Champion Challenge Day #6 “

You can’t have a testimony with out first having a test.”

– Unknown

I woke up in a panic! I thought for sure it was 8 am and I was going to have to rush to my appointment. It was so relieving to see my phone say it was 7 but at the same time I was confused because I set my alarm for 6. Imediatly I looked at my alarm settings to see what happened and it turns out I set my alarm for 6 pm not AM. Frustrated and relieved at the same time I already felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster ride.

Stumbling into the kitchen I say Buongiorno to everyone make my coffee with my eyes half shut. Lol I go outside to say buongiorno to Elvis, give him fresh water and some lovens. It was such a fresh and beautiful morning I was so grateful. It was then that I realized that I didn’t give my gratitude yet. In all my worries, stress, and panic driven emotional roller coaster ride of a morning I let it effect me and throw me off course.

All I had to do was step outside and feel the fresh breeze blowing through the trees while the birds are singing, the sun is being kind it;s coming out but not in full force yet and Elvis is laying in his favorite fresh spot in between the plants. I was so grateful to experience this moment right then right now.

Today is an important day for us I have an appointment in a government office for some very important documents at 9. Feeling a little bit of anxiety I have to remind myself God’s got my back. I drank my coffee and checked on the plants, surprisingly even with the rain they were looking droopy and sad. In their defense, it has been disturbingly hot here like in most places. I spotted two beautiful love birds up in the tree. They were looking cute and cuddly with each other I think they were having a moment.

No work out this morning I was lucky to be ready on time today. We went to the appointment and after going to two different government buildings we finally got our next and last appointment date and it was fantastic news. It’s times like this when I feel rediculous for stressing myself out and panicking when all I had to do was live in the moment and know God’s got me. In the spirit of know better do better I will do better next time anxiety and panic arises.

Long story short we got home and had lunch then I had class for 2 hours. I took a 30 minute nap and then I did some meditation. Followed by deep stretching for 20 minutes, floor exercises, and an hour on the bike. No walk today it was too hot. Then I got busy with the story line on the telenovela and I worked on a few other posts. Today my intentions were:

  • Give Thanks ( Done )
  • Morning warm up walk for 1 hour ( Not completed )
  • Appointment at 9 ( done )
  • Stationary bike for one hour ( Done )
  • Work out ( Done )
  • 120 crunches
  • 20 leg lifts
  • 1 minute plank ( Done )
  • Arm excersises ( Done )
  • Stretch ( done )
  • Make calls ( done )
  • Answer emails ( Done )
  • Italian school 2 hours ( Done )
  • help with stuff around the yard and house ( Done )
  • Do something in service to someone else ( Done )
  • Paint ( Not yet but I will tonight )
  • Water plants ( Not yet but I will tonight )
  • Stay hydrated ( I could have done better I drank 1 liter )

Lesson for today was that even though our day may start off shaky because of stress or anxiety or not setting your alarm correctly like me, all I had to do was look around me. Listen to the wind, feel the fresh breeze, feel the sun on my skin, and see little Elvis living his best life and I was overcome with gratitude. Maybe that’s what they mean when they say live in the moment. When you take a second to look around you and get out of our own heads we can’t help but to see we are blessed. It doesn’t mean we are exactly were want to be in our craft or health or life, of course we strive for better, but here is were we belong in this moment.

I realized too that I know realize where this anxiety, stress and panic comes from now and past trauma responses are something I have been working on. ” Greatness requires wholeness and wholeness requires one to heal their entire being.” Billy Alsbrooks If we really want to be our best selves we really need to heal our mind, body and spirit. Sounds easy enough, but can I just tell you that doing inner work and healing and fixing yourself are not easy. Facing our inner demons and looking at ourselves honestly ready to do the work that is required to be our best selves seems at times almost impossible. Guess what though, each day we do it we get better and better in mind, body and spirit. Let me know how you’r day went and what you are working on.

Thanks for joining me on the Champion Challenge. Feel free to like, comment and subscribe and until next time stay inspired and blessed.

10 thoughts on “Champion Challenge Day #6 “

  1. Yes that is living in the moment with gratitude AKA. We are on a similar journey I too have been doing some soul searching and inner work that has led me to heal past trauma responses. It’s not for the weak at heart 😹❤️. You got that right! I’m happy for your good news today and I am proud of you for doing your tasks and working out today. Thanks for the challenge I really needed that extra push.


  2. Yes dear one the inner healing and making changes are like dying and coming back to life a different person. Not an easy thing to accomplish 😜


  3. You are the Champion AKA. I did have a break down today and ate more than I should have. I don’t want to spiral again and tomorrow I will accomplish everything. It’s ok not to accomplish everything every day AKA. ☺️ it’s about purpose not perfection remember? Love you


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