŸ™‚


  5. Throw that shit away AKA. Damn right they don’t care about us or anything but the almighty dollar. Challenge Accepted AKA I will follow you to the edge of the world woman 😜 love you 😍 I currently have the Yuka app and it is a lifesaver going to be doing scary hour with you and now I want to go sit in a field of wild flowers with my Christmas pajamas as well. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ™‰ What would the neighbors say lol lol .


  6. None of the big companies give a rats ass about us. Never have and never will. It’s up to us the consumer to make a difference.


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