White Lives Matter?

Recently Candace Owens and Kanye West wore T-shirts that said ” White Lives Matter. ” To question the narrative that has been fed to us that is not only false but it’s the opposite of truth. Even though everyone agrees with what the BLM movement was supposed to be about Candace and Kanye don’t agree […]

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Synthetic Embryo’s have been created without Sperm, Eggs or even Fertilisation?

Ladies and Gentlemen the worlds first Synthetic Embryos are here. These embryo- like structures that had an intestinal tract, a brain like structure and a beating heart had stem cells from mice that the scientists used to create them. The embryo’s are called synthetic because they are created without fertilised eggs. Scientists say it will […]

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Human beings are cute

Just for fun, have you ever wondered how other species would see us? Let’s use our imagination for a second and imagine an alien species looking at us going about our daily tasks. Much like an episode of animal planet. Imagine a family or group of alien species gathering around their version of a television […]

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Murder She Wrote

” You need to bury your old self and never visit the grave.” – Unknown I’m usually not one for violence but today I am going to commit murder. The murder of my old self. I will no longer let myself make excuses. I’am better then I’am letting myself be. I want to stop letting […]

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Things no one wants to talk about

In our society we don’t like to discuss negative things with others because it brings ” bad vibes.” Yet the world is literally burning around us. It’s crazy to me. It’s not a pleasant topic but it’s not a secret or some hush hush conspiracy theory. We have heat waves in countries who have never […]

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