All you need is a Lighter!

It started with my dog Scrappy who died a few years ago when I wasn’t there and I always felt bad for that. In my dream I had when I was sick a few day’s ago he was swimming in the pool, getting back out running around the yard and then jumping back in the […]

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Things no one wants to talk about

In our society we don’t like to discuss negative things with others because it brings ” bad vibes.” Yet the world is literally burning around us. It’s crazy to me. It’s not a pleasant topic but it’s not a secret or some hush hush conspiracy theory. We have heat waves in countries who have never […]

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The Telenovela Episode #2 RUN

RECAP: In last weeks episode Reina ignored her cousin Stephanie’s warnings and she finally made it to dinner at Rey’s apartment. Rey and Reina had a romantic dinner and the initial attraction they felt for each other only grew deeper during their evening together. Reina was torn between trusting her instincts and telling Rey everything […]

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The Telenovela…( Prologue )

Rey was working at his restaurant with his team and Reina was also working with her usual guys ( the crew) doing a mosaic floor installation, but they found themselves being distracted. Rey was texting her the usual kind of texts that one sends when you are trying to get to know someone but it […]

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