The Champion Challenge Day # 5 Blessings “

We finally got rain last night but with it came some thunder and lightening and wind like something out of a scary movie. Doors in the house were slamming shut on their own and for the first time in a long time I actually got a little bit scared. lol Today I woke up at around 6 and started my day the usual way, cup of coffee and giving Elvis some love. Elvis was in rare form and in a frisky mood because of the fresh morning air.

Around 8 I went on my morning walk and meditation. Sometimes on my walks I come up with really good ideas for paintings or the blog. It was fresh outside this morning from the rain and all in all I had a great walk. I came back home and got on the stationary bike did my hour while listening to motivational videos. Then I got down and did my exercises and a light stretch after. While my brain was still fresh I did two hours of Italian class and then we had lunch.

After lunch we usually rake naps and I took a 30 minute rest and started to work on organizing my blog schedual for the next few weeks and schedualing possible interviews I hope to be able to feature in the near future. Proper preporation prevents poor performance they say so I began to get my clothes ready and organized for our travels. I made a few lists and put together some cute out fits. I also cleaned out the dresser drawers. ( Gasp! Lol )

I did some work on the background of the painting I’m working on but I am not finished yet. I hope to be finished super soon. While I was painting I got an email with a good question. ” What are the rules and or goals for the Champion Challenge?” Honestly guys I didn’t think anyone was going to join me or even be interested in reading my post. It started out as a way of holding myself accountable ti be consistent with my work outs, life stuff and work stuff.

Now that we have a few people who want to do the Champion Challenge we will establish our goals. Let’s remove the word rules from the equation. Our goals for the champion Challenge are as follows:

  • Give thanks each morning
  • Whatever level of work outs you are on is fine, our goal is to move our bodies and improve each day.
  • Do our three tasks daily working on our craft or our future goals.
  • Be mindful of how we talk to our selves.
  • Be the best versions of our selves each day
  • Stay hydrated
  • Do something of service to someone each day.

Today my Intentions were:

  • Give thanks ( Done )
  • Morning warm up walk for 1 hour ( Done )
  • Stationary bike 1 hour ( Done )
  • Meditation 10 min ( Done )
  • Work out ( Done )
  • 120 crunches ( Done )
  • 1 minute plank ( done )
  • 100 squats ( Done )
  • 75 lunges ( Done )
  • arm raises ( Done )
  • Stretch ( Done )
  • Make calls ( Done )
  • Make list for traveling ( Done )
  • Get outfits together ( Done )
  • Start to pack ( Done )
  • Italian school 2 hours ( Done )
  • Plan a schedual draft for blog
  • Paint
  • Water plants ( done )
  • do something in service to others ( Done )
  • Get everything ready for tomorrows appointments

Meet Florence, I love her long dramatic stems.

Today was felt fresh and promising from the rain. I was able to accomplish my tasks and even though I still have a few things left to do today I feel great. I think once I get the hang of time management I’ll be able to be more productive as well. I was the worst at time management for years. Know better do better. How was your day? I’m excited to hear about how everyone is doing with the challenge.

Thanks for doing the Champion Challenge with me. Feel free to like, comment and subscribe and until next time stay Inspired and Blessed.

7 thoughts on “The Champion Challenge Day # 5 Blessings “

  1. Today was a hard one for me. I was sore from my head to my toes but I still did my workout and tasks. I didn’t drink as much water as i should have 🤣 but I will do better tomorrow


  2. Slept in accidentally but I still got my shit done before work today. Drank water and went to my first day of acting classes as one of my tasks for future dreams. Thanks AKA FOR INSPIRING ME ☺️


  3. Brava!!! OMG AKA ☠️ your on fire girl and you make me want to be on fire too. I accomplished everything on my list even my workout.

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